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Season 4

15 Sep. 1971
Patrol starts with a call to a robbery at a bar and a car chase but the thieves escape. A call to a dry cleaners concerns the owner being extorted for protection money along with other shop owners who are Jewish survivors of the Holecaust. The dry cleaner wants to press charges but others are fearful of retribution. Two men are captured but two escape. Some searching turns up the car used in the robbery and a lead on the second car they used to escape. This is followed by a return call to the dry cleaners where the owner's panel truck is burning. During patrol they ...
22 Sep. 1971
Million Dollar Bluff
While on break Malloy and Reed learn that an old "friend" Jennings Thornton is back. He likes to play cop - a cop Buff. First call is to a store where a young inexperienced clerk had an expensive ring swapped for a cheap one. This is followed by their "friend" Thorton calling in a drunk driver he encountered. A call about a robbery at a store results in a shootout in the parking lot but the shooter has a flak jacket. Thorton runs down the shooter with his car to end it but putting Reed in danger . The officers take a call at a parking lot where a minor accident has ...
29 Sep. 1971
The Grandmothers
A drug addict robs a store run by elderly women selling small items they make by sewing things such as pot holders and doilies. They spot a convertible with three men just after they are reported on the radio to have held up a store. A pursuit takes place and, together with Mac, arrest the three men. Later a nearby antique shop is held up by someone with a similar description to the first robber. He asked for a limited amount of money and a later call back to the first shop indicates he returned the money stolen earlier. A car is spotted making a rolling stop at a ...
6 Oct. 1971
The Radical
On patrol they encounter a squad car that is deserted and they have not heard any officer announce stopping there. When they check it out, they find that a lone officer saw a hitchhiker and had chased him down with a bag of stolen items. During roll call the officers are told to be on the lookout for the radical Robin Saydo who has ties to bombings. The department wants him trailed but not picked up. Malloy receives a call from retired security officer Fred Tibbles who works on the docks and is being forced to overlook thefts. They come upon a truck driver who was ...
20 Oct. 1971
The Search
At the start of the shift the officers receive their car back after routine maintenance. They find, however, that the radio mike has problems and they have to repeat calls. The pair is called to a robbery in progress. Reed captures one suspect at the store while Malloy goes in pursuit of the second suspect through a city park on a winding street at night. However only some of his radio calls are being received, including his position. Malloy loses control of the car and goes off the road, rolling the car. His position is hidden from the road and he is severely injured...
27 Oct. 1971
The Ferret
The first call is to catch a man nicknamed the "Ferret" who is damaging a manufacturing company. He out runs Reed, and the newspaper reporter on the scene delights in the story. When they respond to an intruder call they find a man going house to house who flags them down for help. His wife is comatose and about to have a baby. They take the couple to the hospital where the doctor asks them to check for mud the woman has been eating. They find the mud and follow up with a visit to a voodoo priest who had ordered the mud for the couple. He puts a mojo hex on Reed which...
3 Nov. 1971
Two boys break into a garage. Truants have become a big problem in terms of crime and Reed has a plan he wants approved to pick up truants on the street. While patrolling, they come upon a stalled car they help off the street. Malloy receives a message to hold the car and occupants under arrest. They are smuggling heroin in the gas tank and some leaked stalling the car. They spot a stolen car which leads them to the thieves who stripped the car to build a dune buggy. Reed's plan is approved but initially the other officers are unhappy playing babysitter. A pair of ...
10 Nov. 1971
The pair are sent to transport a prisoner from the Sheriff's office in Malibu back to LA due to traffic warrants. Unknown to everyone he is a witness to a gangland murder and a hit has been ordered on him. Their patrol car has a tire shot out in an ambush and they find themselves isolated in the hills of the area and no radio contact. Reed goes for help but is captured by the hit men. Malloy and their passenger steal the hit man's car and make it to a phone. A helicopter search ensues for the two hit men and Reed. However, Reed is able to overpower them.
17 Nov. 1971
Reed has agreed to buy an anniversary present for Mac but funds are limited. The first call is to bar where an ex-wrestler paralyzed by polio and confined to wheelchair is breaking up the bar. Next stop is a liquor store where they decide to buy a bottle of champagne for Mac and the owner offers a discount on a large bottle but the pair go for a smaller bottle they can afford. The pair notice a car tailing them in an manner that causes them to pull him over as they are afraid of an ambush. However, it is a man who has received several tickets in 24 hours. A call comes...
24 Nov. 1971
Day Watch
Reed and Malloy deal with various disturbances during their shift such as a gas station owner who has a lot of robberies, a drunk who continually causes problems, and a hitchhiker who steals money from the people who pick her up.
8 Dec. 1971
On a prowler report at a non-existent address someone fires multiple rounds at the officers. Next day on a run to a heliport to pick up a blood donor, they are again fired upon. Evidence points to the same shooter both times and reveals that Adam-12 is being targeted by a man known to pass bad checks. Reed's wife receives a call indicating that Reed is the target. A man tries to kill himself with gasoline at a gas station but Malloy stops him using a fire extinguisher. Another nighttime prowler call turns up a wino that Reed comes close to shooting. Malloy drops Reed ...
