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Sex & Nudity

  • two men come out of the cold. they have their feet washed by a very busty woman. the yound man stares at her very prominent cleavage. two men are shown to their room in an inn. the innkeeper starts raving about the room having it's own bathroom. he opens the door and you see a woman taking a bath. you see one of her nipples before she slips into the water. a man sneaks out of his bed into the bedroom of a young woman. his wife wakes up and goes hunting for him with certain suspicions. when she checks the young woman's room, he hides behind the door. a man hides under a table with the busty woman and starts to feel up her breasts. she slaps his hand. another man stares at the busty woman's butt while she scrubs the floor. a woman takes a bath and a vampire bites her neck while she is bathing. you see her boobs for a few seconds.

Violence & Gore

  • Professor Abronsius is hit on the head in a slapstick fashion with a rolling pin.
  • There is much dialogue concerning driving stakes through vampires' hearts.
  • Sarah and Alfred are bitten by vampires.
  • Shagal is "drained" by vampire bites off screen and his stiff body is found and examined.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some bar patrons are seen drinking beer.
  • There are several scenes during which wine is consumed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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