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Recap: 'Outlander' - 'The Devil's Mark' has saved countless lives, you fools!

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Recap: 'Outlander' - 'The Devil's Mark' has saved countless lives, you fools!
By the end of last week’s episode of “Outlander,” it had become clear that sexual frustration ruins lives. Scottish Santa’s need to ‘get jolly’ might have gotten his wife killed. Colum’s inability to perform got Dougal and Jamie banished because if the Laird ain’t getting laid, nobody is. And Leery’s teen angst got Claire arrested for witchcraft. Nunneries are looking better all the time. Will Geillis and Claire survive 18th century justice? Since the show doesn’t end here, I’ll assume so. Time to find out how! ***** Without preamble, Claire and Gilly are tossed into a Thieve’s Hole. The locals could’ve at Least asked the Goblin King to install some Helping Hands™ to cushion the fall. It takes approximately two seconds for the women to turn on each other out of fear. Gilly accuses Claire of selling her out and I’m
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Joffe Hired To Re-Write Newell's "Agent Zigzag"

"Brighton Rock" writer/director Rowan Joffe has been hired to re-write the script for the film adaptation of Ben Macintyre’s non-fiction book "Agent Zigzag" for Playtone and New Line reports Deadline.

The story chronicles the real-life adventures of Eddie Chapman, a suave small-time crook who ended up becoming a double agent working for both Britain and Germany during the Second World War. Christopher Plummer played Chapman in 1966's "Triple Cross".

Filmmaker Mike Newell has been attached to develop the film for some time and had previously been working with Mark Bomback ("Race to Witch Mountain") on the script. Joffe has previously performed re-writes on the scripts for "The American" and "28 Weeks Later".
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Rare Movie Alert! James Bond Alumni In "Triple Cross" On TCM Tomorrow

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Turner Classic Movies (North America) is presenting a full day of Yul Brynner films tomorrow. Among them is the rarely-seen 1967 WWII spy thriller Triple Cross that pairs Brynner with a stellar cast including Christopher Plummer and Trevor Howard. The film is directed by Terence Young, who helmed the early James Bond classics and, intriguingly, the movie features three prominent Bond cast members: Thunderball leading lady Claudine Auger, Dr. No baddie Anthony Dawson and Goldfinger himself, Gert Frobe. The film has never been released on video in the USA. It airs at 3:30 Pm (Est) Incidentally, keep your video recorders in high gear because other Brynner gems showing throughout the day include Taras Bulba, Adios Sabata, The Magnificent Seven, The King and I, Kings of the Sun and Westworld.
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