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10 Jan. 1969
Swingers Only
Kay Martin's husband has been mixing with some very dubious people - can the marriage be saved? Dan Farrell discovers a sinister secret behind the crowd of swingers Martin was mixing with following a girl's death.
17 Jan. 1969
The Inquiry
When Howard is accused of stealing money during a combined OSS and resistance mission during WWII by an inimical senator at an appointment hearing, he proceeds to contact those involved in the mission to determine who took the money.
24 Jan. 1969
The Incomparable Connie Walker
Mayor Conway Walker is the victim of a smear campaign - or is he really corrupt? Jeff Dillon finds himself questioning his own loyalty.
31 Jan. 1969
Love-In at Ground Zero
Can Glenn Howard prevent a protest group from committing mass suicide?
7 Feb. 1969
The Suntan Mob
American gangsters seem close to taking over a British island in the West Indies. Dan Farrell sets out to expose the gang.
14 Feb. 1969
Keep the Doctor Away
Could the charming Dr. Evenhauer be a killer? Jeff Dillon overhears a nurse claim a patient friend should not have died and takes a closer interest in the physician.
21 Feb. 1969
The Bobby Currier Story
Bobby Currier was always trouble just waiting to happen. Now he seems to have gone on a killing spree. Dan Farrell, taken prisoner by Currier, discovers an unexpected 'accomplice' has influenced his actions.
28 Feb. 1969
A Wrath of Angels
An idealistic priest takes on a ruthless wealthy slum landlord, alerting Dan Farrell to the plight of poor tenants.
7 Mar. 1969
The Third Choice
What is the link between the kidnapping of one of Glenn Howard's editors and an attempt to overthrow an African government?
14 Mar. 1969
Breakout to a Fast Buck
Dan Farrell is alerted to a prison break out, and discovers it directly relates to a major crime planned in advance.
21 Mar. 1969
An Agent of the Plaintiff
Whilst visiting London, Glenn Howard finds himself being sued for libel.
19 Sep. 1969
Lady on the Rocks
In London, Glenn Howard wonders if the marriage of an ambitious British politician is all that it seems.
26 Sep. 1969
A Hard Case of the Blues
Blues singer Jessie Boone seems to have been swindled out of $200,000 by her manager. The curious thing is, she doesn't seem to care. Dan Farrell investigates but then becomes involved with Jesse.
3 Oct. 1969
Blind Man's Bluff
Art Traeger was blinded when someone threw acid in his face. Now, he's planning his revenge with a sight restoring operation, but Jeff Dillon senses something more to it.
10 Oct. 1969
The Emissary
When Chinese diplomats walk out of an important international conference in Paris, Glenn Howard is tasked with the tricky job of getting them to return.
17 Oct. 1969
Chains of Command
Dan Farrell investigates goings-on a small rural prison whose inmates are being used as slave labor.
24 Oct. 1969
Goodbye Harry
Top scientist Harry Roarke has disappeared - has he fled to Cuba, as most people believe, or is he still in the United States? Freelance newsman Sam Hardy, with Peggy Maxwell, investigate on behalf of Howard Publications.
31 Oct. 1969
Give Till It Hurts
Dan Farrell investigates charity fund-raiser Walter Grayson - and starts getting threats.
7 Nov. 1969
The Perfect Image
Mayor John Adrian has a squeaky-clean image and has been endorsed by Howard Publications. Might he be too good to be true? Publisher Glenn Howard investigates.
14 Nov. 1969
The Prisoner Within
Jeff Dillon visits a special army establishment, where soldiers are trained to withstand torture techniques.
28 Nov. 1969
The Civilized Men
Dan Farrell goes to Florida to investigate a criminal enterprise involving rustled cattle and tainted meat.
5 Dec. 1969
High Card
Who tipped off the Cuban revolutionary government that the invasion at the Bay of Pigs was about to happen, back in 1961? An old enemy alleges it was Glenn Howard.
12 Dec. 1969
The Power
Dan Farrell investigates corruption on the waterfront.
19 Dec. 1969
Laurie Marie
When Laurie Marie goes missing, a reward is offered, attracting all kinds of strange characters. Jeff Dillon becomes suspicious of a reclusive millionaire when his land falls within the search area.

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