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Jostein Strand (Jos-5)5 August 2003
Why do they make a kind of "the best of"-collection, with Tom watching old movies of himself and Jerry. And the ending in this film is the same as the classic "Designs on Jerry" (1955). Have they finally run out of ideas?
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Hanna Babera flashback short round 2.
Stephen Holloway18 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Tom watches various clips of the Hanna Babera directed Tom and Jerry cartoons in order to catch Jerry. He decides to build an trap to get Jerry (from Designs of Jerry)or something like that, anyway in an couple of scenes before the trap was ready, Jerry was eating popcorn to enjoy the clips before Tom throws him back to his mouse hole. After the trap was ready, it was sprung but like last time, it failed. Although, the new ending where an flatted Tom tears up the blueprints was funny, overall though the short was OK. Don't get me wrong, it was good to see the Hanna Babera cartoons again, the film could have been done better. Nevertheless, aside from the clips you should watch another Tom and Jerry cartoon from the same time period or the Hanna Babera cartoons only.

Final score: an 5 out of 10.
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The featured clips are better than the cartoon itself
TheLittleSongbird10 June 2010
The featured clips that Tom watches and studies in this cartoon is by far the best asset here, and are actually better than the cartoon itself. Shutter Bugged Cat, although it was really nice to see those Tom and Jerry gems and it moves swiftly, was just another unnecessary "best-of" tribute. The animation is not that great really, it is in the clips not in the cartoon itself, the backgrounds are flat and lifeless and Tom looks odd. The music is lacking and not dynamic enough, and the cartoon itself just isn't funny. The funniest it actually came to was the ending, though I had the sense I had seen it elsewhere. Tom is given little to do, while Jerry is equally underused. Overall, a disappointment, not the worst Tom and Jerry cartoon, but unnecessary and a long way from the best. 4/10 Bethany Cox
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Designs on Jerry recycled.
BA_Harrison30 May 2017
Tom is watching home movies of his past encounters with Jerry, noting down exactly where he went wrong in order to help him design the perfect mousetrap.

Shutter Bugged Cat deserves the lowest possible rating for trying to pass off a scene from Designs On Jerry (1955) as something new, as if Tom and Jerry fans wouldn't notice. Even those not familiar with the '50s classic will surely notice the vast difference in quality between the pilfered footage and the less detailed newer animation.

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