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Nostrodamus couldn't predict as well !!!

Author: Ian McLAUGHLIN (Ian Mc-3)
28 August 1999

Arthur C CLARKE and KUBRICK couldn't have been closer to a modern day documentary if they tried!!

Consider these coincidences .... we have re-usable aircraft looking ships called shuttles that travel to our orbit and back (as they depicted)... scarier still, the pictures of the next model of shuttles (starting @2001) look like those portrayed on film.

The whole world is banding together to build a massive space station that will allow all space faring countires to dock their shuttles there.

Space missions can be aborted on the launch platform because an onboard computer monitoring the safety of the crew reports a problem (HAL anyone???)

They were even realistic enough not to put gravity in the spacecrafts without showing how revolution causes gravity (as in the Earth's rotation, stupid!) somehow knowing that we wouldn't have conquered that one yet!

It scares me how much science fact this science fiction movie is!!!

9/10. (It loses 1 for the obvious men in gorilla suits at the start)

PS Did everyone GET the theme told without words with the apes and again through HAL's voice? Every time man makes a forward leap in intelligence he uses it to destroy before he learns to create on the next level.

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Philosophically Sound.

Author: Matthew Rosin ( from Brandon, Canada
14 August 1999

Kubrick, I love you for bringing this masterpiece to life.

Never again is the history of this planet will such a masterfully done film will be created. This film, I admit, does make me fall asleep! For me, that does not matter, as this film will never be outdated.

I amazes me 2001 was made in 1968. It still lives up to what we, as a scientific race, could create if we have continued towards space, at the momentum that man was going at when this film was made. Kubrick was right to predict what he did, if we did over-fund the space project, as we did in the sixties, we could be living in a artificial gravity controlled space station that orbits the earth. Why didn't we?

The fact that HAL (i.b.m) did create a "personality" of his own is not that far-fetched. Programmers have been working on AI for years.

Kubricks, and Author C. Clarke's vision of time and space (ref. A Brief History of the Universe, by Stephen Hawking) in the final scenes of this film were so far ahead of it's time, that even today we wonder of these possibilities that felt so strange to us as we watched, and pondered.

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Author: Arkaan Semere (
12 August 1999

Before I begin, this film isn't for everybody. It is filmed at a deliberate pace ( slow for some people), there is no dialogue for twenty-five minutes, and it isn't loud. If you want a loud film, watch Independence Day.

The opening sequence, in the savannah, in the past, is done with restraint and beauty. The transition of the bone throwing in the air with the spinning of the space machine is incredible.

The ending is one of the most open ended in cinematic history. It doesn't answer all the questions for you, and that will also disappoint lazy audiences. But the film is a marvelous journey, that still amazes me.

This film is the working definition of eloquence, and I think everybody should see it. Arthur C. Clarke said, " If someone completely understood this film, than we have failed" (or something to that effect). There are so many interpretations, that it would be interesting to know what Kubrick thought when making it.

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What was that about???

Author: David Mahon ( from NYC, USA (Irish on holiday)
28 July 1999

Technically brilliant, and the "Dawn of Man" scene is truly moving, but I find the last 30-35 minutes rather harrowing. Clarke said somewhere that "if you got 2001 first time around, we failed" - isn't that a little elitist? Still, Kubrick must be credited with having realised his true artistic vision. The scene of Bowman unplugging Hal9000 said a lot to me: after eating tasteless paste and bland sandwiches, and living in the most sanitised environment ever created, man comes to grips with the monster machine he has created. Kubrick's vision is cold, and some may say distant, but it is a brilliant vision also. However, the light show at the end, culminating in a strange return to some strange room (are there any windows?) was fairly harrowing, and the crescendo of music and bright baby eyes gives little coherence to the film as a whole, rendering it more as a series of short stories. Still, a brilliant film, and one that dares to be different in a way that no film can ever dream to again. Great music, too. Thumbs up, Stan!

