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  • Yes they did, it is a common fallacy that they never did any figthing. Individual Home Guardsmen helped man anti-aircraft guns as far back as the Battle of Britain in 1940. Other's engaged German aircraft with their machine-guns. Eventually the Home Guard had their own batteries of anti-aircraft guns, rockets and coastal artillery and are credited with shooting down several enemy aircraft, the first over Tyneside in 1943, followed by numerous V1 rockets from the summer of 1944 onwards. The Home Guard in Northern Ireland also had several gunbattles with IRA terrorists who were trying to sabotage the Allies on behalf of the Nazis and the Home Guard operated their own bomb disposal teams. Over a thousand Home Guardsmen were killed during bombing raids in the course of the war.

  • Although he always denied it, there were a number of obvious clues like being called "Uncle" and him knowing Pike's mother for years. David Croft always said Wilson was Pike's father.

  • Originally he was just a sailor, or to be more accurate a retired sailor. Later it was revealed that he studied undertaking while on the deserted island of Barra, as dubious as this seems.

  • Air Raid Patrol. Hodges is an Air Raid Patrol Warden.

  • It corresponds with their roles in the bank. Wilson isn't particular bothered about being a Captain. (Originally it was meant to be the other way round).

  • He is a greengrocer.


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