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Great sitcom - rest in peace, Hope Lange!

Author: Drewboy-2
23 December 2003

This was a great show that stayed true to the theme of the 1947 movie it was based on. Hope Lange did a wonderful job and Edward Mulhare made an awesome captain. Sadly, this lovely actress is no longer with us, but her smile could sure brighten up your day - as a boy, I looked forward to this show and was sad when it was cancelled after only two seasons - it deserved a longer run.

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A very romantic, funny TV show!!

Author: Blondlocks from New England, USA
21 January 2003

I was only a kid when this show aired, but I loved it! It was romantic and funny at the same time, and Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare had real electricity between them. "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie" were so much alike, yet this show had the opposite idea: It was the man who had the supernatural powers, not the woman! But it also followed the same idea of having a beautiful blonde as the lead female. Although it was similar to the above mentioned shows, it was still different enough to be unique and definitely much more romantic!! And it had something extra: Charles Nelson Reily, a hilarious comedic actor. I was crushed when this charming show was canceled, but I recently found it on video after 33 years and it is just as wonderful as when it was first aired! I hope one of the networks runs this show for everyone to see. Nothing on TV today can compare to it. A first-rate romantic, funny sitcom!

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Simply the Best

Author: melchycat from United States
9 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As has been pointed out this show was like a lot of others in it's time period of the late 60's and early 70's, except for one special difference. These felt like real people. Carolyn Muir as played by Oscar Nominated Hope Lange was a woman you wanted to know, to be friends with. Captain Gregg played by the excellent Edward Mulhare was charming and witty and yet could be so intense in his outlook on the "life" he was now leading. And the chemistry between these two characters was dynamite. It's very rare you find such tension on television in the past or now.

The kids were not merely cute, but intelligent and you can tell the family, which included Martha, cared for one another. It's just the best.

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I love the film, book, and show. It's better than Twilight!

Author: CountVladDracula from United States
22 November 2009

I am writing this review to remind people there are better works of supernatural romance out there than Twilight. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is one such example. The novel was written in 1945 and then adapted into a film with George Sanders and later a TV series.

The ghost and Mrs. Muir tells the story of a young widow, Lucy Muir who has decided she wants to break away from the control of her over-bearing and dominating in-laws. Already by this point the feminism and strength of the protagonist of the 1945 novel exceeds that of the more modern supernatural romance Twilight. When Lucy Muir finds a house to her liking she discovers very quickly that it is haunted by a very vocal spectre of an old sea captain by the name of Captain Daniel Gregg.

The ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg is one of my three favourite fiction ghosts. The list consists of Captain Daniel Gregg of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Sir Simon de Canterville from The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde and Hrothbert of Bainbridge AKA Bob from the short lived television series adaptation of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Hrothbert of Bainbridge doesn't exist in the actual Dresden Files novels).

Despite the ghost's seeming misogyny Lucy and the captain develop a quirky and strangely affectionate relationship. For all of his roughness and snark the captain is actually a gentleman inside. The character portrayals are realistic and very human unlike the protagonists of Twilight in which the characters are two dimensional archetypes to appeal to a shallow demographic.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir isn't just a sweet romance. It also has a running wit and humour completely lacking in most modern romances. It seems today all attempts at humour in romance become self-parodies. There's more to the story than just fluff. It's about taking control of your own life, standing up for yourself, independence, love and moving on, the power of love and friendship, and the value of love, life and family (no matter how unusual the definition might be) all told with excellent wit and humour.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is highly underrated. It deserves more attention. It is a brilliant story far ahead of it's time. I actually wish there would be a new film adaptation of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, not because I think there is anything wrong with the first film adaptation, but because I think a new generation should be introduced to good supernatural romantic fiction and opposed to what is currently trendy and sadly many of the current generation won't watch a black and white film or read a novel more than twenty years old because they make negative assumptions about the content such as assuming it would be out dated, stuffy, cheesy or hard to follow. The ghost and Mrs. Muir is none of these things. It's a head of the curb and I certainly would rather re-read The ghost and Mrs. Muir than Twilight. Thanks to Terrence Mann's portrayal of Hrothbert of Bainbridge in the short lived Dresden Files TV series I can completely see him as Captain Daniel Gregg if there was a new film version to be made.

I strongly recommend The Ghost and Mrs. Muir to anyone interested in supernatural romance, ghost stories, dry wit, or just good literature in general. This semi-obscure gem needs more attention and I truly feel it is of a higher quality in writing than what is currently fashionable in supernatural literature and fantasy.

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Leisurely laughs in the "Bewitched" vein...

