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S1, Ep11101
9 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.11101
In the aftermath of the shootings, angels Gabrielle, Megan and Luna guide Bo, Viki and Cole in Heaven. Meanwhile, Eddie guides his son Ford and Stacy guides Clint in Hell.
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S1, Ep11102
10 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.11102
Starr reveals to Dani that Cole is alive. Starr flashes back to revealing to her parents that Cole's father, Patrick is very much alive and Marty is with him. Starr tells Blair and Todd that Cole found out and that is why he broke out of prison. Starr tells Dani that Todd decide to help Cole fake his death and leave to be with Marty and Patrick when Starr tells him that Cole took the bullet Hannah had met for her. Tea nearly tells Blair that Todd was the one who killed Victor but stops herself. John reveals to Tea that he was the one that stole Todd phone so he could ...
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S1, Ep11103
11 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.11103
James reveals to Starr that he overheard her profess her love to Cole. Shane is surprised to receive a letter from one of the best art school in England offering him a full scholarship based on his portfolio. Gigi tells Shane that she submitted his comic book work to the school when he was being bullied at school. Rex and Gigi decide to move to England with Shane. Destiny visits Bo after her doctor appointment with Vivian and is surprised to see Matthew there. Neela tries to apologize to Jack but he doesn't want to hear it. Rick tracks down Starr to tell her that he ...
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S1, Ep11104
12 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.11104
As the residents of Llanview gather to watch the final episode of "Fraternity Row" they also prepare to say good-bye to loved ones. Starr announces to her family that she is moving to LA to pursue her music career. Rex, Gigi and Shane tell their loved ones that they are moving to London. Todd realizes that Tea and John are on to him and tells Baker they need to move Tomas. John arrives and knocks Baker out and Tomas is reunited with Tea. Destiny goes into labor.
13 Jan. 2012
Episode dated 13 January 2012
Allison Perkins reads the story of Viki to an unknown person. Clint asks Viki to open the DNA results. Jessica and Natalie enter the room and Clint shares that he is Jessica's biological father. Later, Clint asks Viki to marry with again. Jessica runs into Brody who has just been released and he expresses his sympathies for Ford's death. Starr arrives in LA at Langston and Markko's place. Later, one of Todd's associates shows up and tells her she has been assigned a bodyguard which is revealed to be Cole. At Roxy's place, Destiny goes into labor but the baby is coming...

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