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Classic Sci-Fi Movie

Author: diaxman
26 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Will the people be able to travel in space? Will we be able to go on holiday to the Moon? Well, I don't know.

Let's go back in time to the times when apes ruled the world. One day they find a monolith. After discovering it, one of the apes 'invents' the first weapon. This is for sure one of the most important invention in our history. Without it, we must say, we won't be able to rule our planet. In next scenes we see apes battling against. We can see an element of fighting for valuable things - in this case, water. The apes who has got the new invention win, the others lose. The same as during wars. Countries with better army and weaponry win. This is a natural element of our civilization.

The action goes to nowadays. On the screen there are some big spaceships. Nice thing is, that in the background we can hear the classical music like Johann Strauss' waltz. Some time later we can see a group of scientists who find the monolith on the Moon. It is the same as in the first scenes of the film.

Then we see a space mission to the Jupiter. Supercomputer HAL-9000 flies with two astronauts, David and Frank. HAL is a computer with AI, so for example it can make its own decisions. When HAL feels threatened because the astronauts want to switch him down, it kills one of them. This shows us how dangerous AI programs can be. They behave like people and thus they also have their feelings. And, as in this case, they fight for themselves to survive when endangered.

Having presented the plot, let's talk about the technical aspect of the film. It is about 50 years old now and it still looks really good! The scenes with the apes and the ones on the board of the spaceship are very realistic. That is why the film got the Oscar for visual effects in 1969. The base on the Moon is also outstandingly shown. When I was watching the film, I was impressed by the fact that it was made in the 60s.

Now the music. For me, this is one of the most important elements of the movie. In my opinion the usage of classical music helps to show the vastness of the space. This musical theme has been used in many films later and it has been then associated with this movie.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" is a film with deep meaning. It is not a kind of movie with many plot twists. People who like action films, without offending anyone, perhaps will be disappointed. The movie makes us thinking about the beginning of our civilization or the AI programs. Maybe there was something what pushed us to later development? Maybe the computers with AI will be dangerous to some of us? We can ask ourselves some questions like these when we have seen this film. I do not want to write philosophical essays now, but "2001: A Space Odyssey" is a great material for them. Furthermore, we can spend some time thinking about the place of humans in the outer space. Our civilization is not as advanced to travel in time and discover the whole galaxy. Are we alone in the universe? Can we come into contact with other civilizations in the galaxy? Will we ever meet other civilization? What would happened if the AI program started to rule the world? I asked myself these questions after seeing the film.

In conclusion, „2001: A Space Odyssey" is for sure a must if you are keen on science-fiction movies. It is a classical film which has a very good technical aspect and a reflective story. It tells us about the possible problems of people in future or about our civilization. It has some elements for long essays which makes it unique in the science-fiction genre. If you are a fan of science-fiction films, you must watch it!

* - Artificial Intelligence

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What is the meaning of all mankind?

Author: Anton Vysokikh from Russia
9 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Of course, Stanley Kubrick in 1968 stunned the world its great film "Space Odyssey 2001". It is, of course, and is still one of the milestones and fantasy genre experienced its time. But if you want to see the film, which will be something like "Star Wars" and "Alien", you can not even interested in this film, Kubrick later. there is no thriller, then, in principle, no thriller. To apply this film one genre - Science Fiction. Of course, the film makes one think about many things: who are we in the universe? what is the meaning of our existence? Are we alone in the After all this boundless world? But no matter how much we may think, We can not answer these questions. Arthur C. Clarke (author of the script together Stanley Kubrick) said after the premiere: "If you have managed fully understand the "Odyssey", then it is a failure, because we tried to us give a lot more questions than answers. "The writer was right. What we have to put the time to learn the secret of this masterwork? AND Is it all turn out? The film makes us think about questions of human existence, with which over once thought ancient philosophers. Only time happening - 2001. According to script writers, by this time mankind has mastered space. People ready to send a ship to Jupiter in order to find something unusual that may give an answer to many questions. But as a result of the failure of a mission gives We understand that human civilization has lost. It was back then, when Dr. Floyd read the instructions for use in toilet Gravity - What a irony writers! But the ending of the film gives a chance to humanity - a chance to unravel sometime in the future mysteries of the universe and his own appointment. And the chance of a fall just on viewer. Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke guessed not much over time: for 2001 people are not ready to fly to Jupiter. But time boundless as the meaning of "The Odyssey", and makes us think about it future. This film must remain in the history of world cinema. According to it, should be taught, because the slow development of the plot (the first word on the 23 minute, for example), the quality of the special effects of the time and grace fly under Strauss and Khachaturian - the standard for any movie.

