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6 Oct. 1972
Asleep in the Deep
A bomb hits the gasworks where Godfrey and Walker are on duty and the platoon and Hodges go to rescue them from a small room in which Godfrey is asleep. Jones, who is in an outer chamber, slams the door, bringing the roof down and everyone except Jones is in the small room, which is rapidly filling with water. Eventually, after Hodges and Pike both get soaked, they escape from the cell, but, thanks to Godfrey shutting the door so that nobody catches a cold, they are still trapped in the building and Wilson has to wade through the water and out of the hatch to summon ...
13 Oct. 1972
Keep Young and Beautiful
When the War Office plans a review of both Home Gurd and ARP in order to decide which less fitter soldiers of the first and less fitt of the second should be transferred to the other corps, the last thing either's men want, all tricks go to look younger viz. older. So after a field exercise proves the platoon's fitness is at best questionable, Meanwearing tries a terrible toupee, Wilson wears a corset, Frazer and Walker earn well from 'beautician' uses of frankly unsuitable substances.
20 Oct. 1972
A Soldier's Farewell
The platoon are at the cinema watching a Greta Garbo film but only Mainwaring stands to attention for the National Anthem and gets knocked over by the others rushing for the exit. On the bus home they encounter Hodges, who is rude to the bus conductress. Mainwaring defends her but again gets knocked down as the men hurry to get off for last orders. After getting the men to stand for the anthem on parade next day - though Wilson accidentally plays the German anthem - Mainwaring falls out with his wife and has a toasted cheese supper with Wilson and Jones. He falls ...
27 Oct. 1972
Getting the Bird
Rumours abound when Sergeant Wilson is seen with his arm around an attractive young woman in a WREN's uniform, causing an argument between himself and Mainwaring who catches him sleeping off a hangover in the church hall. Suddenly pigeons appear - Walker has got them to sell to Jones in the absence of other meat but he has yet to kill them, which he eventually does. However, a radio report reveals the disappearance of pigeons from Trafalgar Square, so he hides them in the organ loft and out they fly when Jones plays the organ. The young lady with Wilson is actually ...
3 Nov. 1972
The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones
The platoon are on an exercise whereby everyone except for Godfrey and Jones ends up in a deserted barn. Jones sees from the map that they have been given the wrong reference and the barn will be blown up in half an hour as part of a live ammunition exercise. They try to phone up but Godfrey cuts the wire by mistake. To add to their plight Jones's van has broken down,so he has to take the colonel's car to reach the barn and warn the platoon in time.
10 Nov. 1972
If the Cap Fits....
After another of Mainwaring's long, creative 'vital' lectures, Jock is appointed spokesman to complain that the men have had enough of wasting their time. Mainwaring tries a suggestion from the manual: the troublemaker is to have a go at being an officer. 'Captain' James Frazer proves an even worse tyrant, demotes and promotes but impresses the new area commander, fellow Scotsman Major General Menzies. When everyone is back to their real rank, an invitation arrives, meant for Jock, who didn't mention the charade. The invite is to play the pipes with some men in the HQ...
17 Nov. 1972
The King Was in His Counting House
The platoon's first-ever private party, thrown by the captain at his disappointingly plain home, proves un-amusing. It's cut short anyhow by a bomb alert - a hit on his bank! The money is carried to the church, counted painstakingly with typical bumbling and tension then carried off, but the captain drives the horse cart with new disastrous consequences.
24 Nov. 1972
All Is Safely Gathered In
The platoon finally got a fast-repeating gun, so Frank is obsessed to hold the 'Chicago piano' he is familiar with from gangster movies. The captain considers Mr. Godfrey mad for asking for three days off, until he finds out it's to help with a former lover's 100 acres wheat harvest. Unfortunately Jones is the only one who has a clue how the threshing machine works, so while Joe frolics with three useless farm girls the hilarious bumbling takes its toll, not in the least from ever over-enthusiastic Jones, who gets 'exposed'
1 Dec. 1972
When Did You Last See Your Money?
Jones has been entrusted with five hundred pounds by local shopkeepers but when he brings it to the bank he finds he has a pound of sausages instead. Frazer hypnotizes him into recalling when he last saw the money, apparently stuffing a chicken for Mr. Blewitt, but there is no money in the chicken. various suggestions as to its whereabouts are made until it is eventually found.
8 Dec. 1972
Brain Versus Brawn
At a business community function, where both Wilson and Walker outshine him, captain Mainwaring accepts a challenge to prove his men are a match for the Home Guard's new, regularly trained, physically superior commando's. Their display of 'brains over brawn' should eliminate the commandos-guarded fuel depot by getting a fake bomb there. A far-fetched plan, dressed up as firemen, ends in the usual brave bumbling from the braves and the for once collaborating verger. Surprises come from a real fire and real brains.
15 Dec. 1972
A Brush with the Law
Captain Square ridicules Mainwaring for the pitiful state of some of his men's rifles. The captain rudely denies it but internally blames it all on Wilson's lax inspection techniques and general poor style. Worse is to come when the A.R.P. have George Mainwaring formally charged for an un-obscured light emanating from the church where his platoon is. The verger warns Hodges it's a false accusation and the platoon rehearses their lie. Mainwaring defends himself and the presiding magistrate is none other than the still offended Square.
22 Dec. 1972
Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel
In 1941 the War office decides to test an experimental invention for delivering explosives. For secrecy the test is done on the coast, using three local Home Guard platoons. Mainwaring's vanity is used to make him volunteer blindly for 'special duties', which turn out to be the dirty work. However the weapon gets away, following Frank's illegal home-made radio, and only the bumbling bunch is in a position to stop it blowing up all Walmington on Sea.
29 Dec. 1972
Time on My Hands
The platoon is called to seize a German pilot, who got stuck parachute-jumped on the bomb-damaged church hall tower clock. Getting him down is hard enough, given the language barrier. Then Jones manages to drop the ladder, the warden refuses to help. Even the clock's hourly knighthood fight display figures seems to remember it's German-made. Luckily, the vicar listened to fairy tales as well as Wilson.

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