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Way Better Than Its Reputation!

Author: Bensch
23 May 2007

Nando Cicero's "Due Volte Giuda" aka. "Twice A Judas" of 1971 starring Antonio Sabato and the great Klaus Kinski, may not be a Spaghetti Western masterpiece, but it is certainly an entertaining and suspenseful and vastly underrated film.One aspect that makes this movie special is the amnesia story. This is one of the few Spaghetti Westerns to include amnesia, and the only one I've seen in which the topic of amnesia is actually one of the primary aspects of the plot, which follows a man (Antonio Sabato), who wakes up with a grazing gunshot wound to his head, next to a corpse in the middle of the desert, and has no clue who he is. The first half hour of the movie is quite confusing, and that's what maintains the suspense.

Kinski delivers an excellent performance as always, and Sabato fits in his role very well. José Calvo is furthermore convincing as an alcoholic doctor. The rest of the performances are OK too, but I couldn't say that any of them were particularly worth mentioning. The film is nicely (though in no way outstandingly)photographed, and the score is also quite good (although certainly not brilliant).

"Twice A Judas" is an original and suspenseful Spaghetti Western, and although it looses some of its quality towards the end, which is, in my opinion, a bit cheesy and too fast-paced compared to the film's beginning, it is certainly worth watching and way underrated. If you're a fan of Spaghetti Westerns and/or Klaus Kinski, I recommend to give this a try. 6/10

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A spaghetti western version of "Memento"

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
14 February 2009

In the great opening scene of this movie, a wounded man (Anthony Sabato) comes to among a pile of dead bodies and feasting vultures. He is suffering from amnesia, so he goes to the nearby town and ends up being hired by some greedy bankers to kill a man, who turns out to be his brother. He instead decides to join forces with his brother, but since the brother is apparently a local bully, willing to terrorize innocent homesteaders to keep them from selling out to the bank--and, more importantly, since he is played by sinister German actor Klaus Kinski--it's not clear he's necessarily the good guy in the conflict. The man then goes back to his family home to find his father and pregnant bride have been murdered, and that his mother has sunken into dementia. His brother's uncaring attitude to all this begins to make him even more suspicious.

This movie is kind of like the more recent art-house hit "Memento" (except that the character here is suffering from long-term amnesia instead of short-term memory loss). All the people he meets act mysterious at best, and at worst, seem to be trying to take advantage of him for their own purposes. And like with "Memento" the viewers are kept just as much in the dark as the protagonist. This is not nearly as good as "Memento", of course, and the final revelations are pretty seriously fumbled. Still it's not a bad movie. Sabato was one of those handsome but bland European actors (he kind of looks like a young Brando here), but he is better in this movie than in some of his other stuff I've seen. Kinski is always pretty good, but he suffers from being rather inappropriately dubbed into English. Women almost never have decent roles in these movies, but it's always nice to see the lovely Spanish actress Cristina Galbo (who headlined two classic Spanish horror movies, "La Residence" and "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie", and one of the classic Italian gialli "What Have you Done to Solange?") even if it is in a throwaway role like this.

This is available on one of those collections of public domain spaghetti westerns. It doesn't look great (like all public domain collections the presentation of the various films is pretty uneven), but it's still worth seeing

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Kinski and the family Dog

Author: ster2001 from new york
10 May 2007

This a very good Spaghetti Western no question about it. I'm a big fan of the genre and have to admit that the bulk of these films are mediocre to bad and I put off seeking this film out due to the bad reviews posted here. Unfortunately the two comments left are totally unsympathetic to the quirks of the genre and the one review doesn't even describe the story correctly! - May you meet the blazing lead of Antonio Sabatos Elephant gun! The film is very well shot and directed and the score is fine also. Kinski gives a very good nuanced performance. He ends up being extremely evil but there is a question as to this which is carried through out the movie to very good effect, helped by Kinski's performance and the rather intelligent script and effective direction. Sabato is good as the lead and surprisingly you buy that he and Kinski could be brothers, they have similar face structure. Added pluses are some very well staged shoot outs. One in particular uses the Family dog to riotously effective uses in helping the hero roust the Bad guys. Very well done indeed and adds a touch of humor to a sombre reflective film. This scene alone is worth the price of the film even if the rest was a wash, its that good. For you aficionados catch the Dubbing work of Veteran character actor Walter Barnes, as the voice of the Sheriff. A hidden gem if you can get a copy!

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Routine spagwest

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
25 May 2016

TWICE A JUDAS is a well-shot but rather routine spaghetti western enlivened by colourful cinematography and a slightly left-of-centre plot. The main character is a man who wakes up in the searing desert heat alongside a corpse. The problem is, his memory has gone, so suffering from amnesia he enters a local township and discovers problems with corrupt officials.

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that Bourne-style plotting but it's the indifferent execution that lets this film down. The action scenes in particular are rather limited in scope and execution and nothing the viewer hasn't seen before. In addition, Antonio Sabato gives an exceptionally wooden turn as the protagonist, a guy you neither care about nor have any sympathy with despite his plight.

