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A Movie Called Idiotic

Author: BrianG from California
23 December 2000

Richard Rush is a good director, Paul Mantee is a first-rate character actor, and Eileen O'Neil is spectacularly beautiful besides being a very good actress. Put them together and what do you get? Junk.

While low-budget doesn't necessarily mean low quality, in this case it applies. The film's cheapness shows through in practically every frame, and there's not much Mantee or Rush can do about that. With all of the film's many faults, though, there are two that it can't overcome--an incoherent script with holes you can drive a truck through, and an hysterically awful performance by comic Jan Murray. Murray plays a Nazi scientist trying to revive the Third Reich and take over the world from a wheelchair. His "research" for the part must have consisted of watching dozens of old silent movies, as his performance is a virtual carbon copy of the stereotypical nostril-flaring, eye-rolling, teeth-gnashing, hand-flailing ham acting from a cheap melodrama of 1915. After a while you find yourself yelling at the screen, "For God's sake, shut up!" It's almost as bad as watching a Madonna movie.

If you're a fan of Paul Mantee (who did such a great job in 1964's "Robinson Crusoe on Mars") or Richard Rush ("The Stunt Man") or just want to stare open-mouthed at the gorgeous Eileen O'Neil, then go ahead and rent this movie. But do yourself a favour--turn the sound off.

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The name is Dagger . . . Dick Dagger. (Naw, just doesn't work).

Author: Bruce Cook ( from Fayetteville, GA
26 February 2004

James Bond is a character often imitated, never duplicated -- especially by this unskilled production which offers spy fans Paul Mantee ("Robinson Crusoe on Mars") as agent Dick Dagger (!) and his female ally, Terry Moore ("Might Joe Young").

Mantee is armed with a laser-firing watch, but he doesn't use it often. The villain is played by Jan Murray, whose role wins him the dubious distinction of being the least believable Nazi war criminal in movie history.

But the story does succeed in creating a disgusting villain; Murray's meat-packing business is processing meat from human bodies, and he serves a fillet mignon to Mantee obtained from sexy Maureen Arthur! (Yuck). Murray's sexy accomplice is Sue Ann Langdon ("A Guide for the Married Man"). Directed by Richard Rush. Co-star Terry Moore, a former wife of Howard Hughes, later posed for a photo spread in Playboy magazine, looking remarkably good for a woman over fifty.

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Author: Pamela Horwitz Jones from Boston Masachusetts
31 January 2014

Wow a lot of the reviews for this movie have been rough. I've never actually seen the movie myself, even though my father Lew Horwitz. produced it. He sadly passed away last year. It was his only movie, and not surprisingly we moved from l.A to Boston in 1972 when I was a year old. Our German Shepards name was Daggar. Although I'm not sure which came first. It is cool to see that there are people who have actually seen the movie. I had thought it just existed in 5 by 3 poster and old film reel in our basement. Technology is a good and t the same time scary thing. I hope more people get the chance to watch this movie,hate it or love it, I know it would make my father happy.

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A rather strange bird of a spy movie

Author: gridoon2016
8 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"A Man Called Dagger" has enough craziness and eccentricity to make it stand out somewhat in the crowd of James Bond imitators made in the 1960s. At the same time, it's far from being a total success; for one thing, it's cheaply produced, and for another, there are a few too many long, talky scenes inside cramped rooms (and the talk is of little significance). But there are also some inventive camera movements and angles, and an interesting cast: Paul Mantee is more convincing as an action man than as a babe magnet, but at least he doesn't take himself too seriously, Eileen O'Neil is gorgeous and lovable, Maureen Arthur's squeaky line delivery can be overlooked thanks to her phenomenal bust, and Richard "Jaws" Kiel has a speaking part as - you guessed it! - a superhumanly strong henchman. An uneven film, but it does have its moments. ** out of 4.

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Neither too bad nor very-very

Author: rodrig58
17 June 2016

In general, I prefer European films to those made in USA, are superior to all intents and purposes. But after seeing this film and then reading those 4 negative reviews here on IMDb, I must write in this: I recommend to those who wrote the 4 reviews, to watch some eurospy movies (James Bond type films made exclusively in Europe, excepting United Kingdom), most are much worse than this film (I saw over a hundred). And now, my own review: This "A Man Called Dagger" (1968) has much in common with the original James Bond movies. First, the music signed Steve Allen, sounds almost note for note with the original theme signed by John Barry. Then, Richard Kiel, before playing in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977) and "Moonraker" (1979). The script, written after the Bond recipe. Richard Rush is a director with a keen sense of humor. As Paul Mantee, who plays Dick Dagger, some kind of a restrained, discreet and, especially, very peaceful, non aggressive, James Bond. Jan Murray is not bad at all as the villain Rudolph Koffman / Hans Leitel and all the actresses, Terry Moore, Sue Ane Langdon, Eileen O'Neill, Maureen Arthur, are funny. Everything is a fine parody.

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Almost as bad as possible

Author: Nozz from Israel
4 July 2001

I think this is the worst movie I've ever seen. I would say that I couldn't imagine a worse one ever coming along in my lifetime, either, except that Steve Allen did the music and Steve Allen is never completely awful.

One abject moment of creative bankruptcy that has remained in my mind all these years is when Dagger and one of the temptresses swap reminiscences of all the exotic places they have met before. Well, not reminiscences. Just the names of cities. Maybe by their acting they were supposed to load the names with meaning, but the turkey in your average grade-school Thanksgiving play does more acting than anyone in this whole movie...

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