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6 Jan. 1970
Shadow of a Dead Man
Sent by Murdoch to check out a long-neglected piece of land he owns, Johnny finds it occupied by a young woman and her son. She claims to be a Lancer and chases off anyone who sets foot on her land. Johnny persuades her to let him stay and help. Soon another man arrives who may really be dangerous to her, but she seems less suspicious of him than she is of Johnny.
13 Jan. 1970
Blue Skies for Willie Sharpe
Scott tries to shape up a town drunk who once was a famous lawman. The man is now being treated as the town fool by the sadistic town boss. But his grandson, who has mainly known of his grandfather through the legends told of him, still believes he's a hero, and Scott hopes the boy will not be disappointed by the truth.
20 Jan. 1970
Johnny is wounded in the leg while coming to the aid of a hillbilly brother and sister from a group of hostile cowhands. He is forced to run with the two, as the cowhands pursue them. The brother and sister have come West to settle a feud with a family with a name that sounds like 'Lankry', and say they plan to kill any members of the family still living.
27 Jan. 1970
The Lorelei
Jelly thinks he's hit the jackpot when he acquires a gold mine, but the men who've sold it to him have not told him the fine print. And what's worse, getting the gold out requires blasting, which will cut off a stream of vital importance to the Lancer spread.
3 Feb. 1970
The Lion and the Lamb
After sheepherder Gabe Lincoln saves Johnny from a charging bull, Johnny allows him to temporarily let his sheep graze on Lancer land until his ewes give birth. This does not sit well with the cattleman's association, who threaten to drive the sheep away by force if necessary. But Gabe does not believe in fighting back, and complicating matters more, he and Johnny's girlfriend are becoming attracted to each other.
17 Feb. 1970
The Experiment
Murdoch decides to allow his land to be used as an experimental prison farm. But he has to deal with hard-nosed guards as well as with the distrust of the convicts, and even his sons' well-meaning interference inadvertently causes trouble.
3 Mar. 1970
Splinter Group
After collapsing in the hot Badlands, Scott's life is saved by a group of miners and their families who are on the run after a riot in which several people were killed. Scott vows to not tell who they are when he goes back to Morro Coyo to buy food for them. But the store owner who sells the food to them recognizes the leader of the miners and tells the sheriff. After they have gone, the owner also realizes that the vegetables he sold them are contaminated, and Johnny and the sheriff rush to find Scott and the miners to warn them.
10 Mar. 1970
Lamp in the Wilderness
Murdoch brings three orphaned Modoc children to an Indian school taught by a determined teacher who unfortunately has little understanding or respect for Indian traditions, a fact which only further angers a former Army scout who has returned to his people and blames the whites for destroying their way of life.
17 Mar. 1970
The Buscaderos
A band of outlaws with a Gatling gun takes over the Lancer ranch and holds Scott hostage, demanding in turn that the town turn over its tax collection money to them. The outlaw leader Drago thinks Scott is Johnny, whom Drago is jealous of because his girlfriend Violet was once involved with Johnny and always compares Drago with him, and Violet tells Scott he'd be better off pretending to be Johnny.
7 Apr. 1970
Dream of Falcons
Chad, the newest member of the Lancer family, assists an old visionary who plans to build a flying machine, using a hill as his workshop and base for takeoff. This exposes Chad and the old man not only to ridicule, but to the hostility of a big rancher and others who want to use the hill for watering purposes.
28 Apr. 1970
Goodbye, Lizzie
Murdoch's old friend Lizzie Cramer comes to the Lancer ranch, hoping to start a new life with her daughter when she arrives---and breaking with the outlaw gang she's been leading. But the gang does not want to let go of her so easily.
5 May 1970
The Rivals
Powerful land baron Buck Addison is determined to squeeze out Lancer. He has bought out all the surrounding ranches save one, which is owned by a widowed friend of Murdoch's, whom Addison has now asked to marry him.
19 May 1970
When Jelly comes down sick after getting a bad prediction from a young woman who claims to be able to see the future, the Lancers attribute it to his superstitious nature. But then the cattle start dying in droves, and everybody starts wondering if they have been cursed.

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