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Season 2

19 Sep. 1969
Lady on the Rocks
In London, Glenn Howard wonders if the marriage of an ambitious British politician is all that it seems.
26 Sep. 1969
A Hard Case of the Blues
Blues singer Jessie Boone seems to have been swindled out of $200,000 by her manager. The curious thing is, she doesn't seem to care. Dan Farrell investigates but then becomes involved with Jesse.
3 Oct. 1969
Blind Man's Bluff
Art Traeger was blinded when someone threw acid in his face. Now, he's planning his revenge with a sight restoring operation, but Jeff Dillon senses something more to it.
10 Oct. 1969
The Emissary
When Chinese diplomats walk out of an important international conference in Paris, Glenn Howard is tasked with the tricky job of getting them to return.
17 Oct. 1969
Chains of Command
Dan Farrell investigates goings-on a small rural prison whose inmates are being used as slave labor.
24 Oct. 1969
Goodbye Harry
Top scientist Harry Roarke has disappeared - has he fled to Cuba, as most people believe, or is he still in the United States? Freelance newsman Sam Hardy, with Peggy Maxwell, investigate on behalf of Howard Publications.
31 Oct. 1969
Give Till It Hurts
Dan Farrell investigates charity fund-raiser Walter Grayson - and starts getting threats.
7 Nov. 1969
The Perfect Image
Mayor John Adrian has a squeaky-clean image and has been endorsed by Howard Publications. Might he be too good to be true? Publisher Glenn Howard investigates.
14 Nov. 1969
The Prisoner Within
Jeff Dillon visits a special army establishment, where soldiers are trained to withstand torture techniques.
28 Nov. 1969
The Civilized Men
Dan Farrell goes to Florida to investigate a criminal enterprise involving rustled cattle and tainted meat.
5 Dec. 1969
High Card
Who tipped off the Cuban revolutionary government that the invasion at the Bay of Pigs was about to happen, back in 1961? An old enemy alleges it was Glenn Howard.
12 Dec. 1969
The Power
Dan Farrell investigates corruption on the waterfront.
19 Dec. 1969
Laurie Marie
When Laurie Marie goes missing, a reward is offered, attracting all kinds of strange characters. Jeff Dillon becomes suspicious of a reclusive millionaire when his land falls within the search area.
2 Jan. 1970
The Tradition
On a Greek island, Glenn Howard and a young Greek woman, Thalia, face danger and possibly even death for defying an ancient tradition.
9 Jan. 1970
The Brass Ring
Dan Farrell befriends a young boxer and suspects he may be under pressure to throw a fight.
16 Jan. 1970
Island of Gold and Precious Stones
After a multi-millionaire dies, Dillon investigates the source of his vast wealth - greatly to the displeasure of certain others.
23 Jan. 1970
The Takeover
Howard is asked by the U.S. to assess the quality of a monk headed interim regime in which the former ruler and a friend of Howard's has disappeared on charges of treasury theft which charge Howard believes is a lie of a corrupt military.
30 Jan. 1970
The Garden
As a result of the residency of a friend's troubled daughter, Farrell investigates a therapy facility housed in a bucolic, isolated setting and run by a greedy and opportunistic psychiatrist.
13 Feb. 1970
Soon after talking to Glenn Howard, a young woman dies - seemingly by suicide. But when Glenn discovers her links to a coven of modern-day witches, he becomes suspicious that she was murdered.
20 Feb. 1970
The King of Denmark
Has a lost Shakespeare manuscript been discovered? Or is it an elaborate fraud? Researching a story for Jeff Dillon, Peggy Maxwell finds herself at the center of a mystery.
27 Feb. 1970
The Skin Game
Medical supplies destined for a small, newly-emergent African nation have been tampered with, making them useless and even dangerous. Dan Farrell investigates.
6 Mar. 1970
Man of the People
Cesar Rodriguez is a "man of the people", but he may not be quite as much of a populist as he seems. Hilary Vanderman, top female reporter for Howard Publications, investigates.
20 Mar. 1970
Echo of a Nightmare
The death of a kidnapper just freed from prison hampers Dan Farrell's efforts to learn more about the abduction.
27 Mar. 1970
Jenny Wilde Is Drowning
Jeff Dillon tries to help aspiring actress Jenny Wilde in her career, but after a failed audition she appears to become suicidal repeatedly phoning a Disc Jockey's show, can Dillon dissuade her?
3 Apr. 1970
One of the Girls in Research
Sandy, a young woman in the research dept of Howard Publications has wild romantic daydreams about her boss Glenn Howard that confuse her sense of reality, hampering Howard in an investigation.
10 Apr. 1970
The Other Kind of Spy
Dillon investigates a company in which the research of his friend, a scientist of besmirched reputation , is being stolen and in which the company principals are less than committed to the company's success.

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