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5 Jan. 1989
Vertrek Wiep
Wiep is going on a school trip to Florence for a fortnight. Everybody else is stumped by a riddle. Lydie gets a new car radio and promptly leaves it in a phone box.
12 Jan. 1989
Lekker Bellen
Çanci comes to visit unexpectedly and brings along her Italian boyfriend who immediately takes possession of Lydie's telephone line.
19 Jan. 1989
De expert
Neither Hans nor Koos has much good to say about Çanci's boyfriend Paolo. Koos even suspects he may be a mafiosi. Then two policemen including one from Interpol appear on the Doctor's doorstep.
26 Jan. 1989
De Parelvissers
Koos is surprised to find Mien ironing Mr. Paolo's silk shirts. Hans finally bonds with Paolo over a bottle and a little amateur opera singing.
2 Feb. 1989
Hans and Paolo make an enormous spectacle out of cooking dinner for the ladies. But during dinner Paolo and Çanci get into an argument. Annie is also upset with Jopie and wants to spend the night at Koos & Mien's
9 Feb. 1989
Wiep arrives home from Italy bearing gifts. Now that Annie and Jopie have broken up, Mien asks her sister to join her and Koos during their upcoming holiday to Athens.
16 Feb. 1989
Koos, Mien, Jopie & Annie are on holiday in Athens and Wiep is doing the housekeeping for Dr. Lydie. Hans proposes that he and Lydie also go to Athens for a doctors congress and Koos gets lost in the Greek hotel.
23 Feb. 1989
Athene II
The night before Lydie & Hans leave for Athens, Buurman Buys keeps calling at the front door because he's locked himself out. Once the doctors pair is in Greece, they keep missing the Doppelsteen party by a hair.
23 Nov. 1989
La Cloche
Koos is having a difficult time finding work and finances in the Dobbelsteen household are getting a bit tight. Wiep gets a part-time job modeling swimwear and insists on taking Dr. John out to expensive restaurant 'La Cloche'.
30 Nov. 1989
De doos van Pandora
Mien tricks Koos into help cleaning Lydie's mother's house on the eve of her return from Canada. When grandma does arrive, she does so carrying the wrong suitcase, which is filled to the brim with sexy underwear.
7 Dec. 1989
Upset because one of her neighbours died and nobody noticed, Mien insists that Lydie's mother gets an alarm installation installed (by Koos). Jopie has a new job for Koos: fixing up rowboats.
14 Dec. 1989
Wiep objects when John wants to buy a red MG. Hans thinks Lydie has to say no to taking on too many new activities. Mien is posing for Wiep. An old flame of Hans becomes his colleague at the hospital.
21 Dec. 1989
Mien gets to know Neighbor Buys a little better because of some wrongly delivered letters. She also misunderstands Dr. John's relationship to a patient and invites Koos over for lunch at the Doctor's for a big surprise.
28 Dec. 1989
Top Secret
Lydie and John have both noticed that drugs are missing from the medicine cabinet. The police advises to install an alarm and to keep this a secret from as many people as possible. Mien is burning with curiosity when Koos is asked to install the device and she's not allowed to know what it is.

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