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Season 1

21 Sep. 1968
Mrs. Carolyn Muir rents charming Maine Gull Cottage for her family and finds that it comes with a resident ghost. Captain Gregg takes a shine to the pretty widow and allows them to stay in his house.
28 Sep. 1968
Haunted Honeymoon
When a young couple on the way to their wedding end up staying the night, Captain Gregg thinks they should get married immediately.
5 Oct. 1968
Treasure Hunt
After an appeal to the vanity of their landlord doesn't work to get needed repairs made, the Captain sends him on a treasure hunt in the very areas that require fixing.
12 Oct. 1968
The Ghost Hunter
Unknown to Mrs. Muir, she gives access to Gull Cottage to a ghost hunter looking for the spook that inhabits it. When she learns her mistake and orders him out, the ghost hunter turns nasty.
19 Oct. 1968
Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
The local historical society wants to erect a statue of local hero Navy Captain Figg. Captain Gregg is insulted that he wasn't chosen and wants Mrs. Muir to expose him as the coward he was. Mrs. Muir says that she must have proof.
26 Oct. 1968
Vanessa Peekskill the great-great-granddaughter of Captain Gregg's true love comes to Gull Cottage to research their romance and the Captain is quite taken with her.
2 Nov. 1968
The Real James Gatley
Claymore switches the Captain's antique barometer with a fake and sells it to some antique hounds. Captain Gregg switches them back and Claymore is arrested for fraud.
9 Nov. 1968
Uncle Arnold the Magnificent
Mrs. Muir's Uncle Arnold who sells magic tricks comes for a visit. Candy asks for him to stay and perform at her birthday party until they find his tricks don't work and his stories grow old and stale fast.
16 Nov. 1968
Way Off Broadway
Mrs. Muir's appearance in a local stage production leaves the Captain lonely so he decides to disrupt the performance.
30 Nov. 1968
The Monkey Puzzle Tree
Captain Gregg reluctantly consents to removal of the antiques and replacing them with modern furniture to make the cottage a home, but when she has his prized monkey puzzle tree cut down after a window is broken the angry Captain leaves.
7 Dec. 1968
Captain Gregg's Whiz-Bang
Mrs. Muir needs money to fix the plumbing and can't come up with a single idea for an article, so the Captain collaborates with her on a story, but his secret revisions start giving people the wrong idea about her.
14 Dec. 1968
Madeira, My Dear?
The Captain and Mrs. Muir are continually interrupted by life's little chores while they try and have some quiet time together.
21 Dec. 1968
Love Is a Toothache
Captain Gregg lends a hand when Martha shows more than a passing interest in the local dentist.
28 Dec. 1968
Mr. Perfect
A former beau literally sails back into Carolyn Muir's life on his yacht and asks her to marry him much to the jealously of the Captain.
4 Jan. 1969
Dear Delusion
Prompted by her family doctor, Carolyn sees a psychiatrist, who convinces her that the Captain is a delusion she should ignore. When the psychiatrist shows up at Gull Cottage, the Captain takes delusion into his own hands.
11 Jan. 1969
Dog Gone!
Everyone knows that the Captain and Scruffy don't like each other, and the Captain's really in the doghouse when Scruffy mysteriously disappears.
18 Jan. 1969
A Pain in the Neck
Claymore has an accident hurting his back and ends up convalescing at Gull Cottage running the Muir's ragged.
25 Jan. 1969
Strictly Relative
When Jonathan accidentally tells Carolyn's visiting in-laws about the Captain, they believe he's a living person and jump to the conclusion that Carolyn plans on marrying him.
1 Feb. 1969
The Captain's face is being used on the label of a new brand of chowder, and both he and Mrs. Muir are annoyed but for different reasons.
8 Feb. 1969
It's a Gift!
The Captain's attempt to make up for interfering in Jonathan's education involves scrimshaw, a parasol, a loan from Claymore, and a lot of regrettable secrecy.
15 Feb. 1969
Buried on Page One
Taking a job at the Schooner Bay Beacon, Carolyn finds herself overworked by the editor. The Captain misses her, and has never forgiven the Beacon's inaccurate reporting of his death.
22 Feb. 1969
Make Me a Match
Carolyn's distraught friend Aggie comes to visit after breaking up with her fiancé. Carolyn and the Captain set her up with Claymore.
1 Mar. 1969
Jonathan Tells It Like It Was
Jonathan's history essay wins first place. But when he changes the essay to reflect facts the Captain provides, he stirs up resentment and puts his prize and the family's peace in jeopardy.
8 Mar. 1969
The Medicine Ball
Carolyn comes down with a bug, and Captain Gregg, dissatisfied with the doctor, concocts his own remedy which sends Mrs. Muir back to the mid-1800's where she is the "ghost" and the very much alive Captain is the only one who can see her.
15 Mar. 1969
Son of the Curse
The kids find a clock with a curse on it. After the clock is started the last living Gregg will die at midnight, Claymore Gregg.
29 Mar. 1969
The Music Maker
The Captain is continually interrupted when trying to read Carolyn his poem for her. But her rapt attention to a singer-songwriter stranded at Gull Cottage gives the Captain an idea for getting his poem heard.

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