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Season 4

13 Sep. 1971
Lucy and Flip Go Legit
After working for him as a secretary Lucy convinces Flip Wilson to play the part of Prissy in a local production of Gone With the Wind, with Harry as Rhett Butler, Lucy as Scarlett O'Hara, and Kim as Melanie.
20 Sep. 1971
Lucy and the Mountain Climber
Harry takes on a new partner who tries to add youth to the agency. In an effort to keep her job Lucy bets Harry's business partner that she can beat him at mountain climbing.
27 Sep. 1971
Lucy and Harry's Italian Bombshell
When Harry learns that a woman whom he knew many years ago in Italy is coming to see him. He says they vowed to wait for each other. He wants to look good for her so he asks Lucy and Kim to help him lose weight and learn Italian before she arrives.
4 Oct. 1971
Lucy and Mannix Are Held Hostage
Lucy, using binoculars to view a building across the street, thinks she has seen two criminals commit a burglary. The criminals spot her. The next day, before Lucy comes into work, the crooks force Harry to tell them where Lucy is. Harry spills his guts and the hoodlums lock him in the closet. After Harry is freed, he first tells Lucy what happened and she should leave home. He then calls private detective Joe Mannix to protect Lucy. When Mannix arrives at Lucy's house, the nervous Lucy knocks Mannix out by hitting him over the head with a vase. When Mannix recovers, ...
11 Oct. 1971
Lucy and the Astronauts
"Operation Redhead" is a result of Lucy helping Harry, who is photographing the splash down as part of the naval reserve. Space nut Lucy must go through decontamination with Astronauts when she makes physical contact with them after a landing.
18 Oct. 1971
Lucy Makes a Few Extra Dollars
Lucy and Kim attempt to make Uncle Harry guilty for not giving Lucy a pay raise.
25 Oct. 1971
Someone's on the Ski Lift with Dinah
Harry invites Lucy & Kim to join him at a friends ski lodge. Lucy encounters Dinah Shore while there. The two get stuck together on a ski lift, where Lucy proceeds to sing a medley of Dinah's hits to her, and otherwise annoy the singer.
1 Nov. 1971
Lucy and Her All-Nun Band
Lucy books an all Nun band to help Harry's sister who is a sister with a benefit. Lucy takes saxophone lessons from Freddy Martin to join the band when the saxophone player becomes ill.
8 Nov. 1971
Won't You Calm Down Dan Dailey?
Lucy goes to work for movie star Dan Dailey, and star struck Lucy drives him crazy. Dan pleads with Harry to take her back at the Unique Employment Agency.
15 Nov. 1971
Lucy and the Celebrities
Lucy and Uncle Harry seek celebrities for a radio campaign when a competitor makes a dent in their business. Kim's date is an impressionist, and offers his services.
22 Nov. 1971
Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea
Lucille and Uncle Harry attend a Ginger Rogers film festival. Ms. Rogers attends in disguise, and is seated next to "you-know-who". When Lucille offends Ms. Rogers, she leaves the theater, but also leaves her purse. Discovering the true identity to the stranger, Harry and Lucy plot to return the purse to meet her again.
29 Nov. 1971
Lucy Helps David Frost Go Night-Night
David Frost needs help on an airplane to England to make sure he gets a good nights sleep but hires Lucy which is never a good thing. She has to stay awake during the whole flight to keep visitors away. Once on the plane Lucy's constant distracting keeps him awake. After creating an international incident Lucy then falls asleep while appearing on David Frost's TV show to explain it.
6 Dec. 1971
Lucy in the Jungle
Stressed out Harry needs a vacation so Lucy arranges for a house swap with a family in the jungle of Africa. The episode centers on a variety of animals they encounter (chimps, parrot, lion, gorilla) plus a silly segment about a tse-tse fly.
14 Dec. 1971
Lucy and Candid Camera
The family believes they are on Candid Camera, but in actuality, the are assisting a robbery. Allen Funt plays a dual role as himself and an evil look-a-like.
20 Dec. 1971
Lucy's Lucky Day
Lucy is a game show contestant on her lucky day. She can win $1000 if she can train Jackie the chimp to do a trick in a week.
27 Dec. 1971
Lucy's Bonus Bounces
Harry takes his psychiatrists advice to give Lucy a raise. Lucy is so shocked by the raise that she thinks he is hiding something and decides to keep a close eye on Harry which leads to paranoia as he tries to get away from those following him.
3 Jan. 1972
Lucy and the Little Old Lady
When an old lady comes in the employment agency looking for a job because she has nowhere to go, Lucy decides to let her stay at her house. When Mrs. Brady sells land to Harry, Kim tells them about a similar sounding scam which gives Lucy and Harry the idea to let the Mrs. Brady have a séance in which they dress up as Napoleon and Josephine to convince her to refund Harry his money.
10 Jan. 1972
Lucy and the Chinese Curse
Lucy saves a man's life, and according to Chinese custom, he is indebted to her. Lucy and Kim scheme to correct the situation once they learn that others in town have the same problem.
17 Jan. 1972
Lucy's Replacement
Harry gets a new office computer, leading Lucy to get a new job at an insurance company, so she schemes to make the computer obsolete and get her job back.
24 Jan. 1972
Kim Moves Out
Kim has decided it is time for her to move out of the house after Lucy becomes an annoying mother hen. Kim plans to teach Mother a lesson while her mother is hiding in a cramped fireplace.
31 Jan. 1972
Lucy Sublets the Office
Lucy has transformed Harry's office into a toyland, courtesy of toymaker Tommy Tucker who's marvelous gadgets are driving Harry bonkers.
7 Feb. 1972
Lucy's Punctured Romance
Lucy has a new boyfriend Bob Collins, but Kim and Uncle Harry are worried. The milkman doesn't help matters when he informs the pair the Lucy's boyfriend is a playboy. Kim & Harry cook up all kinds of crazy stunts to scare off Bob.
21 Feb. 1972
With Viv as a Friend, Who Needs an Enemy?
Viv shows up for a surprise visit, and tells Lucy she may stay in California for a year, but everything goes awry when Harry fires Lucy and hires Viv in her place, making Lucy furious. After a few weeks, Harry can't stand Viv and Viv can't stand Harry. Lucy comes up with a scheme to get Viv to quit, but Kim blabs the whole thing to Viv.
28 Feb. 1972
Kim Finally Cuts You-Know-Whose Apron String
Kim moves into her own apartment (one managed by Lucy's brother Herb Hinkley) and deals with wacky neighbors and lecherous men.

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