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22 Sep. 1968
The Crash
In this, the pilot episode, a sub-orbital aircraft named the Spindrift flying from New York (Los Angeles in later episodes) is pulled into a space warp which transports its crew and passengers into another dimension. The ship eventually lands on a planet where everything is 12 times larger than normal. In their first night on the planet they are attacked by a giant cat and two of their party , Captain Steve Burton and jet set heiress Valerie Scott, are captured by a pair of giant scientists but are eventually rescued by the rest of the castaways. Unfortunately, they ...
29 Sep. 1968
Ghost Town
While being chased by a hobo, the castaways find themselves trapped by a force field. They then find a town without any people in it. They soon find out that the town was built by a lonely old man who built the town based on pictures he found on a ship that crash landed on the planet years earlier. They appreciate the old man's kindness, but still try to find a way to escape. Compicating matters is the old man's sadistic granddaughter who is jealous of them and tries kill them.
6 Oct. 1968
While looking for lenses to use to charge the Spindrift's solar batteries, the castaways witness a photographer murder the model he was photographing after he attempted to make a pass at her. He then tries to pin the blame on a bum, but they take a picture of him as he tries to plant evidence. Val, who is an amateur photographer, agrees to go with Steve to try to develop the film and try to clear the bum of a murder rap.
20 Oct. 1968
The castaways are contacted by someone claiming to be from Earth and who promises to help them get back home. However, they soon find out that the "earthman" is really a giant scientist who is part of an underground movement bent on overthrowing the planet's totalitarian government. He then makes a deal with Steve and the others that if they help him retrieve some information on some political prisoners that he will help them get back home.
3 Nov. 1968
Fitzhugh and Barry get caught by a traveling circus act, using a bear to keep other little people to make them escape. Mark and Commander Burton must find a way to divert the kidnappers attention. However the rest are caught and Burton must find a way, maybe the help of the boy who travels with them to escape from this fate to be sold at a carnival...
10 Nov. 1968
The Flight Plan
The castaways meet a supposedly amnesiac man from Earth. They decide to take him in against Steve's better judgment. It is soon revealed that the "little person" is a giant who has taken a drug to shrink himself down to the size of the earthlings. He eventually kidnaps Betty and takes her to their hideout with hopes the others will follow so they can be captured.
17 Nov. 1968
A prison escapee tries to hide from policemen. While Steve, Mark and Fitzhugh are away, the prisoner takes the Spindrift with the rest of the crew inside. However, he falls in a quicksand pit with the spaceship. The threesome must get the giant out of the instable ground before he sinks with the ship and what's inside...
24 Nov. 1968
The Trap
While scavenging parts to repair the Spindrift, two of the crew are captured by scientists. The rest of the crew unite to undertake a daring rescue attempt with everything now on the line.
1 Dec. 1968
The Creed
While out foraging for food, Barry collapses in pain and it soon becomes apparent that he is suffering from appendicitis. It is then decided that Betty, who has nurses training, will perform the operation. Steve and Mark then go to a local hospital to get the supplies needed for the operation. However, they soon encounter sympathetic Doctor Brulle, who decides to help the castaways and supply them with a medical kit that was on another ship that crashed on the planet on one condition; that Fitzhugh helps to translate a medical encyclopedia that is written in German. ...
8 Dec. 1968
Fitzhugh is captured by two giants who instantly realize his small size will be of value for a gem robbery they have planned. Unfortunately the men need someone even smaller and go in search of the other members of the crew.
22 Dec. 1968
The Weird World
The castaways find a tape recorder which has the taped log of Major Kegan, an astronaut who crash landed on the planet with his crew a few years earlier. Barry is later captured by the paranoid Kegan, who thinks that the castaways are working with the giants. However, they later convince him that they are not and he agrees to help them go to the giant's science center to help retrieve his ship, which is being examined by their scientists. However, when they get there Kegan does not enter with them due to the fact that he remembers that something horrible is in there ...
29 Dec. 1968
The Golden Cage
The crew finds a woman of their size while on a trek. Mark falls in love with her, who in return, invites him to her home. Burton tries to convince Mark that this is a trap set to become a guinea pig for the Giants. However, blinded by love, Mark is unable to make up his mind, even that his urge ends up with a fight with the commander itself...

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