Ulysses (1967) Poster


Plot Keywords

poet jew
funeral drinking
f word ireland
female nudity flower between teeth
romantic kiss kiss
flashback poster
soprano adulteress
anti semitism book seller
swimming tea
cat dog
pub cemetery
graveyard coffin
purse nude statue
male rear nudity bare butt
nudity reading a book
book burned food
kidney newspaper editor
editor letter to the editor
schoolteacher school
schoolboy little boy
boy mourning for son
thumbing nose sticking out one's tongue
kidney as food bedroom
handkerchief shaving cream
shaving bedpan
straight razor adultery
bed cuckoo clock
23 year old piano playing
piano sandwich board
reference to william shakespeare reference to shakespeare's hamlet
reference to jesus christ horse
chess horse and carriage
lust hand kissing
kissing someone's feet betting on a horse
gambling money
framed photograph photograph
panties bra
pornography mirror
cup ocean
sand beach
towel tea kettle
shaving brush bird
seagull brothel
prostitute one word title
dead fish fish
man in a bed man and woman in bed
barefoot nurse
doctor pregnant man
ringmaster circus
rose between teeth flower
church chalkboard
monkey bridge
giving a toast looking at self in mirror
eyeglasses kissing a cross
playing card egg
bicycle passionate kiss
statue of david pouring water on someone
jumping rope stained glass window
pendulum man hits a man
woman hits a man knocked unconscious
punched in the face confessional
key keyhole
looking through a keyhole man's hat
hat newspaper
woman in man's clothes man disguised as a woman
male in female clothes reference to elijah
operating theatre operating table
statue speech
crown coronation
sexual misconduct accusation
jury judge
courtroom outburst courtroom
police officer policeman
singer dancing
subway train business card
human skeleton skeleton
singing song
drunken man drunkenness
maternity ward automobile
car eyepatch
alcoholic drink beer
german shepherd reference to ulysses
first person narrative fantasy sex
female sex talk female sexuality
womanhood stream of consciousness
jewish man artistic expression
artistic freeedom sex talk
rear entry sex sexually frustrated female
freethought sexual discovery
irish woman controversy
scatological humor scatology
male nudity party
soliloquy interior monologue
father son relationship dublin ireland
based on poem cuckold
death of mother based on novel
independent film

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