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Season 12

7 Sep. 1991
John & Wiep cancel their trip to Paramaribo and decide to have a holiday in Bergen instead. Koos wants to buy a video camera. Lydie loses her wallet and all her credit cards.
14 Sep. 1991
De thuiskomst
Lydie is exhausted from managing her practice on her own while John & Wiep were away. When Jopie has a checkup at Lydie's, Mien becomes extremely concerned about him.
21 Sep. 1991
De snoek
John buys an old, beat up Citroën for Wiep with plans to fix it up with Marius. But Mien & Koos convince Lydie to swap it for a working model bought from Jopie.
28 Sep. 1991
Fluitje van een cent
Annie wants Jopie to have a vasectomy so wants to ask Dr. John's advice, but finds Dr. Lydie instead. Wiep is asked to illustrated a children's book called Kabouter Krotemik
5 Oct. 1991
De kamerjas
When Hans receives a bathrobe from a female patient everybody suspects she wants more from him except Hans himself. Annie wants Mien to join her in a trip to a beauty farm.
12 Oct. 1991
Heel zeker
Mien is burgled while shopping for Dr. Lydie. Thanks to her accurate description, the young culprit is caught and identified by her. But then she begins to doubt if she didn't make a mistake.
19 Oct. 1991
De vermiste lente
An angry man threatens Lydie because she told his wife not to take any more abuse from him. Wiep & John visit a restaurant where she once sold a painting and find an original Karel Appel.
26 Oct. 1991
When several beautiful women are spotted entering the house formally occupied by Buurman Buys, Mien decides to borrow a cup of sugar. It turns out the new neighbor is a pilot who rents out rooms to stewardesses.
2 Nov. 1991
Despite Lydie's protests, Hans buys a video recorder so he won't miss a golf match on TV. Koos poses for a painting by Wiep, who has something to prove to her art teacher.
9 Nov. 1991
Annie has a secret meeting with a strong and handsome German masseur she met in the health spa but Jopie is on to her. Dr. John wants to expand his work load but Lydie takes offense to having to retire early.
16 Nov. 1991
De erfenis
Koos receives a letter from an attorney regarding an inheritance from an unknown English relative. John becomes suspicious when neighbor Rik invites Wiep over to his house because he would like to purchase one of her paintings.
23 Nov. 1991
Hans & John disapprove when Lydie and Wiep pay special attention to neighbor Rik and his sore throat. Koos' inheritance involves taking care of a 30 year old turtle, whom Mien names 'Herman' and subsequently loses in Lydie's garden.
30 Nov. 1991
De achtervolging
Mien is convinced she's being followed by two men but nobody else ever sees them.
7 Dec. 1991
Het portret
Koos' portrait by Wiep turns out a bit more somber than expected. Of course neither Mien nor Koos has the courage to tell Wiep they don't really like it. Neighbor Rik can't stop flirting with Lydie no matter what.
14 Dec. 1991
Tante Engel
John's favourite Aunt Engel comes to stay in Wiep's room for a while. She immediately starts taking over all of Mien's work.
21 Dec. 1991
Buys is back
Çanci's unannounced visit is preceded by the arrival of a statue for Wiep. Mien wants Koos to help Hulja relocate on the same day he plans to look at a boat with Jopie. Then she learns Buurman Buys will be visiting that day as well.
28 Dec. 1991
Betere stand
Hans is organizing a medical convention. Mien gets Koos a job greeting the guests with a short survey. John is overjoyed when Wiep suspects she may be pregnant.
4 Jan. 1992
De clown
Mien is apprehensive after Koos accepts a job in Tokyo. When Lydie and Hans need a clown to perform at the hospital at short notice, Mien suggests Koos do it and Jopie volunteers to form a double act.
11 Jan. 1992
Koos objects when Mien wants to buy a new sofa. Hans spots Lydie's awkwardly parked car on the street and moves it. Naturally Lydie thinks that either the police towed it away or else somebody stole it.

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