15 Dec. 1971
The Dinosaur
Officer Art McCall returns to the force after eight years on disability. He rides with Malloy and Reed learning changes since he left the force. They start with a young woman whose ex-husband has returned from prison and she feels threatened. McCall wants to resort to old techniques that are no longer allowed. After a juvenile robbery bust, they are forced to release the boy captured by Art who did not read the boy his rights. He fumbles the arrest of the ex-husband carrying a gun. After being released, the ex-husband plants a bomb in the woman's car. Malloy is forced...
29 Dec. 1971
Malloy and Reed are at a crime scene in the hills where another girl has been found raped and dumped but this time she is alive. Her account includes the fact that a red sports car was involved. Later, they see a red Porshe pick up a young girl and the car tries to escape when they signal it to stop. The car stops and dumps the girl. Malloy continues the chase alone but loses the car. He finds a red Porshe but the girl says the owner is not the man. A call to a robbery at a lumber yard has unexpected aid from police scouts who collar one of the two men. Reed captures ...
5 Jan. 1972
Citizens All
Woman reports a pickup truck bumped her car. When she stopped, they stole her purse. On patrol they spot a stopped car with the hood up. Driver says his engine over heated but a stakeout shows him meeting with a counterfeiter. A call about loud noise results in a citizen chewing out the officers. A scuffle at a food drive-in results in the arrest of a man for outstanding warrants. A cruise by the house with noise turns up the pickup and two men who robbed the woman.
12 Jan. 1972
The Princess and the Pig
A call to a night club finds a singer, Kathy, strung out on drugs causing a disturbance. She finds security with Reed who rides with her to the hospital. She tells him someone is trying to kill her and giving her drugs. Narcotics believes she can provide a lead to new drugs and ask Reed to go undercover with Kathy as a soldier AWOL with a big cache of heroin to sell. He agrees and although he makes a deal, the girl burns him under pressure. The narcotics squad lose Reed but Malloy arrives as the dealers are trying to kill Reed and Kathy.
19 Jan. 1972
The Tip
They are on a stake out for an armored truck robbery but the thieves make a clean escape. A call to the bus station about a potential rattlesnake in a suitcase turns out to be an electric toothbrush. They make contact with their source T.J. about the robberies and he a provides a few extra details as to where he overheard the threat. A call to the same bar puts them onto a man they suspect might be involved but with no proof. Malloy develops a theory on how the robberies are committed involving the sewer system. They plan a stakeout based on Malloy's theory which they...
26 Jan. 1972
The Parole Violator
Malloy is given a tip that a young man he coaches is using heroin again. Malloy and the boy's parole officer work together to track down what is going on. Reed and Malloy respond to a hit and run where a small boy is hit and hurt severely. The boy thinks Reed is his father who was killed in Vietnam. A man blows a stop sign resulting in a traffic stop. He is given a ticket but his passenger is taken in for selling drugs. In reality he is an undercover officer trying to make a buy from the driver. Malloy is called by the parole officer to help take in the young man for ...
2 Feb. 1972
The Adoption
A maid for a wealthy couple tells Reed and Malloy that the family had a baby, and now it is missing. They find the baby was put up for adoption. Also, a case involving a trashed football locker room, a burglar and high speed chase.
9 Feb. 1972
Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen
Adam-12 arrives at a scene in Chinatown where a young man was beaten. He is an undercover officer working on Chinese gang problems. A young lady briefly appears but runs off before talking. A report is taken at a department store where a woman's purse was stolen while she was in a bathroom stall. They accompany her to her house where they catch the thief, a man. Reed is asked to report to the hospital where they believe the young woman has reappeared but her uncle refuses to let her talk. The next day they are asked to help bust counterfeiters where the same burglar ...
16 Feb. 1972
Malloy and Reed are assigned to the Los Angeles Airport sub-station.
23 Feb. 1972
Backup 1-L20
While transporting a burglary suspect, Sgt. MacDonald hits a pedestrian who was crossing the street. Eyewitnesses say the pedestrian was crossing in the crosswalk and the Sargent should have stopped.
1 Mar. 1972
Who Won?
The officers are working to move drag racing off the streets onto a regulated drag strip. Working with various racing organizations they finally meet the requirements for insurance, etc. provided by the drag strip owner. He also requires that the drivers keep the noise down in the streets surrounding the strip. However, the day before they are to start racing the timing and audio equipment at the drag strip are stolen. When he announces he has replacement equipment on the way, the street organizer of the races who stands to lose money puts on a race in front of the ...
8 Mar. 1972
The pair have been helping with a search for a first grade boy missing after school. They return to patrol handling a loud dog complaint. Malloy realizes the dog is a seeing eye dog that has been stolen. A neighbor reports seeing a man and boy covered with blood getting into a taxi. They then spot the car suspected in the case of the missing boy. His father had picked up the boy and not told his mother. Family dispute call revolves around a wife upset with her husband unending football viewing smashing his TV. They trace the witness sighting of the bloody boy and a ...
15 Mar. 1972
Wednesday Warrior
Albert Porter, Reed's friend in the reserves is on his first day of patrol partnered with Officer Wells. Wells is not impressed with his geeky partner. First call is to a park where they advise a young group where they can legally camp. Second call is a bank robbery where they are the backup to Wells and Porter. The robbery seems to fit a pattern of other crimes where the robber is always different, wears a backpack, and is young. Reed suspects a car they pull over for a broken brake light. Malloy believes the young man to be okay but Reed spots a problem in their ...

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