Barbarella (1968) Poster


Plot Keywords

scientist evil
planet queen
future weapon
president city
sex mission
teeth striptease
peace organ
machine love
lesbian hookah
french dream
death battle
attack zero gravity
torture doll
astronaut 41st century
angel underground fighting
sexual imagery sexual overtones
sexual fantasy sexuality
title same as book children's cruelty
sexy suit space opera
french science fiction sexploitation
resistance fighter resistance
female spy inventor
spy hostage
kidnapping deception
guard laser gun
air battle antique gun
held at gunpoint volcano
crossbow world domination
mad scientist female astronaut
low budget film exploding body
space travel killer doll
female protagonist midnight movie
based on comic wings
wind whip
weightlessness water pipe
universe unicorn
undressing undressing machine
unconsciousness uncle niece relationship
tube tentacle
temporal space tail
storm statue
spacesuit spaceship
spaceship wreckage spaceship repair
space mission space gun
song solar energy
snowball snowball with rock inside
sleeping slave
skiing singing
singer self esteem
secret secret escape chute
secret chamber screaming
science savage
rise and shine revolutionary
radio radio transmission
rabbit psychocardiogram
psychedelia professor
planet earth parakeet
pacifism outer space
orchid opium pipe
one eyed woman nudity
north star neurotic
net nest
music machine museum
mouth to mouth resuscitation missile
missile launcher metal teeth
malfunction magnetism
magnetic storm magnetic field
machine on fire knocked out
kiss ice forest
hair stands on end hair curling experience
gun genius
gay slur forest
forced landing fire
fictional war feather
feather torture eyes
eye patch explosion
evil queen electrocution
efficiency dystopia
doom dictator
destruction of robot death ray
dead duck cyclops
curse cruelty
crucifix cross
creature crash landing
coronation concierge
chute children
canary brain waves
brain wave detector blown fuse
blond bitterness
biting bird attack
bare breasts aviatrix
automation apocalypse
sci fi spoof one word title
based on graphic novel spoof
foot torture surrealism
based on comic book abstract art
good versus evil tyrant
teleportation suicide
spacecraft spacecraft accident
sled saved from execution
robot revolution
rescue repair
pill orgasm
megalomaniac labyrinth
key invisibility
fur flying
female nudity escape
child catcher blindness
bird betrayal
animal attack cult film
alien based on novel
title spoken by character character name in title
surprise ending

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