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Season 2

23 Sep. 1969
The Girl in Chair Nine
Capt. Greer reluctantly enlists the aid of a psychic to help find a kidnapped coed.
30 Sep. 1969
My Name Is Manolete
Julie takes in a young, apparently destitute, Mexican boy, not realizing that he is connected to a couple of thieves who don't want him talking to the wrong people.
7 Oct. 1969
An Eye for an Eye
The widow of an FBI agent, who is dating Greer, is kidnapped by a narcotics gang.
14 Oct. 1969
Ride the Man Down
While on vacation Pete befriends a woman who tells him her brother is missing. When she is found dead he's charged with her murder.
21 Oct. 1969
To Linc - With Love
Linc is initially bummed about having to get his driver's license renewed until he meets the examiner. They start dating but a man from her past comes back into her life and causes problems.
4 Nov. 1969
After the police commissioner's sister is the apparent target of a killer Greer and the Squad are assigned to watch over her.
11 Nov. 1969
During a campus demonstration a student protester is found dead. The protesters think he was killed by the police and the police think he was killed by another student.
18 Nov. 1969
Willie Poor Boy
During a botched robbery Willie falls down an elevator shaft. In the hospital they discover he's illiterate and try to help him learn to read and move beyond a life of crime. But his partner in crime doesn't want him talking to the cops.
The Death of Wild Bill Hannachek
Julie is posing as a singer at a wayside inn as the Squad investigates the death of a fading country-western singer.
2 Dec. 1969
A Place to Run, a Heart to Hide In
Pete, Linc and Julie enroll in college as students to help aid the campus investigation of a young man's mysterious death.
9 Dec. 1969
The Healer
After a man attending the funeral service of a friend of Linc's is run down by a car right outside the service, the trio investigate and find the hit-and-run victim had referred Linc's friend, and other patients, to an unconventional healer.
16 Dec. 1969
In This Corner - Sol Alpert
When Pete and Linc's friend Sol Alpert (who survived a plane crash with them and Captain Greer in the first season episode "Flight Five Doesn't Answer") finds his business vandalized, he then learns it was done in protest over living conditions in ghetto housing owned by his own cousin. Sol decides to fight his cousin to get improvements in the housing, and with Pete, Linc, and Julie's help decides to bring the matter to a Jewish court.
23 Dec. 1969
Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break
Pete, Linc, and Julie go undercover to trap a suave, charming veteran con man. His latest targets are three gullible elderly widows.
30 Dec. 1969
The Debt
Pete searches for a young man who saved him from a beating by muggers, but then ran off when he discovered he was a cop. He finds that the young man is trying to look for his father, who has escaped from an institution and may be planning to come after a businessman who cheated him.
6 Jan. 1970
Sweet Child of Terror
Julie is kidnapped and held for ransom by a disturbed young man who has mistaken her for her friend, the daughter of a wealthy woman whom he wants to punish for insulting him.
20 Jan. 1970
The King of Empty Cups
Chief Metcalf asks the squad to find his daughter, who has left home despondent after the death of her fiancé in Vietnam. They find her, addicted to drugs and part of a decadent rock star's coterie.
27 Jan. 1970
A Town Called Sincere
While on a motorcycle trip to Mexico, Pete and Linc are detoured by a biker gang into a border town and held hostage along with all of the town's residents. The gang refuses to leave until they find out who in the town killed two of their members.
3 Feb. 1970
The Exile
Julie becomes romantically involved with a foreign exchange student from a Middle Eastern country which is in political turmoil, not knowing that he is actually the son of the country's king and that his life is in danger from his father's opponents.
10 Feb. 1970
Survival House
Guest star Sammy Davis Jr. plays Billy Lee Watson, a recovered drug addict who is accused of statutory rape by his alleged victim's father, who wants to close down the halfway house Billy has been appointed director of. Billy was trying to help the girl, who is herself addicted, and pregnant---and is actually Billy's daughter.
17 Feb. 1970
Mother of Sorrow
Pete's fraternity brother is framed for murder.
24 Feb. 1970
The Deadly Sin
A young nun sees her gangster father commit a murder, but blanks out the memory of it. Unfortunately, higher-ups in the syndicate learn of it and decide to have her hit.
3 Mar. 1970
A Time for Remembering
As the trio reminisces over two years together, and Pete considers quitting the group to work with his father, an old nemesis arrives: Beau Graves, one of those they helped put in jail in the premier episode. He has just been paroled and has come seeking revenge against the trio.
17 Mar. 1970
Return to Darkness, Return to Light
Janny Wills, first introduced in the first season episode "A Hint Of Darkness, A Hint Of Light", invites Linc, Pete, and Julie to meet her new fiancé, Dr. Frank Tarver. Tarver doesn't tell them that he is being threatened by a man blaming him for his daughter's death. But when the trio investigates further, they find that Tarver may not be who he seems.
24 Mar. 1970
Call Back Yesterday
Pete visits his Beverly Hills home to try to help his old girlfriend, who believes her father is being kept in a mental ward against his will and manipulated by her uncle and cousin. While there, Pete also reunites with his mother.
31 Mar. 1970
Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot!
Pete, Linc, and Julie go undercover working on a film project on which strange accidents have occurred. The film is based on a twenty-year old murder mystery, and the director believes the real killer is trying to sabotage it because he fears his identity will be revealed.
7 Apr. 1970
The Loser
After he tries to stop a runaway car, the son of a former cop and friend of Captain Greer is charged with stealing the vehicle. Then it is learned that the car, which belonged to a judicial candidate's campaign worker, was also involved in a hit-and-run. The trio goes undercover at the candidate's headquarters to further investigate.

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