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Season 31

27 Aug. 2001
1761: Celebrates the Arts
Admiring trees and how they grow from seeds, Mister Rogers is inspired to draw an oak tree. In Make-Believe, Prince Tuesday at first is upset with his drawing of the Eiffel Tower, but his neighbors like it and help him appreciate it.
28 Aug. 2001
1762: Celebrates the Arts
Mister Rogers has a video of different ways people build sand castles. A neighbor reads a book in Spanish. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine thinks art is only representational, but Mister Rogers reminds us everyone sees things differently.
29 Aug. 2001
1763: Celebrates the Arts
A Native American potter shows how she creates a pot, from gathering the clay to designing it. In Make-Believe, Daniel's feelings are hurt by Lady Elaine's remarks about his mobile, but he knows why she sometimes hurts people's feelings.
30 Aug. 2001
1764: Celebrates the Arts
Musical art from a glass armonica player and visual art from a quilter. In Make-Believe, Lady Elaine realizes if she's kind to others, they will be kind to her. What matters is what's inside us and how we treat each other.
31 Aug. 2001
1765: Celebrates the Arts
In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe Arts Festival, the neighbors find their own ways to express themselves. Mister Rogers has a video that helps us appreciate the wide variety of art and says that being appreciative is a sign of growing.

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