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25 Sep. 1968
The Beginning
Sharron MacReady, Craig Stirling and Richard Barrett work as agents for international law enforcement bureau Nemesis, based in Geneva, Whilst returning from a mission in China with bacteriological material stolen from the Chinese, their plane is shot down over the Himalayas. They survive and are nurtured by a Tibetan tribe, presided over by an elderly lama, who give them super-human strength, telepathic powers and augmented hearing. This allows them to best their pursuers and return to Geneva, though they keep their promise to the old lama not to divulge to their boss...
2 Oct. 1968
The Invisible Man
Surgeon John Hallam has perfected an 'invisible man', a device which is transplanted into the ear and 'tells' people to obey instructions. He uses it on banker Sir Frederick Howard, telling him to melt down thirty million dollars' worth of gold from the City of London. Howard is evasive with the Nemesis agents and is later killed, having served his purpose. Hallam and accomplice Sumner transport the gold to the continent. The pursuing Craig gets captured by them and wakes up at a roadside in Holland. He has an 'invisible man' implanted in him and he has to obey its ...
9 Oct. 1968
Reply Box No. 666
A young explosives expert called Semenkin is found murdered in his Jamaican hotel room whilst posing as a French businessman. In his pocket is a newspaper advertisement reading 'Wanted:A Parrot that Speaks Greek. Reply Box 666' though the sixes have been altered to eights. Realizing it is a secret code, Tremayne sends Craig to the Caribbean to assume the dead man's identity. He falls in with a group who are looking for something, but when his cover is blown he is shot and thrown into the sea.
16 Oct. 1968
The Experiment
Sharron is met at an airport whilst on holiday by Major Cranmore who invites her to a large house apparently to pit her super-human skills against a like-minded - literally - group of people in a series of tests. Craig and Richard trace her to the house following the death of an intruder in the Nemesis headquarters. They have been lured there and the purpose is for the Champions to do battle with the other group of super-powered people. The outcome will decide whether Dr. Glind will attempt his bid for world domination.
23 Oct. 1968
The Champions are Down Under and Richard has infiltrated a terrorist group who have planted a radioactive device in the Simpson Desert. He attempts to arrest them whilst in a helicopter but falls out and when he comes to he has lost his memory. He comes across a derelict bar, meeting an old prospector, Banner B. Banner, who has refused to move out despite government warnings of nuclear testings, He is then bitten by a snake but Sharron links up with him telepathically and saves his life. When he regains his memory he sees that the group have got hold of the nuclear ...
30 Oct. 1968
Operation Deep-Freeze
A party of scientists from the Scott Base in Antarctica, sent to investigate an explosion, goes missing, as do two subsequent search groups and Richard and Craig are sent to investigate.They find the body of one of men from the search parties shot dead in the snow and send a telepathic message back to the main base. They are however captured by a crazed Latin American dictator,Gomez, who is behind the nuclear explosions and who aims to hold the major governments to ransom with threats of nuclear detonation. He locks the lads in a deep freeze room but they are able to ...
6 Nov. 1968
The Survivors
The murder of three students in their tent by a lake in Austria is the latest unsolved case of homicide in the last fifteen years in that area and the Champions investigate. The popular view is that treasure stolen by the Nazis is hidden in the lake but local official Franz Reitz dismisses this. Craig and Richard are shot at as they prepare to investigate the lake, but later find a map leading them to a disused iron mine, which they enter. They meet an old man who tells them that Nazis who wished to continue the war hid a cache of weapons in the mine, but then all ...
10 Jun. 1968
To Trap a Rat
Junkie Jane Purcell crashes her car and dies after getting a fix, making her the twelfth drug addict in London to shuffle off their mortal coil in the wake of being fed a lethal new drug. Sharron poses as an addict and locates the main dealer, shadowing him to the zoo, where he meets up with a peanut seller. The drugs are actually hidden in the peanuts. Craig, realizing that this is the Mr. Big, gets to meet him but he is walking into a trap, involving a foreign embassy. As ever a Champion must be rescued by colleagues. . .
20 Nov. 1968
The Iron Man
The Champions are required to prevent an assassination attempt on the life of the vain, womanizing El Caudillo,who is known as the Iron Man, former ruler of South American pocket state La Revada, now in exile in the south of France. So as not to alert him to their true purpose the trio pose as new domestic staff. Sharron's super powers detect and foil the presence of a sniper but the would-be killers send El Caudillo a box of cigars,which are poisoned. He is about to light one. Will the Champions sense the danger?
27 Nov. 1968
The Ghost Plane
Several American military aircraft have been attacked in the East by 'the Ghost Plane', believed to belong to the Chinese and which flies at an almost impossible speed. A newspaper cutting provides the Champions with a lead that takes them from an Alpine ski resort to a Cambridge laboratory, the workplace of Dr. Newman, an aircraft designer whose plans for a high speed plane were shelved by the British and who is now selling them to the Chinese. Sharron discovers that the components are being shipped out disguised as car parts and will be sufficient to make two ...
4 Dec. 1968
The Dark Island
An American submarine crew find a rocket launcher on a small Pacific island and are attacked by Oriental soldiers. A plane flying over the same island is shot down and so the agents of Nemesis investigate. Sharron and Craig pose as ship-wreck survivors and are taken prisoner by the island overlord Max Kellor and his band of Chinese warriors. Richard meanwhile lands by parachute and discovers a slave army working at a rocket site. The missile is pointed towards America and the plan is to make the Americans think the Russians have fired it. Richard is also captured and ...
11 Dec. 1968
The Fanatics
The assassination of a Middle Eastern dignitary in London is the latest in a series of attacks on high-profile figures conducted by a group known as the Fanatics. Richard infiltrates the group by posing as a known killer called Burke but when Burke escapes from prison the other two Champions race to join Richard at the group's headquarters and aid him in the confrontation. The name of the next intended victim is contained in a securely-locked safe but Sharron manages to use her powers to reveal that the target is actually Tremayne. They may not always agree with him ...
18 Dec. 1968
Twelve Hours
Sharron and Richard are acting as bodyguards to visiting Eastern European president Drobnic and his wife and travel to Holy Loch in Scotland to inspect the submarine HMS 'Weatherby'. A gang of saboteurs have planted a bomb on board, which explodes, killing the captain and injuring the president as well as sending the submarine down to the bed of the loch. Craig senses that his colleagues are in trouble and travels to Scotland to hunt down the saboteurs. Sharron, who is medically qualified, has to save the president's life whilst Richard assumes the responsibilities of...

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