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5 Jan. 1970
Lucy and Liberace
Craig's high school club initiation scavenger hunt includes a candelabra that Craig borrowed from Liberace. Lucy of course thinks it has been stolen and feels obliged to return it to the famous pianist. A cute song and dance segment follows as the whole family end up with Liberace at his home.
12 Jan. 1970
Lucy, the Laundress
When Lucy's drives into a Chinese Laundry, she takes a part time job there to pay for the damages.
19 Jan. 1970
Lucy and Lawrence Welk
Lucy brags to Viv, who's visiting, that she knows Lawrence Welk personally, and then schemes to introduce her to the band leader, whom she has actually never met. She and Mary Jane then attempt to foot Vivian with a wax dummy, but the kids get the real Lawrence Welk instead.
26 Jan. 1970
Lucy and Viv Visit TiJuana
Lucy and Viv talk Harry into taking them to Tijuana for the day. After shopping in a tourist shop, they stopped at the border because a stuffed toy has thousands of dollars worth of jewels inside.
2 Feb. 1970
Lucy and Ann-Margret
Craig decides he wants to be a songwriter much to the dismay of doctor loving Lucy. Craig writes Country Magic. Ann-Margret likes Craig's new song, and wants to duet with him on her upcoming television special.
9 Feb. 1970
Lucy and Wally Cox
Lucy schemes to help change a father's image of his son. Wally Cox appears as the son of Alan Hale. Lucy & Wally guard a warehouse and are successful in foiling a real robbery and soaking Harry in the process.
16 Feb. 1970
Lucy and Wayne Newton
While in Las Vegas, Lucy and family return a lost horse to singer Wayne Newton. While there they decide to take jobs as ranch hands to earn spending money so they can see some Las Vegas shows. Kim & Craig join Wayne doing equestrian stunts while Lucy & Harry get to do the branding and clean-up.
23 Feb. 1970
Lucy Takes Over
One night Kim, Craig and Lucy find an old diary belonging to Lucy's great-grandmother and see that Harry's side of the family has owed their side of the family $10 for 100 years, with interest! The total comes to an incredible amount (over $145,000) and so Harry let's Lucy become the boss of the Employment Agency.... until they find out that later on in the diary it says that Harry's side of the family paid back the $10.
2 Mar. 1970
Lucy Competes With Carol Burnett
Lucy and her friend Carol Krausmeyer compete against each other in the Miss Secretary Beautiful contest.
14 Sep. 1970
Lucy Meets the Burtons
Richard Burton, the movie star, escapes riotous fans by wearing a plumber's disguise. Lucy Carter mistakes him for a much needed plumber, and brings him back to the office to fix a sink. Lucy later finds a remarkable diamond ring in his discarded overalls. By the time Lucy discovers it is THE famous Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring, it is already stuck on her finger. The end result is a crescendo of comedy as Liz feverishly tries to get the ring off Lucy's finger. Ultimately, Lucy's arms are used as Liz Taylor's while Richard & Liz do a scheduled press party.
21 Sep. 1970
Lucy, the Skydiver
Lucy threatens to take up skydiving if her kids don't drop their dangerous activities, but Harry convinces her to actually do it as publicity for the Employment Agency.
28 Sep. 1970
Lucy and Sammy Davis Jr.
Lucy ends up hitting Sammy Davis Jr. while opening the door to the employment agency and it hits his nose which causes him to threaten to sue Harry and Lucy if his nose looks different for the movie he is filming.
5 Oct. 1970
Lucy and the Drum Contest
After seeing Buddy Rich perform Craig decides to enter a drum contest. Lucy of course believes that Buddy Rich will help Craig and after some confusion he does.
12 Oct. 1970
Lucy the Crusader
When Lucy buys Craig a record player for his birthday it ends up not working right, so Lucy brings it back to the store but they won't accept it back which causes Lucy and other victims of the company's defective products to present their case in front of shareholders. Charles Nelson Reilly appears as the store employee who refuses the return. Some good physical comedy is done with the defective merchandise props.
19 Oct. 1970
Lucy, the Co-Ed
Harry & his classmates hold a reunion musical variety show about the roaring 20's in which of course Lucy & family are prominently featured. A fun show with good music and dancing.
26 Oct. 1970
Lucy, the American Mother
Craig produces a documentary focusing on his mother and family. Chaos ensues when Lucy leaves money in a library book that she has returned, and goes through shelf after shelf of books.
2 Nov. 1970
Lucy's Wedding Party
While Uncle Harry is away at his college reunion, Lucy borrows his home for a Greek couple's wedding.
9 Nov. 1970
Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price
Lucy has the winning bid on a painting at an auction and asks Vincent Price to appraise it for her. Lucy suspects it may have great value. Remembering that former client Vincent Price is a collector, Lucy calls on him for consultation. Vincent mistakes Lucy for an actress in his new horror movie and proceeds to rehearse a scene in his newly created evil laboratory.
16 Nov. 1970
Lucy the Diamond Cutter
Harry gets a contract to have a diamond cut for a rich and eccentric woman. Lucy houses the diamond cutter and attempts to sooth his nerves.
23 Nov. 1970
Lucy and Jack Benny's Biography
Harry sends Lucy to Jack Benny's house where she writes down his biography. Important and significant events throughout his life like him as a child practicing violin to being in the navy to shows with Mary Livingston. George Burns makes a cameo appearance.
30 Nov. 1970
Lucy and Rudy Vallee
Lucy tries to modernize Rudy Vallee with the help of Kim and her Rock N Roll friends.
7 Dec. 1970
Lucy Loses Her Cool
Lucy is chosen on an audience participation game show. The host, Art Linkletter, offers her $500 if she won't lose her temper for 24 hours. When she's escorted off the stage, the host then brings out Harry, Mary Jane, & the kids, offering them $250 each if they can make Lucy lose her temper! They do everything possible to make Lucy lose it, but she overcomes temptation. Lucy manages to demolish a grocery store!
14 Dec. 1970
Lucy, the Part-Time Wife
Harry bribes Lucy into posing as his pregnant wife to keep away an old flame with romantic desires for Harry. A funny physical show in which Lucy gets ready to deliver a baby largely made of feathers.
21 Dec. 1970
Lucy and Ma Parker
Crooks move in next door to Lucy and the kids. Ma Parker, dangerous leader of a gang of 35 year old little people. After the cops nab Ma, Lucy poses as her to catch Joe Grapefruit the brains of a counterfeiting outfit.
28 Dec. 1970
Lucy Stops a Marriage
Lucy assumes that Harry is broke and marrying a rich woman for her money. She schemes to break up the union before it can happen.

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