As is usual for this type of film, the best thing about TWICE A JUDAS is the dual role for Klaus Kinski. Kinski is reliably eccentric and/or nasty in his part(s) here and lifts things whenever he appears, so it's just a pity that's not all that often. Watch out for Cristina Galbo (THE LIVING DEAD AT THE MANCHESTER MORGUE) as the love interest. As an aside, Sabato's dog steals all of his scenes.

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a gem among the lesser-known eurowesterns

Author: spider89119 from United States
6 July 2014

This spaghetti western was better than I was expecting it to be. It has a very engaging storyline. The protagonist has lost his memory due to a gunshot wound to the head, and he has to unravel the mystery of who murdered his wife and destroyed his family. The movie is very well played out, with suspense building gradually to a showdown at the end.

The acting from all of the players in this film is very good, and definitely above average for the genre. Klaus Kinski is, of course, the standout in this category. He is always great to watch, and this is one of his finest eurowestern performances.

The music score is rather minimalist, but well-suited to the film. The small bursts of guitar, and the organ part really add to the mood and tension of the movie.

This is one of those rather dark and brutal portrayals of the west served up spaghetti style. There is not a shred of comedy in this movie, and that turns out to be a good thing here.

Spaghetti western lovers should definitely take notice of this one.

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Revenge Forgotten

Author: FightingWesterner from The Lonesome Prairie
29 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ex-Confederate Antonio Sabato wakes up on a hill next to a dead body, completely unaware of who he is or why he's there. He later finds out that he's a hired killer, who's agreed to take out his own brother Klaus Kinski, a landowner opposing greedy carpetbaggers, or perhaps a megalomaniac trying to take as much for himself as he can.

Nothing is what it seems in this interesting, well made spaghetti western mystery, with tons of twists and well-staged violence. Sabato gives a good performance, while Kinski plays one of the best kind of villains there is, one that's utterly evil, yet completely convinced he's the good guy!

In an odd twist to the usual western clichés, the bankers this time aren't the source of evil. Knowing the prejudices and expectations of most viewers, the film plays on them early, then throws the viewer for a loop. Also, it's a bit surprising (especially in these politically correct times) to see illegal immigration and illegal immigrants shown in a negative light.

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Twice A Judas 1968

Author: steeplejack17 from United States
3 February 2006

I respect the other comment but feel as though this movie had a great story idea about a main character Luke Barrett having amnesia (Antonio Sabato). The first spaghetti western to use amnesia. I believe the camera work was great by well known Aristide Masaccesi. Victor Barrett played by (Klaus Kinski) gives a great performance as Luke's brother of course he's not he is only playing with Luke's amnesia which finally clears as the story unfolds he is actually Dingus half Indian who sets out to destroy the Barrett family. Dingus/v. Barrett plays a land baron stealing poor farmers land and using illegal Mexicans from the border to work the land.

This story could have been great if the script was changed in a few parts to catch the audience more with the unraveling amnesia mystery..

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Ho hum spaghetti western

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
5 June 2012

Despite the presence of Klaus Kinski, "Twice a Judas" is a somewhat dull spaghetti western. It does start off well, with the hero waking up in the middle of an expanse of bodies and not knowing who he is or how he got there. For the next half hour or so the movie remains engaging, as the hero tries to figure out who he is and whether he should be cautious about any of the various people he encounters. However, after that first half hour, things soon fall apart. It turns into a pretty dull mystery, with the hero for some reason afraid to ask questions that might have solved his mystery much quicker. There is also very little action, with a lot of dull talk. And Kinski, compared to many of his other movies, seems surprisingly restrained here. Far from the worst spaghetti western I've seen, but there's not much here to make it worth ninety minutes of your time.

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Cover description of movie

Author: H Lange from United States
17 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An extremely rare spaghetti western.

The cover of the movie describes it as follows:

An innocent desparado is left for dead after bing ambushed on the high plains by evil bushwackers. He refuses to die and wearily struggles into a near-by town with wounded pride and a groggy memory. One of the devilish bushwackers offers him a hefty sum of money to gun down an innocent man. After realizing the target is his own brother, instead gunning down the shady character that set him up as stool pigeon in a deadly double-cross. The two brothers band together and lay the rest of the ruthless gang to waste.

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One of the worst Spaghetti-Western

Author: cengelm from Germany
19 October 2001

Film tells a mystery story about a man who lost his memory and tries to resume his past. His father and his wife got murdered and he is now looking for the murderer. Clues lead to "Dingus" but who is Dingus? Klaus Kinski is one of the 2 leads and he is enigmatic as usual. Overall the story is completely unconvincing, many people must have known Luke's past but no one tells. All characters do their best to add to the mystery. There is also a strange character shift from bad to good in Luke and the opening with the vultures(obviously archive footage) is never explained. Only recommendable for die hard fans of the subgenre and Klaus Kinski.

2 / 10.

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