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7 Jan. 1969
The Wedding
Scott and his friend Josh, a Lancer ranch hand, try to rescue Josh's fiancée, who was kidnapped by outlaws during the wedding ceremony.
14 Jan. 1969
Death Bait
A man with a vicious dog and a grudge against Jelly terrorizes Murdoch, Teresa and Jelly at Lancer while Scott and Johnny are away on a cattle drive.
21 Jan. 1969
The Black McGloins
Scott is duped by the attractive daughter of an Irish con artist whose family is robbing and intimidating the community.
28 Jan. 1969
Yesterday's Vendetta
When Murdoch goes to the town of Mesa Roja to bury the hatchet with an old enemy, he is shot in the back and then disappears.
4 Feb. 1969
Warburton's Edge
Trying to avoid violence, Johnny ends up on the wrong side of a range war against Murdoch and the other ranchers of the valley.
11 Feb. 1969
The Fix-It Man
The Lancers' plan to build a jail in Spanish Wells unintentionally sets an old handyman against his former protégé, a saloon owner who is the puppet of the leader of a gang of toughs.
25 Feb. 1969
Angel Day and Her Sunshine Girls
Teresa's mother - a ne'er-do-well who ran off when Teresa was born - returns to demand custody of her daughter.
4 Mar. 1969
The Great Humbug
A grifter comes to town to cheat the locals in a phony land deal, straining the friendship between Murdoch and a neighbor who once saved Murdoch's life.
11 Mar. 1969
Juniper's Camp
Murdoch sends Scott and Johnny to rescue an old friend's daughter, who is about to marry a charming, manipulative and abusive man.
18 Mar. 1969
The Knot
After a family of highway robbers shoots Scott and kidnaps Teresa, she begins to sympathize with one of her captors.
25 Mar. 1969
The Man Without a Gun
When Sheriff Val Crawford is injured, newcomer to Green River, Clay Crisswell takes over temporarily. His civilized ways and the ability to subdue the rougher element of Green River without a gun make him popular with the businessmen, but things may not be what they seem.
23 Sep. 1969
Blind Man's Bluff
Blinded by an outlaw's bullet, Johnny finds succor and love with a young mute woman as he struggles to evade the outlaw and his brothers, who plan to finish Johnny off.
30 Sep. 1969
9 Dec. 1969
Scott's grandfather pays a visit to Lancer with the intention of persuading Scott - through fair means or foul - to return with him to Boston to live.

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