Thunder Alley (1967) Poster



Harry Wise: [walks over to Tommy Callahan] Hey, hey, hey, hey. Nobody told you you could hang around decent people, Callahan. Hey Turk, do you know who you just let in? He's the guy who killed ol' Jimmy John Jones. Didn't ya, killer?... I said, Didn't ya, killer?

Turk: This is one of my customers, Harry. Now, you leave him be.

Harry Wise: Aww... leave him be? You're putting me off! Hey, is there anybody here wanna let this man dirty up a nice clean place like Turk's?

Tommy Callahan: Are you drunk?

Harry Wise: [laughing] The killer wants to know if I'm drunk. I am sober, mister Callahan, so why don't you...

[Tommy punches him, and a knockdown, drag-out fight ensues]

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