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  • Astronomers investigate a mysterious meteorite shower in a rural English farm field, - exceptional because the space rocks all fell in a V formation. Dr. Richard Arden, preeminent in the field of extraterrestrial study, is not permitted to accompany his colleagues, including his girlfriend Lee Mason, because he is still recovering from the effects of a recent motor accident. The scientists are summarily taken over by some alien force, and others in the area are dying from a mysterious "crimson plague," which covers their bodies with drops of blood. Temple seems the only person immune to both maladies, so if he can discover the reason for this immunity, he may yet foil the alien plan to take earthlings back to the moon for their own sinister purposes.

  • When a meteor shower crashes in a farm in Cornwall in the countryside of England, a team of scientists travels to the spot investigate the debris. Dr. Curtis Temple is not allowed to go since he is recovering from an accident and has a silver plate implanted in his head. But he recommends his girlfriend Lee Mason to be his substitute for the investigation. However alien forces take over the scientists' brains and use them as slaves to build a secret facility in the farm. Dr. Temple drives to the rural area and finds that the inhabitants are dying of a lethal plague. Further, he is immune to the alien's possession and to the plague. Dr. Temple rescues Lee from the aliens and together with a colleague and Lee wearing helmets, they return to the farm and embark in a rocket to the moon. Soon they meet the Master of the Moon and they learn the intention of the aliens.

  • Aliens crash land on the moon, they try to use scientists from earth as slaves to to help fix their ship. But one of the scientists has a metal plate in his head and he cannot be controlled by the Aliens. Based on the Novel "The Gods Hate Kansas".

  • In a plot similar to the made-for-TV movie "Night Slaves", aliens take over the bodies of Earthlings and transport them to the moon to be used as slave labor. Hero Curt Temple is immune to the aliens' influence, thanks to a silver plate in his head he received courtesy of an auto accident.

  • Scientists investigating an unusual meteor shower in a rural field are possessed by an alien force bent on an ulterior purpose.


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  • In a rural part of England a flurry of what seem to be meteors hits the earth and government scientists are interested because the things landed in perfect formation. Initially Dr. Curtis Temple (Robert Hutton) is pressed into service to examine the things but when he is restricted because of a metal plate recently placed in his skull due to an auto accident, his gal pal and right-hand person Lee Mason (Jennifer Jayne) is sent in to investigate and gather research information about the space rocks. When an attempt is made to break open one of the rocks, the group of scientists are knocked silly and become ultimately possessed by some alien mentality that motivates them to build a large compound where they can launch a rocket to the moon. When Curtis is prevented from entering and shunned by a body that appears to be his girl friend Lee, he gets help from a scientist friend and they manage to make some home-made instruments that allow them into the world of the alien visitors.

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