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  • "2001" is a story of evolution. Sometime in the distant past, someone or something nudged evolution by placing a monolith on Earth (presumably elsewhere throughout the universe as well). Evolution then enabled humankind to reach the moon's surface, where yet another monolith is found, one that signals the monolith placers that humankind has evolved that far. Now a race begins between computers (HAL) and human (Bowman) to reach the monolith placers. The winner will achieve the next step in evolution, whatever that may be.

    - Written by Larry Cousins
  • 2001 is the story of human evolution. The movie consists of 3 main parts: pre history, the future and technology, and back to earth. The story goes from prehistorical times where men and nature were at peace with each other until a monolith (and planet alignment) appears. This is a pivotal moment in human evolution after which we discover tools which we decide to use for killing and survival. The second part is about how our knowledge has evolved to a point where we've conquered the planet and how a new tool (HAL) becomes self-aware deciding to kill the human explorers (quite a mind-blowing twist from the first part). The third part has to do with our next step in the evolutionary process that leads us back to earth after facing our truly uneventful life in a ficticious reality of our own construct. All leading to another chance at getting it right.

    - Written by Ruben Alcaraz
  • This movie is concerned with intelligence as the division between animal and human, then asks a question: what is the next division? Technology is treated as irrelevant to the quest--literally serving as mere vehicles for the human crew and as a shell for the immature HAL entity. Story told as a montage of impressions, music, and impressive and careful attention to subliminal detail. A very influential film and still a class act, even after 25 years.

    - Written by Robin Kenny <robink@hparc0.aus.hp.com>
  • When a large black monolith is found beneath the surface of the moon, the reaction immediately is that it was intentionally buried. When the point of origin is confirmed as Jupiter, an expedition is sent in hopes of finding the source. When Dr. David Bowman discovers faults in the expeditionary spacecraft's communications system, he discovers more than he ever wanted to know.

    - Written by Alexander O'Neill
  • The monoliths have been watching us. They gave humankind the evolutionary kick in the pants it needed to survive at the Dawn of Time. In 1999, humankind discovered a second monolith on the moon. Now, in the year 2001, the S.S. Discovery and its crew, Captains Dave Bowman and Frank Poole, and their onboard computer, HAL 9000, must discover what alien force is watching Earth....

    - Written by Tones <tones120c@aol.com>
  • When the world is ruled by apes, one particular group discovers a mysterious rectangular monolith near their home, which imparts upon them the knowledge of tool use, and enables them to evolve into people. A similar monolith is discovered on the moon, and it is determined to have come from an area near Jupiter. Astronaut Dave Bowman, along with four companions, sets off for Jupiter on a spaceship controlled by HAL 9000, a revolutionary computer system that is every bit humankind's equal--and perhaps its superior. When HAL endangers the crew's lives for the sake of the mission, Bowman will have to first overcome the computer, then travel to the birthplace of the monolith.

    - Written by rmlohner
  • Humanity finds a mysterious, obviously artificial, object buried beneath the Lunar surface and, with the intelligent computer H.A.L. 9000, sets off on a quest.

    - Written by Jon Reeves <jreeves@imdb.com>


To ' tone poem "Thus Spake Zarathustra," the title sequence shows the sun rising behind the Earth...

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