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21 Feb. 1994
1671: Things to Wear
On a bus ride through different neighborhoods Mister Rogers notices all kinds of people and the variety of clothes they wear. In Make-Believe, King Friday receives a three-cornered hat and makes a rule that everyone must wear one.
22 Feb. 1994
1672: Things to Wear
Rogers inevitably fools Marilyn Barnett by donning the Bob Dog costume. Mr. McFeely shows a videotape on how blue jeans are made. Lady Elaine Fairchilde provides the only resistance to King Friday's insistence that everyone and everything in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe should wear the three-cornered hat from the 18th Century.
23 Feb. 1994
1673: Things to Wear
Rogers sees Alan Morrison play the organ at a nearby church. Lady Elaine Fairchilde squirts water at anyone who mentions "three-cornered hat" to her. King Friday hardens his position with a rule.
24 Feb. 1994
1674: Things to Wear
Mister Rogers visits an organist who's rehearsing with a young flutist and clarinetist. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine finds a solution for King Friday's "three-cornered" rule. Mister Rogers shows a video of how people make paper bags.
25 Feb. 1994
1675: Things to Wear
Mister Rogers shows a sewing machine and a video of a visit to a millinery shop in Colonial Williamsburg to show different kinds of clothing from long ago. In Make-Believe, King Friday and Lady Elaine resolve their differences about hats.
29 Aug. 1994
1676: Going Away and Coming Back
A map of the world painted by a friend of Rogers is shown on the back of an old floor covering. Rogers demonstrates traveling from place to place. Dan Kamin demonstrates his mime act. He acts as a mime character in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
30 Aug. 1994
1677: Going Away and Coming Back
Mister Rogers meets paramedics who show him the inside of an ambulance and some of the equipment they use to help people. He's even strapped onto their stretcher! In Make-Believe, the neighbors use a map to search for a hidden tunnel.
31 Aug. 1994
1678: Going Away and Coming Back
Mister Rogers helps children understand that it takes practice to do anything well. He watches wheelchair basketball players dribble and shoot and marvels at their skill. In Make-Believe, the neighbors find a clue to the mysterious tunnel.
1 Sep. 1994
1679: Going Away and Coming Back
Children are intrigued by car washes, but some have fears about them. Mr. McFeely shows a video of his drive through a car wash. In Make-Believe, the neighbors are excited when they find the last clue they need to find the hidden tunnel.
2 Sep. 1994
1680: Going Away and Coming Back
Mister Rogers drives an earth mover. He drives it away and back and helps children trust that people who go away will come back. In Make-Believe, the neighbors find the hidden tunnel. And there's a video of how people make tortilla chips.

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