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Season 5

13 Sep. 1972
Dirt Duel
A pair of motorcyclists snatch handbags and go off-road down trails where police officers cannot follow in their patrol cars. A motorcycle club in the area is suspected but never caught. Reed invites them to a community meeting to air their complaints on their continued harassment. When they attend, their leader challenges Malloy to a duel and they settle on a dirt bike race. Reed must teach Malloy how to race on a dirt course. Malloy loses the race but seems to gain some respect from the leader of the club. On patrol, Reed spots a suspicious license plate and traces ...
20 Sep. 1972
The Late Baby
The spicy summer temp sets the officers abuzz. They learn Ed Wells is her overprotective uncle when he does his best to ruin her date with Malloy. Stars famous Hollywood children Christine and Frank Sinatra, Jr. and Gary Crosby.
27 Sep. 1972
Reed and Malloy spend most of their time in the countryside surrounding Los Angeles. Among their more mundane tasks is to stop an erratic driver under the influence of drugs and alcohol. However, the bigger catch is alerted to them by Teri, a girl on horseback, who saw a light plane land in secluded field. Reed and Malloy investigate to see the plane and a departing jeep off in the distance. When they arrive just in time as the plane is about to take off, they flag the plane to a halt. The rented plane is piloted by Paul Stocker, a cocky but "clean" individual who had...
4 Oct. 1972
Lost and Found
In a combined episode with Emergency, a boy runs away from the hospital when he is afraid due to his diagnosis. Malloy dates a woman volunteer on the hospital hot-line who is handling a teenage suicide when the program's funding is cut.
11 Oct. 1972
Training Wheels
Reed and Malloy search for an auto thief, but then are switched to bicycles to try to break up a ring of car strippers.
25 Oct. 1972
Badge Heavy
When Reed sees Officer Charlie Burnside choking out an apprehended suspect, he reports Burnside, but with very little actual evidence it may not be possible to bring the badge-heavy Burnside down.
8 Nov. 1972
Harry Nobody
A hotel room shooting is witnessed by the janitor Harry, a man considered to be a wino, a "nobody", by his family and friends. When Reed treats him with respect, he admits he witnessed the shooting, but his confession gets tangled in Harry's dead end life. Meanwhile, Molloy retells his experience of chaperoning a junior high dance.
15 Nov. 1972
The Surprise
When a string of jewelry stores are robbed with the same M.O., Reed pulls some clever police work during an unrelated traffic stop. Also, Malloy spots the pattern of a second burglar as he breaks into stores in a path across town.
22 Nov. 1972
The Vendetta
A WWII survivor encounters a Nazi collaborator. Malloy and Reed stumble upon his ambush plan during a routine night check. The pair use their humanity and police training before this vendetta causes another tragedy.
6 Dec. 1972
The Chaser
Malloy and Reed have to deal with an out of state bounty hunter tracking down a bail jumper. With his out of state gun permit, swagger, and physical skills, he keeps the Adam-12 team hopping in his wake.
13 Dec. 1972
Hot Spell
At the beginning of their patrol the officers are forced to wear long sleeves although the forecast is for hot weather. A call about a theft in a park leads to a tip that a man had his bicycle pump stolen from his bicycle and it might have contained drugs. Man complains about his grass being trampled by people shopping at his neighbor's never ending yard sale. When they investigate the sale, they find some of the items are stolen. The man running the sale is taking the items on consignment from a man who supposedly does repo work. They wait and arrest the man who ...
20 Dec. 1972
Gifts and Long Letters
A call about a suicide attempt at a hotel finds a women has tried to commit suicide for the second time but she is okay. She has left a note for another resident of the hotel. When they contact the man they recognize him as a convicted felon on parole involved with some serious mob activities. The man is a recluse and refuses to talk to the woman. The officers spot a man changing a tire and ask if he needs help but he says no. A second call to hotel occurs when the manager tries to evict the parolee because he types till 3:00 am but really simply wants the man evicted...
3 Jan. 1973
O'Brien's Stand
A little old lady has her purse stolen and annoys the police until the thief is caught. The Adam-12 team are assigned undercover work on the case. Also, a routine traffic stop uncovers two men involved in a criminal situation.
10 Jan. 1973
Clear with a Civilian: Part 1
Reed returns from the flu and half the other officers have caught his bug. He and Malloy get drafted to double shift to night watch. Finally, Mac asks them to host a civilian police commissioner, and they get a surprise.
17 Jan. 1973
Clear with a Civilian: Part 2
Adam-12 escorts a woman police commissioner during a routine night shift. They respond to a gang fight, a drunken man, and a runaway youth. The commissioner receives many ideas on improving police protocol.
24 Jan. 1973
Citizens Arrest - 484
Reed and Malloy respond to a grocery store shoplifter, that turns out to be a penniless and homeless mother. They work to untangle the resultant complex situation.
31 Jan. 1973
The Beast
Malloy and Reed are assigned a temporary squad car that is ready for the junkyard. They deal with a lady car thief, an elderly peeping tom, a warehouse robbery and a goofy traffic stop. All the while, their car needs repeated repairs.
7 Feb. 1973
Killing Ground
A routine traffic stop goes awry and Malloy and Reed end up hostages to two men escaping from a foiled hold-up. The officers must use their skills and partnership to turn the tables on their armed captors.
14 Feb. 1973
Malloy and Reed patrol a Saturday night shift. They handle a innocent drunk, a tragic domestic shooting, a car vandal, a speeding driver with unpaid tickets, and a motel robber. All the while Reed talks about his attempt to buy a used car.
21 Feb. 1973
After an off night at the shooting range, Reed leaves work and stops at an all night grocery. As he is leaving with both arms full of groceries, a young man approaches as if he knows Reed. He points out a friend in a green Volkswagon Beetle holding a pistol on Reed. Reed drops the groceries, pushes the young man, leaps, and fires at the car hitting it. The man in the car fires hitting his friend. The grocer heard only one shot as he comes out of the store, the car races off, and the young man hit in the head makes a dying declaration that Reed was gun happy and shot ...
28 Feb. 1973
A Fool and His Money
Malloy has won $10,000 in a woman's shampoo naming contest and is being bombarded with mail at work and suggestions from Reed on how to invest the money but Malloy wants a new boat. Opening call is a loud noise complaint from an elderly gentleman about a new elderly female tenant and her Irish music. Malloy and Reed explain the complaint and introduce the couple to each other and quietly leave them together. While on patrol a sniper starts shooting and they call in support resulting in them shooting the sniper in a car while fleeing. A theft report call is a man in an...
7 Mar. 1973
Anatomy of a 415
A young boy runs away from home and coincides with a 415 (domestic disturbance) at his home. Malloy and Reed try to get to the bottom of his difficulty, after multiple calls, as they try to avoid a tragedy.
14 Mar. 1973
Keeping Tabs
Malloy and Reed stop a car full of young men on a midnight joyride. They are surprised when one is Sgt MacDonald's son. Pete wants to help, and quickly finds himself in the middle.
21 Mar. 1973
Easy Rap
Reed cannot convict a juvenile car thief. He and Malloy encounter him several times, trying to avoid tragedy. A young woman's boyfriend has died from drugs and she is anxious to help make a case to arrest the pusher.

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