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3 Jan. 1973
O'Brien's Stand
A little old lady has her purse stolen and annoys the police until the thief is caught. The Adam-12 team are assigned undercover work on the case. Also, a routine traffic stop uncovers two men involved in a criminal situation.
10 Jan. 1973
Clear with a Civilian: Part 1
Reed returns from the flu and half the other officers have caught his bug. He and Malloy get drafted to double shift to night watch. Finally, Mac asks them to host a civilian police commissioner, and they get a surprise.
17 Jan. 1973
Clear with a Civilian: Part 2
Adam-12 escorts a woman police commissioner during a routine night shift. They respond to a gang fight, a drunken man, and a runaway youth. The commissioner receives many ideas on improving police protocol.
24 Jan. 1973
Citizens Arrest - 484
Reed and Malloy respond to a grocery store shoplifter, that turns out to be a penniless and homeless mother. They work to untangle the resultant complex situation.
31 Jan. 1973
The Beast
Malloy and Reed are assigned a temporary squad car that is ready for the junkyard. They deal with a lady car thief, an elderly peeping tom, a warehouse robbery and a goofy traffic stop. All the while, their car needs repeated repairs.
7 Feb. 1973
Killing Ground
A routine traffic stop goes awry and Malloy and Reed end up hostages to two men escaping from a foiled hold-up. The officers must use their skills and partnership to turn the tables on their armed captors.
14 Feb. 1973
Malloy and Reed patrol a Saturday night shift. They handle a innocent drunk, a tragic domestic shooting, a car vandal, a speeding driver with unpaid tickets, and a motel robber. All the while Reed talks about his attempt to buy a used car.
21 Feb. 1973
After an off night at the shooting range, Reed leaves work and stops at an all night grocery. As he is leaving with both arms full of groceries, a young man approaches as if he knows Reed. He points out a friend in a green Volkswagon Beetle holding a pistol on Reed. Reed drops the groceries, pushes the young man, leaps, and fires at the car hitting it. The man in the car fires hitting his friend. The grocer heard only one shot as he comes out of the store, the car races off, and the young man hit in the head makes a dying declaration that Reed was gun happy and shot ...
28 Feb. 1973
A Fool and His Money
Malloy has won $10,000 in a woman's shampoo naming contest and is being bombarded with mail at work and suggestions from Reed on how to invest the money but Malloy wants a new boat. Opening call is a loud noise complaint from an elderly gentleman about a new elderly female tenant and her Irish music. Malloy and Reed explain the complaint and introduce the couple to each other and quietly leave them together. While on patrol a sniper starts shooting and they call in support resulting in them shooting the sniper in a car while fleeing. A theft report call is a man in an...
7 Mar. 1973
Anatomy of a 415
A young boy runs away from home and coincides with a 415 (domestic disturbance) at his home. Malloy and Reed try to get to the bottom of his difficulty, after multiple calls, as they try to avoid a tragedy.
14 Mar. 1973
Keeping Tabs
Malloy and Reed stop a car full of young men on a midnight joyride. They are surprised when one is Sgt MacDonald's son. Pete wants to help, and quickly finds himself in the middle.
21 Mar. 1973
Easy Rap
Reed cannot convict a juvenile car thief. He and Malloy encounter him several times, trying to avoid tragedy. A young woman's boyfriend has died from drugs and she is anxious to help make a case to arrest the pusher.
12 Sep. 1973
Harbor Division
Malloy and Reed encounter a boat owner overcharged for fuel, a longshoreman's victim, a hinky couple, a feisty Libra guilty of a CA stop, and a drunken boat's cook with a rifle. Malloy tries to sell ballet tickets without being teased.
19 Sep. 1973
Rampart Division: The Senior Citizens
The officers are on patrol in a section of town made up heavily of retired people. As they start patrol they spot a man who stole a purse being chased by an oriental woman in her car in a cemetery. The man escapes over a wall. George,a retired officer who works private security flags them down primarily to talk. While driving they spot an elderly man trying to break into a car in a church parking lot. The minister wants to let him go but he has multiple outstanding felony warrants for auto theft. As they stop at a restaurant, they spot a commotion across the street. ...
