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4 Jan. 1972
I Am My Brother's Keeper
Pete is targeted by the very gunman he's tracking down.
11 Jan. 1972
Deal with the Devil
A war correspondent gets involved in dealing drugs, worrying his fiancée.
18 Jan. 1972
Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie
A paroled killer's girlfriend tries to bump off Pete.
25 Jan. 1972
Julie grows attached to a baby that's been abandoned by a couple on a robbery and murder spree.
1 Feb. 1972
No More Oak Leaves for Ernie Holland
A Vietnam veteran returns to the police force with questionable ideas of dealing with dissident ghetto residents.
8 Feb. 1972
The Cave
Julie, Link and Pete break down in the desert during a sandstorm and seek shelter in an abandoned mine. An old man embittered by the death of his son in the war who hates hippies then sets off dynamite and traps the trio inside.
15 Feb. 1972
The Wild Weekend
When Pete runs into an old girlfriend, she invites him to her birthday party but he turns her down, only to be kidnapped by her two friends and forced to attend the party.
22 Feb. 1972
The Tangled Web
Pete and Linc come close to breaking the law as they attempt to help a parolee return stolen jewelry.
29 Feb. 1972
Outside Position
A stable boy's employer frames him for possessing drugs.
7 Mar. 1972
Big George
A man happens to witness the murder of a sales clerk and agrees to testify at the trial. As a result he and his family are relentlessly terrorized by someone, even after the trial has ended.
14 Sep. 1972
The Connection
The trio go undercover to take down an international drug ring.
21 Sep. 1972
The Thundermakers
A youth joins a motorcycle gang that plans to pull off a robbery of his father's company.
28 Sep. 1972
Yesterday's Ashes
The trio believes that plastic surgery may be the best way to rehabilitate a disfigured girl caught shoplifting.
5 Oct. 1972
A Gift for Jenny
A fur coat is the only lead the trio has in a case involving kidnapping and murder that has them baffled.
12 Oct. 1972
Taps, Play It Louder
The trio searches for a Vietnam veteran who missed his stop when he took the bus home.
19 Oct. 1972
Eyes of the Beholder
A killer stalks Pete as he helps a formerly blind girl.
26 Oct. 1972
Good Times Are Just Memories
A dirty cop frames Pete for the murder of a confederate in crime.
2 Nov. 1972
A policeman attempts to nab a pusher who's able to get off on technicalities.
9 Nov. 1972
Can You Hear Me Out There?
A rash of car thefts appear to be connected to a particular radio station and a puzzling code. Pete becomes friends with the car thief while Julie and Linc check out the station.
16 Nov. 1972
Another Final Game
Pete and Julie pose as a newlywed couple to outsmart a master con artist.
23 Nov. 1972
Crime Club
Students with high IQs commit crimes just for kicks.
30 Nov. 1972
The Twain
A Korean girl finds trouble in her search for her American father.
7 Dec. 1972
Belinda, End of Little Miss Bubble Gum
The squad must determine if a former child star is a klutz or a target for murder.
14 Dec. 1972
A little girl's father gets in trouble with thieves just before Christmas.
21 Dec. 1972
Julie is put in the hospital when she's targeted by syndicate undercover agents.

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