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15 Jun. 1971
The Last of the Red Hot Mommas
Patrick is concerned for his mother,living on her own in Herne Bay,sixty miles away and asks her to stay. To his amazement she has a very active social life,staying out until all hours with different gentlemen friends and,when she asks him to go out with her,he just can't stand the pace.He overhears her tell Nanny that she's doing it on purpose to stop his worrying about her and soon after she goes home to Herne Bay.
22 Jun. 1971
An Affair to Forget
Patrick's married accountant Leo has had a fling with Felicity and Leo's wife Muriel has found a photo of Felicity signed and with kisses. To take the heat of him Leo gets Patrick to pretend that Felicity is his girl-friend and a dinner party is arranged where Muriel and Leo will be 'introduced' to Patrick's new squeeze. Unfortunately Georgie also turns up, as does Felicity's husband. Fortunately Muriel is wise to and tolerant of her husband's philandering ways.
29 Jun. 1971
Housey Housey
Patrick returns from holiday to find a council letter saying a new flyover will be built through his garden. In fact the decision has already been scrapped but Patrick tells the council he disagrees with their plan and also puts the house on the market,a prospective buyer being a vicar and his wife who want to home unmarried mothers in the house. When Miss Pretty and Mr. Fanshawe come from the council to find out why Patrick seems to be supporting the flyover he assumes they are the vicar and his wife and tells them the flyover will be a good thing. Having convinced ...
6 Jul. 1971
The Reluctant Runaway
This time it's Karen who wants to leave home and get a place of her own but,as she is only seventeen she needs her father's permission and Patrick refuses to give it. In a fit of rebellion she 'moves out' but is actually much closer than Patrick imagines and ultimately decides that she wants to stay at home after all.
13 Jul. 1971
Come Back Little Sheba
Patrick gives up smoking and, to prevent temptation, hides his smoking accessories in a cupboard drawer. He agrees to look after his agent Ian's pet hamster Sheba whilst Ian goes on holiday but unfortunately Sheba escapes and goes missing. To coax her back again Patrick gets a male hamster Nigel but he too disappears. In despair as Ian is about to return Patrick decides he needs a smoke, opens the cupboard drawer and finds the two hamsters - and their offspring - inside it.
20 Jul. 1971
A Domestic Comedy
Nanny will be away for some time in Scotland seeing her sister, so Patrick asks a domestic agency to send a replacement. The girls feel that Patrick needs a new lady in his life and contact a computer dating agency who send a Miss Armitage round. An innocent Patrick assumes she is Nanny's replacement, thereby antagonizing her. As a result Patrick makes the two girls perform the domestic duties until Nanny returns.
27 Jul. 1971
The Naked Truth
Patrick feels his work has caused him to neglect his daughters and wants to see Anna in her new play,a performance of 'Romeo and Juliet,but it contains nudity and Anna is not keen for Patrick to see her. A ploy involving sending all his clothes to the cleaners fails and,having learned the truth,Patrick demands Anna pull out of the play. She is replaced by an understudy but Patrick is no less impressed when he finds out who that is.
13 Sep. 1971
Proposed and Seconded
Recovering from a hangover Patrick mishears when Georgie says he accepted her - business - proposal,and assumes they are getting married,which pleases him. Nanny has won money on the premium bonds and when she is described as 'the lucky woman' the girls presume that she is getting married to their father with more confusion arising when the vicar turns up and everybody takes it for granted that Nanny is Mrs. Patrick Glover.
20 Sep. 1971
The Life of the Party
Following a misunderstanding with their grandma the girls have no venue for their planned party so they take their opportunity when Patrick suddenly announces he is going to a literary conference. Barbara is misunderstood when she says she is going for a bath and not to Bath and ends up mixed bathing in the shower with a young man.
27 Sep. 1971
Nothing But the Tooth
Beset by tooth-ache Patrick is persuaded to ring his dentist - but the dental surgery has been replaced by a plumbing firm,causing a cross-purposes phone conversation. Georgie gets Patrick to see her dentist,who turns out to be Karen's terminally clumsy boy-friend. And the plumber has a nasty surprise as well for Patrick.
4 Oct. 1971
An Explosive Situation
By mistake Patrick buys a box of odds and ends at an army auction, including a hand grenade, which he does not realise is live until he has pulled the pin. He throws it away but H.G. retrieves it and he has to call the army bomb disposal unit for an explosive finish.
11 Oct. 1971
A Book for the Bishop
'Snotty', an old school friend of Patrick, and now a high church bishop, gets in touch with him. He is heading an anti-pornography crusade the Clean Up London Campaign,and wants Patrick to help him out by counting the number of bare breasts on show in the media and reporting back to him. Indeed an offer he can hardly refuse.
18 Oct. 1971
A Case for Inspector Glover
Patrick is researching for his latest thriller novel and goes to the local police station to inquire whether finger prints would be left after a person has been strangled. Some time afterward he receives a number of threatening letters and assumes that somebody believes him to be an actual murderer. This is certainly a case for Inspector Glover.

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