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Miniskirt Love (1967) ***

Author: JoeKarlosi from U.S.A.
23 December 2004

This black and white bizarro film rates a solid three stars on the sleazeometer. Meaning that when you happen to be in a sick mood for perverted kicks from watching softcore sex shenanigans, this is one of the more interesting and satisfying of its kind. The twisted delights herein include a teenage son walking in while his hot mom is screwing around with another guy behind his dad's back, while pop has been busy himself breaking those sacred vows by engaging in some inter-racial adultery at a nearby motel. When mom loses her marbles, knocks off dad, and gets a long vacation at the booby hatch, the kid's sex-crazed Aunt Janet moves in to take care of him, and it isn't very long before incest becomes the order of the day when she finds it increasingly impossible to keep her hands off her young nephew. As an added bonus, this film will give you a new appreciation for the Avon Lady calling! *** out of ****

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Thank God for Something Weird---we can watch weirdo stuff like this

Author: MerkinMuffly from United States
21 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Mom has daytime sex affair in her house.

Teenage son watches, and snaps some photos of mom getting banged. Meanwhile, Dad has daytime sex affair in seedy motel with black woman. Dad comes home, naive son shows photos of mom getting screwed to Dad to show off what a good photographer he is.

Dad, upset, ready to kick mom out of house. Mom picks up knife, intends to commit suicide, instead stabs Dad to death in kitchen.

Son walks in with Dad lying on floor bleeding to death, snaps more pics of murder scene. Mom "sent away".

Aunt Janet comes to take care of distraught son. Not sure if this is Aunt on mom or dad's side.

Aunt Janet helps young boy wash his butt in shower, and wears slinky see through nightgowns. Aunt Janet is attracted to teenage nephew, writhes in bed touching herself and bringing herself to orgasm. Aunt Janet comforts troubled boy, afraid of being left alone, by disrobing and having sex with boy.

Aunt Janet and nephew continue to live together in sexual union for 5 years. Avon Lady calls on Aunt Janet while boy at work, seduces Aunt Janet and they go at it on floor with some nice nasty lesbian love.

Nephew forgot something at home, comes back, sees Aunt Janet and Avon Lady engaged in carpet munching. Of course, he documents the scene with some nifty snapshots.

Aunt Janet and Avon Lady rip off nephew's clothes and it becomes a three way.

They have found a new playmate.

Later, Aunt Janet gets news that Mom is being released and is returning home.

Mom seems out of it, but also condones Aunt Janet and her son's 'living arrangement'. Mom is real horny, and ends up pulling in the milkman and having sex with him on the floor.

Son walks in and watches mom getting plowed on the kitchen floor by milkman, snaps some photos again. Aunt Janet comes in and smiles approvingly to Son as they watch Mom getting banged.

They don't make em like this anymore folks. Shot on a shoestring budget in stark black and white, this is classic 60s sexploitation of the highest order, long before hardcore porn "showed everything". This flick shows you enough to make it pleasingly erotic in a nasty, sleazy, leering, peephole kind of way. I dare you not to get aroused when Aunt Janet disrobes and climbs into nephew's bed. This film is why Something Weird is such a treasure, as a slice of cinematic history is preserved forever for all perverts and horndogs and connoisseurs of special 'art films'. Part of a great triple feature DVD, these films need to be seen to be believed and appreciated for the nasty filthy gems that they are. Great stuff.

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Something Weird Triple Feature

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
8 March 2008

Mini-Skirt Love (1967)

*** (out of 4)

15-year-old Billy witnesses his mother kill his dad so when she's sent off to an insane asylum Billy's aunt comes to take care of him. Not only does she cook and clean she also teaches Billy how to have sex. This is one screwy little film that even lets Billy and his aunt have a threesome with an Avon lady. The film is so outrageous that you'll get plenty of laughs but the biggest laugh comes from the fifteen year old boy being played by a guy who looks older than the father.

Cool It Baby (1965)

** (out of 4)

Somewhat entertaining sexploitation film about a couple who drug girls into making adult films and then blackmail them into joining their sexual club. For a sexploitation flick the movie is pretty tame, which is somewhat strange. The story isn't too bad and there are some pretty girls but not much else. The site of the courtroom used in the film will get a few laughs.

Venus in Furs (1967)

** (out of 4)

A somewhat interesting take on the novel is more a S&M show than anything else. The director does a very good job creating a dreamlike quality to the film but things get pretty boring pretty fast. A nice score and some fine cinematography help as well.

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What were they thinking?

Author: jpilkonis from United States
17 November 2005

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this picture was being written. (And the word "written" is generous.) The first time I watched this, I could do little more than gape at the screen. It appeared to be some kind of twisted joke, as though the filmmakers were simply seeing what levels of ridiculousness they could get away with. The ineptitude involved in this film makes it a camp jewel, to be sure, but viewed as a film project that people had to write and produce, and edit, and have to wonder exactly what these people were thinking. Obviously, this is a stew of elements which, at the time, were expected to make a good (okay, adequate) exploitation film. The problem comes in that the way these things were added to the storyline are almost completely incongruous. If you want a better explanation for the word "gratuitous," you'll have to go a long way.

There's no point in discussing the plot, the actors, the directing, or any other element of this...thing. There's no way to put it into words. I highly recommend this film simply as a unique viewing experience. You have been warned.

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This film must have been shot before the mini-skirt really appeared

Author: christopher-underwood from United Kingdom
1 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film must have been shot before the mini-skirt really appeared but released after and hence the use of the title because as far as I'm concerned, these slightly above the knee numbers with stockings and suspenders were not strictly mini-skirts. And if that were the only problem with the film maybe this would get a slightly higher score. A young man (played by someone approaching 30!) who is on the simple side, innocently photographs his mother with her lover, father gets to see the photos and in a struggle with his missus gets stabbed to death. Mummy goes off to a mental institution and Daddy's sister comes to look after the helpless 30 year old. They hit it off real well (over 5 years!) culminating in a threesome with a travelling saleswoman auntie has befriended. Mum returns, reluctantly allows her son to continue with her late husband's sister and pulls a milkman for a roll on the kitchen floor, which the son films as the credits roll. If any of this had been done with any panache it might have been something but it was not and so it isn't.

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Definitely Something Weird.

Author: xfile1971 from Northbrook, IL, USA
14 May 2002

This is a very odd movie. It's one of those '60s sexploitation films where the sole purpose is to show people in various stages of undress. The "plot" is almost non-existent. It roughly concerns a married couple and their grown-up son. The young man takes photos of his mother having sex with some guy. The simple-minded son decides it would be harmless to show the pictures to his father. Not a good idea. The dad flips out and the mom stabs him to death. She is then committed to a mental institution. Billy (the young man) now has nobody to look after him so he is appointed a guardian. Who? His mother's sister. Well, Billy and his aunt get a lot closer than they really should. All in all, "Mini-skirt Love" is very trashy and it's not worth spending any time or money on to watch. It is a poor film by any standard.

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