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4 Jan. 1969
Log 81: The Long Walk
After roll call, Reed and Malloy provide backup at a robbery, help a lost man return home, handle a call about a prowler, then respond to a silent alarm. Malloy demonstrates for Reed the importance of "officer presence".
11 Jan. 1969
Log 32: Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack
Reed volunteers to find entertainment for the department party but he is having poor luck and his options left are poor. They spot TJ, an informant, who tells them about a possible drug house. They spot a woman and girl at the same bus stop an hour apart. When they stop to talk to her, she tries to run. They learn she is from New Mexico looking for her husband but doesn't know how to contact him and has no money. She stole but did not open a box of cookies. The officers take her to the Salvation Army. That night they locate the drug house and call in support. They ...
18 Jan. 1969
Log 62: Grand Theft Horse?
The officers have to put with a mystery noise in the car while handling grand theft horse, a naive girl, and a robbery suspect who makes fake calls to distract the police
1 Feb. 1969
Log 33: It All Happened So Fast
In a behind-the-scenes look at police investigations into deadly force incidents, Reed endures a night of intensive questioning by the station's lieutenant after he kills a man in self-defense.
8 Feb. 1969
Log 112: You Blew It
The shift starts with the officers talking about another officer's judgment. Little do they realize they will be facing the same problem several times during the shift.
15 Feb. 1969
Log 51: A Jumper, Code 2
The officers have one of those nights where they either have no calls or minor issues they can do nothing about until the end of the shift when Malloy is successful with a dangerous solution to a suicide jumper.
22 Feb. 1969
Log 73: I'm Still a Cop
While Malloy is attending college, radicals learn he is a cop. They reject him stressing him on the job. After helping arrest demonstrators, his new car is vandalized. When a timer is found missing, he locates and disarms a bomb using it.
1 Mar. 1969
Log 102: We Can't Just Walk Away from It
They respond to a call about a drug overdose and track the drugs to a 17 year who has barricaded himself in his room with a gun and threatens kill himself. They contend with a distraught mother and an overbearing father.
8 Mar. 1969
Log 152: A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone
Malloy tries to shield an impressionable Reed from Officer Ed Wells, a shoot-first ask-questions-later style officer. Wells' reckless philosophy endangers his own safety when he responds to a sniper thus forcing them to come to his rescue.
15 Mar. 1969
Log 12: He Was Trying to Kill Me
A "child-left-alone" call turns up a horrifying case of child neglect. A 6-year-old girl is left home with her baby brother and both parents are unable to provide for their children.
22 Mar. 1969
Log 172: Boy, the Things You Do for the Job
After Malloy gives a gorgeous wealthy blonde a traffic ticket, she stalks him affecting him and the police force. Although uninterested in her, Malloy is forced to "take one" for the job.
29 Mar. 1969
Log 92: Tell Him He Pushed a Little Too Hard
Malloy and Reed respond to repeated calls about an argument between two men and their wives over a boat they co-own. The feud escalates and ends with a fatal conclusion.
5 Apr. 1969
Log 22:...So This Little Guy Goes Into a Bar, and...
Reed hears a joke from Ed Wells before roll call, then spends the shift retelling it to Malloy. The partners solve a mystery for a little old lady. Later, Reed needs to break up a noisy party hosted by an old school chum.
20 Sep. 1969
Log 15: Exactly 100 Yards
Malloy and Reed volunteer for the LAPD Olympics to improve relations and invite students to join them but there are problems. There, they meet a youth who is in need of a positive role model due to problems at home between his parents.
27 Sep. 1969
Log 153: Find Me a Needle
The "Mulholland Mauler" is the object of a department wide search and several cars are assigned to patrol 'lovers lane' but more than one suspect ends up matching the description. How do they smoke out the Mauler?
4 Oct. 1969
Log 52: Good Cop - Handle with Care
A pair of freelance reporters are determined to do a story on police brutality, and harass Reed and Malloy as their marks. The officers warn the reporters to cease their behavior, but they don't and they end up causing a tragedy.
11 Oct. 1969
Log 23: Pig Is a Three-Letter Word
Reed is shaken by a child molester and learns valuable lessons on controlling his emotions. They handle a potential dead body, father-son robbery team and a pair of black men who shoot a pair of store owners and try to create a race riot.
18 Oct. 1969
Log 83: A Different Thing
An older husband complains about his wife and friend's noisy karate practice. A hit and run traffic accident looks looks like a homicide. The officers use their investigate skills to locate the suspect and arrest him.
1 Nov. 1969
Log 103: A Sound Like Thunder
Malloy and Reed double date on their day off to a ghost town only to be confronted by a motor cycle gang. It takes their quick police instincts to save the day as Mrs Reed gets too close to delivering the baby.
8 Nov. 1969
Log 63: Baby
Reed foolishly comes to work on the same day his wife is admitted to the hospital to give birth. Reed continually attempts to contact his wife but is always foiled by crime, timing or incompetence. Malloy just tries to get through the day.
22 Nov. 1969
Log 93: Once a Junkie
Malloy and Reed begin to suspect that their street informant has returned to using and is committing crimes to support his habit after he is hit and found with a wad of cash. He loses his job but a priest still has faith in him.
29 Nov. 1969
Log 123: Courtroom
A look at courtroom procedures, wherein a routine arrest on a traffic warrant uncovers a cache of narcotics. However, the suspect bases his defense that Reed was guilty of improper search and seizure.
13 Dec. 1969
Log 143: Cave
Malloy and Reed investigate a complicated landlord/tenant dispute that leads them to a report of a series of seemingly random thefts of odd items in a neighborhood which has an interesting cause involving a young boy.
20 Dec. 1969
Log 142: As High as You Are
Malloy and Reed encounter a lion in an apartment building and investigate a break-in at a medical supply warehouse. Malloy fends off cop haters and maintains the peace.

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