Author: moonspinner55 from las vegas, nv
10 August 2002

Pretty widow, her twinkling kids and brash housekeeper (and yapping dog, Scruffy) move into haunted Gull Cottage on Schooner's Bay. The ghost (a salty sea captain with a penchant for hard-shelled sentimentality) grudgingly befriends the glowing Mrs. Muir, and also appears to the kids from time to time and landowner Charles Nelson Reilly. Adapted from the book and 1947 movie with Rex Harrison, this TV series suffers from low-budget-itis (the characters rarely venture outdoors, except in the credits sequence, and when they do they're still stuck in the studio). The two children have very little personality between them--especially compared to, say, the "Family Affair" twins--however the low-keyed "sexual" chemistry between the leads (Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare) is certainly warm, carrying the show through some colorless episodes (such as an embarrassing one wherein pop star Nilsson drops in during a storm to play a little guitar! Egads!). The ghostly comings-and-goings of Captain Gregg are very "Bewitched"-like, and the show ultimately suffers from not utilizing its supernatural theme enough (i.e., too much playing 'catch' in the yard), but Lange and Mulhare make it worthwhile.

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My favorite all time show -- Fantastic

Author: ghostfan from United States
10 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I first saw this show at age eleven and fell in love with it, and the Captain! Candy and Jonathan Muir were kids I wanted to be friends with, everyone needed a housekeeper like Martha, (played perfectly by Reta Shaw) and Charles Nelson Reilly was in top form. Now, 39 years later, I still love this show and can appreciate it as an adult. Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange had great chemistry (something I see several reviewers have stated) and it showed, without using double entendres and/or smarmy jokes and suggestive language so prevalent on today's sitcoms. It also boasted guest appearances from well-known actors and future award-winners such as Richard Dreyfuss, William Daniels, Eileen Brennan, Bill Bixby, Shelly Fabares, Jack Gilford, Jonathan Harris, Harry Nilsson, Mark Lester, and Kenneth Mars. Even after being canceled by NBC and picked up by ABC, Miss Lange snagged back-to-back Emmys for the two years of the show's run, and Mulhare and Reilly were also nominated. This show is well worth seeing in its own right without comparing it to book or movie, and like others here, I wish it could be released on DVD – someone out there, write or sign a petition! Another generation needs to see this show!

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Simply Fantastic

Author: gkillgore from United States
9 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a charming series, plain and simple. The nearly impossible love story between the titular characters is one that echoes in many more modern 'ships- such as Catherine and Vincent, Buffy and either vampire, and so forth. Yet, there is a sweetness to the story here that is often lacking in today's stories. Edward Mulhare was able to say more with his eyes and face than many actors can with a ten page script. Comparing it with the original book or movie is fairly pointless. The two share Gull Cottage, the Captain, and the name Muir, but much is changed for the series, and for the better. There is much more humor in the series and the characters are more vibrant. When I saw the movie, I was frankly disappointed in it. I just wish this show had lasted longer and would come out on DVD.

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a fantastic series! It had everything, comedy, ghosts, romance

Author: appleimacdude ( from San Diego, California
24 July 2004

This is where I first remember being introduced to the comedy of Charles Nelson Reilly, a first-rate actor! This series kept me spellbound, with the usual fascination of ghosts and old houses as a young child, plus the great Hope Lange who would not be scared of this house and stood down the "old captain" that inhabited this house - and who in return had to deal with this new owner that would not go away! This is another show that should be brought back, and that never seems to be seen anymore, leaving one to wonder why this series is not brought back with its top-rate talent, and why the network was stupid enough to cancel this series after two seasons? Oh well, at least Charles Nelson Reilly was on Lidsville with Butch Patrick, so us kids could enjoy his comedy more after that!

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Wonderful television series

Author: Universalpeace2005-1
29 June 2009

I would really like to see this 1968 TV series of the Ghost and Mrs Muir released on DVD. Was an excellent television show, and a wonderful take from the 1947 movie. I actually liked it far better than the original movie. The TV series had a bit more substance. All the characters were brilliant; including captain Gregg. Set in a most idyllic scenic place, with a beautiful seaside cottage as well, Gorgeous scenery and story lines made this series a fun, light-hearted feel-good show to watch and enjoy. would like to see the series again. So, how about it? will those that hold the rights to the series please release onto DVD.

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Decent 60's fantasy Sit-Com

Author: jwrowe3 from Tampa, FL
20 July 2002

Originally done as a 1947 movie with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir came along at a time when fantasy on American TV was accepted. "I Dream of Jeannie", "Bewitched", and such, were hits, and it seemed that most audiences liked the escapist fare, especially at a time when most of what you saw on television at the time was protest, war, and death.

Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare were capable leads, and the story lines would deal with the age old question of, "how do we keep the neighbors from finding out we have a ghost!"

This was also one of the few show that, like "Taxi", and "JAG" many years later, would jump from one network to another. Sadly "Ghost", and "Taxi" died right after the move, where "JAG" survived and (as of July 2002) still had life left in it.

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