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5 Nov. 1968
The Proposal
Patrick is worried that he is losing control of his daughters, so he decides to seek advice from a Priest who tells him they need a woman's influence. Patrick from this, decides he needs to remarry, so he asks Georgie to marry him. However this doesn't have the desired result, as his daughters decide to move out if Patrick get's married, to get out of their way. This makes Patrick change his mind on marriage and he tries to break the news gently to Georgie, who after a phone call from Anna and Karen about Patrick's desire to get out of the wedding, decides to play a ...
12 Nov. 1968
Pussies Galore
Anna and Karen are looking after a cat for their friend Andrew, but because Patrick is allergic to cats keep it a secret from Patrick. Nanny finds out however and discovers that the cat is in fact female and pregnant. Patrick overhears snippets of this conversation and makes his mind up that one his daughters is pregnant to a boy named Andrew or Tom.
19 Nov. 1968
The Return of the Mummy
Patrick's ex wife Barbara has left Bill and has arrived unexpectedly at Patrick's house, wanting to stay for a couple of days. When Bill comes looking for Barbara, Patrick is worried that Bill will take Barbara's stay the wrong way and take his anger out on him, so he decides to hide Barbara's stay from Bill.
26 Nov. 1968
Publish and Be Damned
Karen has written a fictional adult book about the family with the "added colour" being provided by her sister Anna, which has embarassed their father Patrick because the girls have sent it it out to numerous publishers including Patricks. Patrick goes on a mission to track down each of the copies to destroy them and talk one adult material publisher out of publishing the book.
3 Dec. 1968
It Won't Be a Stylish Marriage
Anna has decided to marry her boyfriend for the week Cyril, but when Nanny is asked by Anna to soften Patrick up about the idea, Patrick misunderstands and thinks it is Nanny who is going to get married. When Cyril arrives for drinks Patrick is surprised to find a very young man, but Patrick finally catches on it is Anna who wants to get married which Patrick is strongly against.
10 Dec. 1968
I Should Have Danced All Night
Patrick is being secretive about where he is going at nights and the girls fear that he may be the Hampstead Heath Romeo,who makes unwanted advances to lone women. It turns out that he is taking dancing lessons secretly so that he can impress Georgie at the literary ball but unfortunately he trips and sprains his ankle and has to sit the dancing out.
17 Dec. 1968
The Lost Weekend
Patrick is planning to spend the weekend in Brighton with Georgie - which means he will miss Anna's first night in 'The Sound of Music'. Nanny complicates things by leading Patrick's mother to believe he is going to visit her. Patrick cancels the visit to mother but uses her as an excuse whilst he heads for Brighton with Georgie. However a mix-up over suit-cases means that he ends up back in London for Anna's stage performance.

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