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3 Jan. 1970
Log 43: Hostage
Two armed convicts holding up a diner shoot Malloy who entered innocently, and hold him and other civilians hostage.
10 Jan. 1970
Log 34: Astro Division
LAPD incorporates a helicopter unit into their patrols which helps Malloy and Reed track down armed criminals.
24 Jan. 1970
Log 14: SWAT
A rooftop sniper endangers the lives of people in a neighborhood, resulting in Malloy and Reed calling in the SWAT unit to secure the scene.
31 Jan. 1970
Log 64: Bottom of the Bottle
An alcoholic woman gets into a public fight with her estranged husband and her new boyfriend tries to kill her. In between, Malloy and Reed assists 2 "good samaritans" with a young woman who slashed her wrists.
7 Feb. 1970
Log 54: Impersonation
A police detective is suspected of bilking a fight promoter out of $350. Is he guilty, or is it another criminal engaging in a slick new crime called identity theft?
14 Feb. 1970
Log 24: A Rare Occasion
Malloy and Reed deal with a purse snatcher focused on being jailed in time for dinner, a young boy on drugs with his dealer out to kill him, while enduring worry and concern over two policemen friends hospitalized in critical care.
28 Feb. 1970
Log 124: Airport
Malloy and Reed respond to a drunk in a stolen plane, look for a 17 year old runaway, receive a call for a 2-11 in progress where they catch two armed robbers, and track down a stolen 3-ton safe containing $10k booby-trapped by the owner.
7 Mar. 1970
Log 94: Vengeance
Malloy and Reed contend with an ambush aimed at them, search for a missing boy, track down a car thief who is being crushed by his loot, and deal with a recent parolee who has sworn revenge on Malloy.
14 Mar. 1970
Log 104: The Bomb
Malloy and Reed respond to a theft from a company that cannot disclose what was stolen because it is classified. Another call to the mysterious company reveals a bomb resulting in an appearance of a two man bomb squad.
21 Mar. 1970
Log 74: Light Duty
Malloy and Reed are on front desk duty because Malloy has a busted hand. A rally at a college gets rowdy requiring Reed to assist, leaving Malloy at the desk worrying about Reed. Malloy's shift isn't all quiet as he captures two criminals.
28 Mar. 1970
Log 114: The Hero
Malloy and Reed respond to a fire where a young man saves a man trapped inside. A concerned landlord reports suspicious in-activity from a tenant with heart trouble where Malloy and Reed arrive in time to give him CPR and save his life.
4 Apr. 1970
Log 134: Child Stealer
Once the officers get an aggressive dog out of the car, they investigate the kidnapping of a child, contend with an elderly miser paying a bill with trading stamps, capture an escapee on a bus, and rescue a delivery man from two hijackers.
11 Apr. 1970
Log 144: Bank Robbery
Malloy and Reed take a domestic abuse call where they become the abused. They become suspicious of a man whose apartment has been robbed, help a man who found stolen parts of his VW on another car, and end the day catching bank robbers.
18 Apr. 1970
Log 44: Attempted Bribery
Malloy and Reed prove they cannot and will not be bribed, no matter how good the offer, resulting in desperation from a young man charged with his third drunk driving offense. An elderly man admits mercy killing his wife.
9 May 1970
Log 173: Shoplift
Malloy and Reed track down a kooky female shoplifter involved in a cult-type relationship with a ego-maniacal spiritualist weirdo. Malloy gets help tracking her down from an old girlfriend.
19 Sep. 1970
Log 174: Loan Sharks
Malloy and Reed blaze through a new opening credits sequence. They investigate the beatings of several people in a factory parking lot only to reveal a gambling/loan shark operation with the heavies working over those behind on their loan payments. One lone schoolboy stands up to the organization and commits himself to help the police and testify in court. Along their way they arrest an armed robber of a liquor store who out of guilt could only take $2 from the attendant, and was subsequently robbed himself.
26 Sep. 1970
Log 35: Easy, Bare Rider
Malloy and Reed investigate the mysterious source behind a boy's suspicious spending spree, wield a blanket instead of gun during a disrobed driver's DUI arrest, and bust up a car parts theft ring doing business in a park after dark.
