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9 Jan. 1968
A Thief Is a Thief
Master thief Alexander Mundy is paroled from prison by SIA special agent Noah Bain in order to steal for the United States government on special occasions.
16 Jan. 1968
It Takes One to Know One
Mundy is tasked with going to a small European state who's only source of income is its casino. Soviet infiltrators are attempting to steal the states crown jewels as a way of forcing the casino to close. Mundy must try and stop the robbery from happening
30 Jan. 1968
When Boy Meets Girl
Mundy needs all of his skills and talents to get a female defector safely out of enemy territory.
6 Feb. 1968
A Very Warm Reception
Mundy is tasked with infiltrating an embassy of a nation unfriendly to the United States. His job is to recover a list of enemy spies, unfortunately the Embassy staff know they are a high value target and have taken steps to stop an intrusion.
13 Feb. 1968
One Illegal Angel
Mundy steals a famous Da Vinci painting, and arranges a buyer. To maximize his profits he arranges for a counterfeiter to produce a copy of the painting.
20 Feb. 1968
Totally by Design
Mundy must infiltrate a small Middle Eastern nation that is taking agricultural equipment supplied by the State department and reselling it for weapons. Once in, Mundy has to figure out a way the short circuit the deal.
27 Feb. 1968
When Thieves Fall In
Mundy has to find a way to steal a shipment of Baltic furs that have valuable information about ICBM designs sown into them.
5 Mar. 1968
A Spot of Trouble
Sensitive plans for a new weapon are stolen, and after the best agents in the government fail to locate them back Mundy is called. What seems like an easy job becomes complicated when it is realized the plans have been micro dotted
12 Mar. 1968
When Good Friends Get Together
The Prince of an Asian country is visiting the US. There are concerns that an assassination attempt could happen. Mundy is asked to join the prince's house hold and try and spot any potential threats
19 Mar. 1968
Birds of a Feather
Mundy's mission to retrieve a microfilm capsule leads him from an eccentric spy in a communist prison to a beautiful ambassador's wife with a cameo ring marked confidential.
26 Mar. 1968
To Steal a Battleship
A U.N diplomat is suspected of stealing NATO plans and trying to sell them. Mundy must search the man's extensive house and try to recover the documents.
2 Apr. 1968
Mundy is briefed to attempt to steal a new generation of optical lens from a Soviet science institute. At the last moment he is injured and Noah has to step into his shoes, with Mundys coaching.
9 Apr. 1968
The Radomir Miniature
While escaping across the border with his family, the ten year-old daughter of a scientist is captured, and being held against him for his return. Al Mundy to the rescue.
16 Apr. 1968
Locked in the Cradle of the Keep
The SIA stages an elaborate ruse to perpetrate Al's 'defection' to the Eastern Bloc; he is tasked to steal something, but doesn't know what; It takes his deductive talents to figure that out, before he can successfully pull off the job.
23 Apr. 1968
A Matter of Royal Larceny
Noah orders Alexander Mundy to return a royal orb after a rich and beautiful jet-setter lifts it from its display case on a drunken whim. Little does anyone know that the orb holds an explosive surprise.
30 Apr. 1968
The Lay of the Land
Noah sends Al to break into a duchess's villa, not to steal her jewels, but the manuscript of her memoir.
24 Sep. 1968
One Night on Soledade
Pierre Dushon, son of the Soledade dictator, has been poisoned. The SIA fears the dictator will wrongly blame neighboring Casturo, friendly to the US. Al must steal the body, hidden by the superstitious people in the catacombs.
1 Oct. 1968
A Sour Note
The SIA wants proof Nazi war criminal Karl Muller has a new identify. It is in the safe of Luigi Dimontelli, son of a Fascist Italy bureaucrat. Luigi loves opera. The SIA persuades a diva to perform for him. Al poses as her manager.
8 Oct. 1968
The Bill Is in Committee
Al impersonates a magician and, accompanied by the magician's assistant, goes to a European principality to steal the negatives of compromising photos of a US Congressman, who is being blackmailed into supporting the country.
15 Oct. 1968
The Thingamabob Heist
Al must steal a sample of a revolutionary new type of jet fuel, the only trouble is he doesn't know what to look for.
22 Oct. 1968
Get Me to the Revolution on Time
Al must pose as a cocktail mixologist to gain access to a safe which can only be opened with multiple electronic keys, each emitting a different tonal pitch.
29 Oct. 1968
The Packager
A millionaire blackmails Al into doing a job by threatening to expose his involvement with SIA.
12 Nov. 1968
Hans Across the Border: Part 1
Al's simple task this time involves the recovery of a set of papers from a wall safe but, the safe is in a house located somewhere behind the Berlin Wall. Breaking in is the first trick, breaking back out again is the real challenge.
19 Nov. 1968
Hans Across the Border: Part 2
In Part 2 of this Cold War plot, Al reluctantly returns to the home of the East German general from whom he has stolen a set of papers, in order to plant disinformation about another character, in the safe.
26 Nov. 1968
A Case of Red Turnips
Mundy is ordered to attend a foreign film festival and steal the only copy of an avant-garde motion picture. The movie's director accidentally filmed eleven American spies making a drop at a location behind the Iron Curtain and if the film is premiered the agents will all soon be captured or dead.
3 Dec. 1968
The Galloping Skin Game
Al must steal a document hidden in a scientific paper at a conference in Rome. The SIA doesn't know which of the 100 papers contains the document. Al deduces that the paper will be handled by a high-value fence, Grobo, and schemes to get on his good side by stealing the Kimberly Diamond and having Grobo fence it for him. Al comes up with a unique solution to obtain the key paper before it's delivered to Grobo, while also keeping the diamond (that the SIA returns).
17 Dec. 1968
Glass Riddle
Al makes a withdrawal from a safety deposit box (not his).
31 Dec. 1968
To Catch a Roaring Lion
Al returns a stolen item, rather than stealing it.

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