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Season 2

22 Sep. 1969
Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 1
Uncle Harry is hired to drive a motor home from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and foolishly agrees to take Lucy and the kids along for the ride. Lucy takes over driving so Harry can take a nap, and decides to take a detour, ending up visiting an air force academy in Colorado which Craig want to apply to after he graduates. Chaos ensues.
29 Sep. 1969
Lucy Goes to the Air Force Academy: Part 2
Lucy is still trying as hard as she can to get Craig into the Air Force Academy, and each result ends hilariously. This week she decides to camp out and gets the family captured as part of some war games.
6 Oct. 1969
Lucy and the Indian Chief
Lucy inadvertently ends up marrying a Navajo Indian Chief who gives her the state of Utah as a wedding gift.
13 Oct. 1969
Lucy Runs the Rapids
While in Arizona for a picnic (on their way to San Francisco) the Carters borrow a raft which leads to misadventures of the wet & wild variety. After camping outdoors near a river, Lucy's mattress gets carried away with the current, with Kim, Craig, and Harry trying to rescue her.
20 Oct. 1969
Lucy and Harry's Tonsils
Harry shares sad news with his family of a SERIOUS operation, which turns out to be having his tonsils out. Lucy, Kim, and Craig attempt to keep Uncle Harry in the hospital after Harry has a run in with the nurse (Mary Wickes). Once he meets the sexy nurse (Paula Stewart) he changes his mind and wants to stay.
27 Oct. 1969
Lucy and the Andrews Sisters
Patty Andrews recreates the Andrews sisters at the time of their greatest hits for a fan club reunion with the help of Lucy, Kim, and Craig. Lucy & Kim sing with Patty while Craig plays Bing Crosby.
3 Nov. 1969
Lucy's Burglar's Alarm
After being robbed at home of $1.19 plus her TV set, Lucille, Kim, and Craig install an home-made alarm system.
10 Nov. 1969
Lucy at the Drive-In Movie
Kim and her new boyfriend go to a drive in movie. Suspicious Lucy drags Harry to the drive in disguised as old hippies to spy on them. Of course Lucy and Harry cause such a stir at the drive in, it causes them to be kicked out.
17 Nov. 1969
Lucy and the Used Car Dealer
Needing another means of transportation, Kim and Craig buy an old broken down car for 97 dollars from Cheerful Charlie, the local car salesman. When the car no longer works, Lucy and Harry scheme to get Charlie to take it back for more than it's worth.
24 Nov. 1969
Lucy, the Cement Worker
When Lucille thinks she loses an antique ring in wet cement, she disguises herself as a cement worker wielding a jackhammer.
1 Dec. 1969
Lucy and Johnny Carson
Lucy sneaks Harry and the kids into a taping of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, wins an audience contest and gets to have a free dinner at the brown derby. When Lucy and Harry get to the restaurant, she sees Johnny and Ed Macmahon eating, and decide to horn in on their evening.
8 Dec. 1969
Lucy and the Generation Gap
Kim and Craig are in charge of producing the school play, and decide its theme should be the Generation Gap. When they have casting problems, Lucy and Harry wind up playing the parents, and they all put on a really spectacular show.
15 Dec. 1969
Lucy and the Bogie Affair
The kids find a lost sheep dog and bring it home. After naming the sheep dog after Humphrey Bogart (Bogie), a litter of 9 puppies are born. After the puppies are giving to new homes, Uncle Harry arrives with a want ad offering a reward and they get all the puppies back.
22 Dec. 1969
Lucy Protects Her Job
Harry suggests Lucy is overworked and should hire an assistant. Suspecting Harry is really attempting to replace her, Lucy has Kim arrive to the office as temp secretary Shoiley Shopenauer, the world's worst office assistant.
29 Dec. 1969
Lucy the Helpful Mother
The kids acquire part-time jobs to pay for a new phones, but Lucy ends up filling in for them with the multiple jobs that they acquire including various exotic animals.
5 Jan. 1970
Lucy and Liberace
Craig's high school club initiation scavenger hunt includes a candelabra that Craig borrowed from Liberace. Lucy of course thinks it has been stolen and feels obliged to return it to the famous pianist. A cute song and dance segment follows as the whole family end up with Liberace at his home.
12 Jan. 1970
Lucy, the Laundress
When Lucy's drives into a Chinese Laundry, she takes a part time job there to pay for the damages.
19 Jan. 1970
Lucy and Lawrence Welk
Lucy brags to Viv, who's visiting, that she knows Lawrence Welk personally, and then schemes to introduce her to the band leader, whom she has actually never met. She and Mary Jane then attempt to foot Vivian with a wax dummy, but the kids get the real Lawrence Welk instead.
26 Jan. 1970
Lucy and Viv Visit TiJuana
Lucy and Viv talk Harry into taking them to Tijuana for the day. After shopping in a tourist shop, they stopped at the border because a stuffed toy has thousands of dollars worth of jewels inside.
2 Feb. 1970
Lucy and Ann-Margret
Craig decides he wants to be a songwriter much to the dismay of doctor loving Lucy. Craig writes Country Magic. Ann-Margret likes Craig's new song, and wants to duet with him on her upcoming television special.
9 Feb. 1970
Lucy and Wally Cox
Lucy schemes to help change a father's image of his son. Wally Cox appears as the son of Alan Hale. Lucy & Wally guard a warehouse and are successful in foiling a real robbery and soaking Harry in the process.
16 Feb. 1970
Lucy and Wayne Newton
While in Las Vegas, Lucy and family return a lost horse to singer Wayne Newton. While there they decide to take jobs as ranch hands to earn spending money so they can see some Las Vegas shows. Kim & Craig join Wayne doing equestrian stunts while Lucy & Harry get to do the branding and clean-up.
23 Feb. 1970
Lucy Takes Over
One night Kim, Craig and Lucy find an old diary belonging to Lucy's great-grandmother and see that Harry's side of the family has owed their side of the family $10 for 100 years, with interest! The total comes to an incredible amount (over $145,000) and so Harry let's Lucy become the boss of the Employment Agency.... until they find out that later on in the diary it says that Harry's side of the family paid back the $10.
2 Mar. 1970
Lucy and Carol Burnett: Part 2
Lucy and her friend Carol Krausmeyer compete against each other in the Miss Secretary Beautiful contest.

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