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  • In 1942 Warsaw, a Polish prostitute is murdered in a sadistic way. Major Grau, an agent from German Intelligence who believes in justice, is in charge of the investigation. An eyewitness saw a German general leaving the building after a scream of the victim. A further investigation shows that three generals do not have any alibi for that night: General Tanz, Maj. Gen. Klus Kahlenberge and General von Seidlitz-Gabler. The three avoid direct contact with Major Grau and become potential suspects. As Major Grau gets close to them, he is promoted and sent to Paris. In 1944 Paris, this quartet is reunited and Major Grau continues his investigation. Meanwhile, a plan for killing Hitler is plotted by his high command; a romance between Ulrike von Seydlitz-Gabler and Lance Cpl. Kurt Hartmann is happening and Insp. Morand is helping Major Grau in his investigation. The story ends in 1965, in Hamburg, with another, similar crime.

  • The murder of a prostitute in Nazi occupied Warsaw draws Wehrmacht Major Grau into an investigation where the evidence points to one of three high ranking Generals. The trail leads Grau from Warsaw to Paris and straight into the 1944 plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, of which two of the Generals are deeply involved. Grau's case goes unfinished and it is not until 1965 when the true killer is brought to justice.

  • In 1942, a Polish prostitute is murdered in Warsaw. Suspicion falls on three generals, and Major Grau of German Intelligence seeks justice despite the ongoing atrocities committed during WWII.


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  • It is 1942. In Nazi occupied Poland a prostitute is murdered in her apartment and Maj. Grau, German Army Intelligence, is called in to investigate the crime. The only clue is that the murderer wore grey pants with a red stripe. He realizes that only high ranking German generals wear grey pants with a red stripe. Before he can complete his investigation Maj. Grau is promoted to Colonel and posted to Paris. Two years later, in Paris, another prostitute is murdered. There are similarities in the crime to the one in 1942 and Maj. Grau again takes charge of the investigation. The three main suspects from the previous investigation, coincidentally, all happen to be present in the city at the time of the murder. He puts the clues together and is about to aprehend the killer but in the confusion of the allied advance, and other circumstances involving the German military, he is killed before the investigation is completed. The war ends, years pass. It is 1965. Fragments of the Nazi party still hang on. In Germany a third prostitute is murdered, again, in similar circumstances. A Parisian detective, involved in the second investigation in 1944 and now a member of Interpol, who investigates realizes that the murderer is the same man who committed the two previous murders years earlier. He revisits the surviving witnesses from Maj. Grau's original investigations and finally confronts the killer at a reunion banquet held in the killer's honour.

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