26 Sep. 1973
Foothill Division: Mac's Boots
At roll call Mac reports that three fishing rods and a custom made one of a kind pair of cowboy boots with green leather detail were stolen from his camper. He offers two steak dinners for their recovery. A report from a horse riding stable leads to Malloy, Reed, and Mac riding horseback to a remote mine shaft after the thieves where Mac hopes to find his boots but to no avail. When they return to the station, Officer Wells is taking up a collection for a man, his daughter and her baby to have gas money to make it to San Franisco for an operation on the baby for a ...
3 Oct. 1973
West Valley Division
During patrol they notice a very nice looking woman walking her Scott Terrier. Air 10 requests Adam-12 help to stop a motorcyclist riding in the dry hills with potential to start a wildfire. Results in pursuit and following Air-10's directions to his house where a discussion with the young man and his mother ensues. A call to a movie theater by a patron who found the manager and ticket saleslady both missing. A search reveals them tied up upstairs. A man on a gray motorcycle had held them up. They stop a gray motorcycle but the rider is a woman. Another patrol car ...
10 Oct. 1973
Venice Division
Malloy and Reed work day shift out of Venice Div near LA's beaches. They catch a stolen dune buggy, ticket a nude sunbather, find a drunk at a beach diner, and tease a fellow motorcycle officer. But an obscene phone caller causes problems.
24 Oct. 1973
Hot Shot
The officers spot a car failing to yield to another car; the driver is a cat burglar Reno West that Malloy arrested and recently released from prison. They spot an abandoned and stolen car and call to have it removed. Reed spots a robbery in a store. The owner is shot and killed and they pursue the suspect into a pedestrian tunnel where Malloy wounds him and Reed is forced to kill him. A call to a library about stolen books turns up West checking out books on several costly items he is looking to steal. They receive a call about a domestic disturbance that turns into ...
31 Oct. 1973
Van Nuys Division: Pete's Mustache
Malloy returns from vacation sporting a mustache bringing forth jokes from the coworkers. The officers spot a light plane on a glide path to crashing. With the help of Air 10 they locate the plane and pull the drunk pilot away before he lights a cigarette as gas leaks from the plane. They discover the pilot's son in the plane injured requiring CPR. A robbery report about three missing stamps appears to have the marks of Reno West who the officers know is back on the street. The officers receive unexpected help at the scene of a jewelry store robbery. A customer is a ...
7 Nov. 1973
Training Division: The Rookie
A rookie officer with a know-it-all attitude poses serious problems for officers Malloy, Reed and Wells.
14 Nov. 1973
Reed and Malloy work to resolve the long running "take a little, leave a little" burglary case. Reno West, the main suspect, proves a slippery character that covers his tracks through confusion and distraction. How can the LAPD collar him?
21 Nov. 1973
Hollywood Division
A new dispatcher with a sexy voice has Pete's interest. A hit and run accident has a little girl seriously injured, however, her brother caught the license of the car that hit her. A synagogue reports a typewriter with a Hebrew typeface and money stolen. The third call is a drunk woman sitting on a lawn. They take her to her daughter's nearby house but the daughter refuses to deal with her. During a stop for a meal at TJ's lunch wagon, he tells them he heard a man make threats about being fired as a painter at a studio. When they arrive at the studio, gunshots are ...
5 Dec. 1973
Northeast Division
Reed's scout friend with a merit badge in electronics comes in to pick up Reed's TV to repair it but unexpectedly takes it apart at the station. The other officers are skeptical he can repair it. On patrol they receive a call about motorcycle racing on the streets. It is a juvenile on a souped up minibike who forces them to pursue him. He is living with an aunt after his parents were killed and has no friends. A neighbor calls and reports he overheard his neighbors arguing and saw the wife digging in her backyard the night before and the husband is now missing. The ...
12 Dec. 1973
If the Shoe Fits
Reed's squeaky new shoes get on Malloy's nerves. They rescue a boy hiding in a building ready for demolition, a man destroys his own furniture when his wife leaves him, and Reed's keen eye catches a robbery in progress.
19 Dec. 1973
Southwest Division
Malloy is teased when he buys a modern painting at a roadside gallery to end a dispute. Later, the pair capture an escaping robber at the LA Coleseum who returns there to relive his life's greatest moment as a young football player.

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