3 Oct. 1970
Log 95: Purse Snatcher
Malloy and Reed assist Officer Brinkman in tracking down a serial purse-snatching gang led by a teen named Benji. Brinkman goes undercover in drag while Malloy, Reed, and Sgt. MacDonald monitor from unmarked cars. Once the gang is apprehended, Malloy takes on Benji's inattentive father who can't seem to get it through his thick skull that purse snatching is a serious crime. Returning from their two days off, they respond to a 2-11 in progress where they find the store owner hit by a bullet and Benji, who was released after only one day, wielding a gun. Armed and ...
10 Oct. 1970
Log 45: Bright Boy
Malloy and Reed have a monotonous day interrupted by two rambunctious female felonious joyriders, an exceptionally bright young boy with a photographic memory named Harold that clues them into a home burglary ring disguised as movers, respond to two paint-sniffing country bumpkins shooting rifles at a suspended box of dynamite, and check out a beauty school client who lodges a potentially explosive complaint. While at the station, Malloy and Reed decide to check in on Harold to discover he doesn't see the burglar's mugshot in the books. When they give Harold a ride ...
17 Oct. 1970
Log 69: Cigarettes, Cars, and Wild, Wild Women
Reed and Malloy work to break up an auto theft ring, where pretty mini-skirted women bait young motorists into giving them a ride, steal their cars and take them to a local chop-shop for disassembly (to sell the parts on the black market).
31 Oct. 1970
Log 55: Missing Child
Malloy and Reed rescue a cat and birds from an elderly woman's good intentions, a man from being robbed by his nephew, get help investigating a missing girl with a band-aid on her right leg from the little girl who lives down the lane, and respond to a auto robbery turned homicide where Malloy convinces a Hispanic family that the US law will protect them.
7 Nov. 1970
Log 75: Have a Nice Weekend
The shift starts with Reed being taken hostage by a woman out of her mind. They are faced with multiple reports of burglaries in a neighborhood and the thieves appear to be young boys. After a couple interviews Malloy picks up on the fact that the victims are all supposed to be playing bridge and it points to one family. Mixed into their day they break up a fight over what music to play in front of a church between the choir director and organist.
21 Nov. 1970
Log 105: Elegy for a Pig
The on the job shooting death of Medal of Valor recipient Officer Tom Porter, Malloy's colleague and close personal friend, is the impetus for Malloy to relay Tom's story, documentary style as the narrator. As Malloy was Tom's friend even before they joined the academy together, he and Reed had the unfortunate task of breaking the news of his death to Tom's wife, Marge, who Tom and Malloy first met when they applied to become police officers, as Marge was the clerk at city hall. His death leaves Marge to raise their two infant children on her own. Tom excelled at most...
28 Nov. 1970
Log 25: Indians
Malloy and Reed confront a series of explosions due to a protection racket. They happen upon a shooting as it occurs while hunting the bomber. That is followed with a call to a bar where a fight was reported between Apache Indians but the fight has stopped when they arrive. Later they receive a tip that a fight to the death is about to occur between the Apaches because one of them is seeing the other one's 16 year old sister.
5 Dec. 1970
Log 135: Arson
Not only do Malloy and Reed have to deal with a strings of fires with conflicting descriptions of the fire-bug, but they must also handle an escaped mental patient holding a knife to his wife's throat.
19 Dec. 1970
Log 46: Pilgrimage
In this Christmas themed show Malloy and Reed confront a man who robbed a bell ringing Santa Claus followed by a pregnant woman caught shop lifting. She tells the store manager and the officers she wanted to be caught so her kids would be taken some place for Christmas since her husband deserted her. The store manager has a change of heart and she is taken to social services for help. They also encounter a Native American couple with a young daughter from New Mexico who are unaccustomed to city life. Later they are found sleeping in the hills and their daughter has ...
26 Dec. 1970
Log 85: Sign of the Twins
Malloy and Reed start the shift with a call to a liquor store robbery where a fellow officer was shot but the owner of the store appears to be lying. Further investigation pushes the owner to admit one of the thieves was his brother and he was trying to protect him. In the meantime, they have a zoning issue with an elderly lady who does astrology readings out of her apartment followed by the report of a young boy asking a pharmacist questions about Seconal pills he had. When they confront his mother, she is not very cooperative. They end with a shoot-out with the ...

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