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3 Jan. 1972
Lucy and the Little Old Lady
When an old lady comes in the employment agency looking for a job because she has nowhere to go, Lucy decides to let her stay at her house. When Mrs. Brady sells land to Harry, Kim tells them about a similar sounding scam which gives Lucy and Harry the idea to let the Mrs. Brady have a séance in which they dress up as Napoleon and Josephine to convince her to refund Harry his money.
10 Jan. 1972
Lucy and the Chinese Curse
Lucy saves a man's life, and according to Chinese custom, he is indebted to her. Lucy and Kim scheme to correct the situation once they learn that others in town have the same problem.
17 Jan. 1972
Lucy's Replacement
Harry gets a new office computer, leading Lucy to get a new job at an insurance company, so she schemes to make the computer obsolete and get her job back.
24 Jan. 1972
Kim Moves Out
Kim has decided it is time for her to move out of the house after Lucy becomes an annoying mother hen. Kim plans to teach Mother a lesson while her mother is hiding in a cramped fireplace.
31 Jan. 1972
Lucy Sublets the Office
Lucy has transformed Harry's office into a toyland, courtesy of toymaker Tommy Tucker who's marvelous gadgets are driving Harry bonkers.
7 Feb. 1972
Lucy's Punctured Romance
Lucy has a new boyfriend Bob Collins, but Kim and Uncle Harry are worried. The milkman doesn't help matters when he informs the pair the Lucy's boyfriend is a playboy. Kim & Harry cook up all kinds of crazy stunts to scare off Bob.
21 Feb. 1972
With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?
Viv shows up for a surprise visit, and tells Lucy she may stay in California for a year, but everything goes awry when Harry fires Lucy and hires Viv in her place, making Lucy furious. After a few weeks, Harry can't stand Viv and Viv can't stand Harry. Lucy comes up with a scheme to get Viv to quit, but Kim blabs the whole thing to Viv.
28 Feb. 1972
Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Whose Apron String
Kim moves into her own apartment (one managed by Lucy's brother Herb Hinkley) and deals with wacky neighbors and lecherous men.
11 Sep. 1972
Lucy's Big Break
Lucy Carter breaks her leg skiing, and is in the hospital. While bored in the hospital she is attracted to a doctor, and attempts to get his affection.
18 Sep. 1972
Lucy and Eva Gabor Are Hospital Roomies
Lucy's new hospital roommate has broken her foot, and steals the attention from Lucy. Lucy being Lucy torments Eva for the entire stay.
25 Sep. 1972
Harrison Carter, Male Nurse
Harry plays 24hr home-nurse when Lucy arrives home from the hospital after the others (Kim; Vanda & Mary Jane) all fail to help due to other commitments.
2 Oct. 1972
A Home Is Not an Office
Amazingly, Harry is lost without Lucille, and after 4 failed replacements moves the office to her house while she is recovering. Lucy then uses a variety of schemes to get him out. Harry ends up being arrested for operating a business in a residential area
9 Oct. 1972
Lucy and Joe Namath
Craig is home from college. While playing tennis, a football coach suspects he may also make a great quarterback. But can even Joe Namath convince Lucy this is best for Craig?
16 Oct. 1972
The Case of the Reckless Wheelchair Driver
Lucy is involved in a lawsuit when a young man is flattened by Lucy's wheelchair. A con man (Jesse White) seeks to get $100,000 from Lucy based on an injury lawsuit. Kim proves the guy is faking by offering him a job to sing and dance at a club.
23 Oct. 1972
Lucy, the Other Woman
The milkman's wife thinks Lucy is having an affair with her husband. After she throws him out Lucy, Kim & Harry work to get the two back together.
30 Oct. 1972
Lucy and Petula Clark
Lucy drives everyone crazy when she starts babysitting just before Petula Clark is expected to have a baby.
6 Nov. 1972
Lucy and Jim Bailey
Lucy & Harry organize a fund raiser for the Chamber of Commerce (which the mayor attends). The guest star is Phyllis Diller until she loses her voice. A resourceful Kim finds a replacement as the show must go on. Jim Bailey impersonates Phyllis Diller and does a great number (Fever) with Lucie Arnaz.
13 Nov. 1972
Dirty Gertie
After cleaning her fireplace, Lucy takes a crate of apples down to her beauty parlor. She is mistaken for Dirty Gertie by a crook who enlists the homeless woman for good luck. Lucy is asked to go undercover to held apprehend the criminal. Lucy's gin (a la Vitameatavegamin) adds to a great drunk scene.
20 Nov. 1972
Lucy and Donny Osmond
Lucy and Kim attend a Donny Osmond concert with cousin Patricia (Eve Plumb), who is crazy for the 14 year old singer. Donny, spots Kim in the audience, and he falls in love at first sight. Kim believes the flowers and letters are for Patricia, but soon discovers the mix-up. Realizing Donny volunteered to perform at Kim's Charity function because of the mix-up, Kim feels obligated to set the record straight.
27 Nov. 1972
Lucy and Her Prince Charming
A visiting Latin Prince falls for Lucy. Uncle Harry is promised a reward if Lucy agrees to marry the prince. Harry sees dollar signs and encourages her through various schemes to marry him. Lucy decides that she does not love the prince and so cannot get married.
11 Dec. 1972
My Fair Buzzi
In preparation for an audition, Kim's friend Annie get a makeover from Lucy and Kim. Unfortunately, the director wants a less attractive actress, much like Annie before the makeover. Nonetheless, all three get hired for a 1920's style speak easy sketch.
18 Dec. 1972
Lucy and the Group Encounter
Mary Jane suggests Lucy and Harry go to group therapy to improve their working relationship. Once in therapy, the psychiatrist suggest the two reverse roles to see how the other one feels. Lucy takes charge and lands the agency a big account.

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