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Factual errors 

The witch's familiar in the first segment ("Enoch") has a male name, Balthazar, and is variously referred to by other characters as "he" and "him". However, numerous close-ups of Balthazar show a tortoiseshell cat, and tortoiseshell cats are always female, without exception. Point taken that Balthazar is a familiar and not a real cat, but it seems unlikely that a demon that goes to the trouble of telepathically identifying itself as male (by name) would nonetheless assume a female form.
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In the segment "The Man Who Collected Poe," the clock reads 4:20 and then 6:35 and then 4:20 again, all during the same conversation.

Revealing mistakes 

(at around 40 mins) Atropos, Dr. Diabolo's dummy of an ancient goddess, is clearly breathing in one shot.
Although Doctor Diabolo charges his customers five pounds to enter the Torture Garden, and the framing story ostensibly takes place in the United Kingdom, the banknotes seen on screen are clearly US currency.

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