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Season 5

13 Oct. 1984
A compilation of the funniest and most important situations from the previous season broadcast a week before the start of season 5.
20 Oct. 1984
Paars is niet lelijk
Gert-Jan and Pien are doing a pregnancy test. Mien has bought an expensive purple wig to wear during a dance night. Then Koos has an accident involving a bucket of varnish on his head.
27 Oct. 1984
'n Kruidnageltje doet wonderen
Pien's pregnancy test proves positive. When Mien has a terrible toothache, Gert-Jan prescribes old fashioned herbal medicine.
3 Nov. 1984
De allessnijder
Dr. Lydie offers unemployed children's doctor Thea a job in her practice. Koos buys an old van from Jopie. A man arrives to demonstrate a new revolutionary knife, but Lydie has forgotten to arrange an audience for him.
10 Nov. 1984
Mien is decorating the waiting room for Thea's new children's appointments. But Lydie seems to be busier then ever caring for little children while Thea only gets two patients on her first day.
17 Nov. 1984
Bruin brood
Mien is on a diet that consists of only eating brown bread. Hans has stopped smoking with a little help from acupuncture. Lydie's even more absent minded mother is suffering from fleas.
24 Nov. 1984
'n scheve schaats
Hans is practicing for an ice skating marathon with Thea. Both Koos and Gert-Jan express concerns that Hans may be cheating on Lydie. Mien and Koos are going to a costumed ball.
1 Dec. 1984
Mien goes shopping with her Turkish friend Hülya. Hans's sister Çanci is coming to stay and Lydie, Gert Jan & Koos all offer to provide her a place to stay. But Pien becomes jealous and Mien also objects.
8 Dec. 1984
Hans is going away for a week and Gert Jan & Pien are sleeping in Leiden. Lydie has a hangover from the going away dinner and has lost her keys. Koos and Mien are nervous about burglaries and insist on a new lock and keys.
15 Dec. 1984
Lydie gets a visit from her old flame Karel the dentist. Koos has bought an expensive new TV set from Jopie. Mien invites the doctor and family to come over and watch Dr. Lansberg skating in Finland.
22 Dec. 1984
Tot de rand gevuld
Koos gets a fishhook stuck in his foot and with Lydie and Hans away, Gert-Jan decides to attend the patient.
29 Dec. 1984
Pregnant Pien is feeling bored and wants to teach Aerobics classes, but overprotective Gert Jan forbids it. When Gert Jan tells Pien to ask his mother for advice, Lydie wisely insists she goes for a second opinion.
5 Jan. 1985
Potje Tennis
Lydie is afraid of getting older, so Hans suggests she takes up tennis. Mien thinks a long weekend at a beauty farm might do wonders.
12 Jan. 1985
De vader van Lydie
A man claiming to be Lydie's father appears on her doorstep, even though she thinks the man's been dead for 40 years. Koos and Mien try out their new camper which doesn't prove itself waterproof.
19 Jan. 1985
Tutti frutti
Mien has started selling second hand clothes with a Turkish girlfriend, Hulya. Lydie gives them permission to clean out her attic. Koos is more reluctant when Mien and Hulya want to go out to a disco.
26 Jan. 1985
What's in a ...
While discussing a name for Gert Jan & Pien's unborn child, Lydie suggests they name it after her. Meanwhile Koos & Mien are suffering from a new neighbour who is loudly renovating his house day and night.
2 Feb. 1985
Mien objects to Koos lending Jopie 25000 guilders. When Koos explains that women cannot understand the friendship between two men, Dr. Lydie suggests that Mien should make her husband jealous.
9 Feb. 1985
Mien's cunning plan to get rid of Jopie continues as he comes round to ask her out for a date. Thea and Map are thinking of going to the sperm bank for a baby.
16 Feb. 1985
Koos gaat uit z'n broek
Koos is suffering from a stomach ache but is ashamed to pull down his trousers in front of Dr. Lydie. When Lydie and Hans diagnose a acute appendicitis, he is taken to the hospital, where Mien gets lost.
23 Feb. 1985
Because Koos is being pampered during his hospital stay, he doesn't want to go home yet. When Dr. Lansberg spills the beans to Mien, she decides to make Koos jealous to get him home in no time.
2 Mar. 1985
Lydie and Hans are going on a weekend trip to Texel. Mien is sowing costumes for Gert-Jan and Pien who are going to a costumed ball dressed as Snow White and Doc. At the party, Pien goes into labor.

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