Danger: Diabolik (1968) Poster

Plot Keywords

police money
jewel police inspector
anti hero thief
gold police shootout
character says i love you phone booth
emerald media coverage
hospital faked death
autopsy morgue
coroner scalpel
gadgetry gadget
blockade held at gunpoint
double cross explosive
suitcase full of money hostage
kidnapping burglary
polaroid knife throwing
knife underwater scene
spiral staircase hitman
hidden camera binoculars
beach gas station
pay phone doctor
murder marijuana joint
hippie nightclub
police raid drug dealer
crime lord tracking device
map exploding building
newspaper headline drawing
swimming pool prostitute
animated sequence castle
catapult laughing gas
news report climbing up a wall
shotgun sleeping pill
speedboat press conference
cigarette smoking private jet
airport cigar smoking
yacht crime spree
disguise master of disguise
fake money cave
secret hideout organized crime
gangster mafia boss
mob boss crime boss
car chase police chase
chase foot chase
shot to death criminal mastermind
criminal shot in the chest
shootout machine gun
necklace car falling off cliff
revolver pistol
tommy gun ambush
deception armored truck
motorcycle tank
police detective detective
exploding train bridge
exploding bridge parachute
exploding airplane male nudity
female nudity body suit
bare chested male shower
exploding truck explosion
exploding car boyfriend girlfriend relationship
1960s psychotronic
grindhouse mafia
tongue in cheek female stockinged legs
pantyhose blonde
super villainess master criminal
super villain mask
train robbery stolen money
luxury car luxury
jewel heist thief hero
thievery stolen jewel
stolen gold robbery
robber master thief
masked robber jewel thief
jewel robbery jewel robber
gold theft gold robbery
gold bar gentleman thief
female thief female robber
based on comic book rolling in money
one word title cult film
campy b movie
heist very little dialogue
covered in melted gold train
trapdoor based on comic
helicopter independent film
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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