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Author: Adrian Paul Botta ( from Bacau, Romania
6 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One can not just write a review about a masterpiece like 2001. Words are not enough to describe why you do not realize that over 10 minutes are without sound. It is the most deafening silence I've ever heard. Without dedicated FX software, computers, or digital cameras, it still offers the most realistic void-space-loneliness feeling. It's real. It is happening. You are there. Long shots, like Russian cinema. It's like a Mozart graphic presentation. It is perfect. Mathematically perfect. I am really afraid of writing, of trying to describe what the spectator feels during and long after this movie ends. It is something that haunts you for days, like a previous life you remember in a hypnotic regression. Yes, words are not enough to describe this masterpiece.

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The definition of Pure Art

Author: Vivi from Greece
2 June 2016

One of the greatest film I've ever had the pleasure to watch...Exceptional cinematography, a script way ahead of its time and of course Kubrick ingenious direction...It's definitely not for everyone, since there is not much dialogue and the first half hour may seem completely wacky...Nevertheless, after a careful watch, one will fall in love with every frame of this flawless movie...In order to fully comprehend its deeper meaning more than one viewing is required, especially since the last of the three 'chapters' can be extremely confusing for the viewer...I consider this movie to be a must-watch for every movie lover and a personal favorite...Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did...

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All time favorite movie!!!

Author: deodatgyorei
2 April 2016

My all time favorite movie! I've seen this movie at least 50 times, and probably will be watching it once every month until the rest of my life! I think, that this movie is exceptional on every level a movie can be. The images, the music, the story all separately work on a great level, but put them together, and they create a unique experience. At the time it was created, this was the most realistic science fiction movie. The details in every frame are incredible, I could stop the movie at any frame and use it as a picture on the wall to feast my eyes on and never get bored with it. The first time I watched this movie was with my dad when I was about 5 years old, and already then it fascinated me, although I probably understood very little about what was happening. But since the movie works on so many different levels at the same time, it caught me. And as I was getting older, I always re-watched it and seemed to gain a different experience every time. I think, this movie grows with you as you age, it inspires you to gain more knowledge about the world you live in on a scientific and a spiritual level as well.

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1 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Mesmerizing but Boring.

Author: harry-maxwell10 from United Kingdom
22 March 2016

This is arguably the hardest ever film to review. I sat down thinking I was going to be watching one of the all time greats, only to be left extremely disappointed 2hrs and 30 minutes later. It had me on the edge of my seat half the time, but also made me want to skip ahead for the other half.

There is unquestionable genius within the film, but also a lot of sequences that in my opinion could be cut or at least shortened considerably. The music is split between amazing, monotonous and downright boring. Whilst it is undoubtedly ahead of its time in terms of cinematography I personally think if you want to see a space film, go and see Interstellar instead. Interstellar is an visual and emotional experience you will never forget, compared to the forgettable one that 2001: A Space Oddity offers. Many reviews state 1/10 and many are 10/10- 5/10 is a fair compromise.

Although I didn't personally enjoy it, it would be unfair to urge people not to see it, because the IMDb community has decided that there's at least a 50% you'll adore it. If you do have a couple of hours spare, definitely give it a watch.

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