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....see it for the orange cat

Author: nnwahler from United States
15 August 2011

I must say, the orange cat's a great character here. He's a classic Chuck Jones character, with all the nuances & quirks you'd expect from a Jones creation. LOVE those thick busy eyebrows--almost reminds me of the Jones cats in "I Was A Teenage Thumb" or "Louvre Come Back To Me." And the way in which he nabs the mouse from the cat we first see (the schmuck's dumber than a STOOGE!). In fact, it's inexplicable why the orange cat's given less screen time than the other cat (who opens the cartoon singing "Santa Lucia," in the style of good old Michigan J. Frog). THIS cat, not to mention the mouse, one couldn't give a damn about. But just focus on that orange cat: he's fully-fleshed-out, and is true to his own self........certainly a lot more so than those OTHER two characters here, whoever they may be. WHADDA YA MEAN, "This is a Tom & Jerry"!?!

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If you are looking for a great Tom & Jerry Cartoon, skip this

Author: Eventuallyequalsalways
14 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the type of garbage that made me stop watching cartoons. No discernible plot is followed. I thought to make a cartoon, you had to follow a script. This proves me wrong. The action is so boring, even Jerry looks bored and keeps looking at the camera like Oliver Hardy used to do in those wonderful old Laurel and Hardy shorts. This so-called cartoon involves another cat character who imitates Tom as if they are in front of a mirror. Whatever Tom does, the Dupli-Cat does. Jerry is involved, and if you really want to know why, watch the cartoon. But I wouldn't advise it. Six or seven minutes of watching this mess that I wish I had back in my life. Sheer boredom so dense and thick that I didn't even crack a grin. That was difficult for the creators to achieve, but they managed to do it. If I haven't convinced you this is a hopeless cartoon with zero entertainment value, you are a true cartoon addict.

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Jerry and Sylvester?

Author: richard-mason from Sydney, Australia
28 July 2004

Just caught this the other day, and somehow, had not been aware that Chuck Jones, Michael Maltese and Mel Blanc had tried to revive the theatrical Tom and Jerry cartoons in the sixties. While not nearly as good as the cat and mouse's Hanna-Barbara heyday of the 40s and 50s, judging by this cartoon, they certainly put some of the life back in the franchise.

And how do they do it? By applying the Tweety and Sylvester formula that worked so well while they were at Warner Bros. (although, admittedly, I don't think Jones had much to do with those cartoons, leaving them mainly to Friz Freleng.)

Anyway, an amusing enough short, and a great improvement on the ones that were produced between Hanna-Barabara's departure for television, and Chuck Jones' arrival. I give it a 6.

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Borrows it's best bit from Duck Soup.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
29 May 2017

Tom is punting his way past the jetties and pilings at the local dock, when he sees Jerry doing the same and decides to have the mouse for tea. Another cat also wants Jerry for a snack, and so begins another bout of predictable knockabout nonsense as the two moggies fight for the rodent.

A feline version of the classic mirror sketch that served the Marx Brothers so well in Duck Soup illustrates the lack of innovation in director Chuck Jones' Cat and Dupli-cat: when you have to pilfer ideas from a thirty-four year old movie in order to get laughs, it's never a good sign.

A generous 4/10: the mirror scene is still amusing, despite being wholly unoriginal.

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This cartoon really surprised me! :)

Author: kennywyton from United Kingdom
11 June 2011

I remember this cartoon 'Cat and Dupli-cat' when I was a child (with the only elements I could fully remember being Tom singing opera, the famous mirror-mimicking scene and Jerry drunk). This cartoon short had always held a place in my heart during my childhood but until most recently, I could never remember its name.

If I'm honest, I was never a fan of the Tom & Jerry shorts made by Chuck Jones; they were nowhere near as good as the old Hanna-Barbera classics but they were certainly very quirky and very well animated (well, we all know what Chuck Jones is capable of). However, I personally rank this cartoon as my personal favourite of that category (and definitely one of my all-time favourite Tom & Jerry shorts). In one sense, it really surprised me.

The introduction to the cartoon is especially beautifully executed with a fantastic vocal performance of 'Santa Lucia' (a rare yet pleasurable occurrence to what we saw as a clearly different image of Tom, yet his personality stays the same, more or less) which could arguably be viewed as irrelevant to the premise of the cartoon. I disagree: it does help set the scene to come (and the ending) and conveys a pleasant atmosphere. The opening credits are set out in a rather quirky way (on wooden signs with seagulls also seen around them, again could be viewed as irrelevant but helped consolidate the setting for the intro. The only thing to complain here now is Jerry's rendition/mimicking of Tom's singing; very whiny and painful to listen to (was at first but I got used to it).

The mirror-mimicking scene between Tom and Dupli-cat is also beautifully choreographed and animated although, at times, I felt that most of Tom's facial expressions seemed a bit out of place and unnecessary. This could've worked towards Chuck Jones' disadvantage of his critical impact of his cartoons. But I digress.

However, the green-light seemed to be more on Tom an much less on Jerry; on the other hand, as usual, Jerry does get his victory in the end.

The rest is self-explanatory really. May not be the best T&J short but a personal favourite of mine. 9 out of 10. :)

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Better than any of the Gene Dietch cartoons combined

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
25 June 2010

Guaranteed, Cat and Dupli-Cat isn't brilliant, but it is better than cartoons like Switchin' Kitten and pretty much any of the Gene Dietch cartoons, a lot of them are disgraces really. I agree the pacing and animation quality is uneven, the storyline isn't there and the cartoon has its uninteresting and predictable moments. But there is some nice music, Tom singing an Italian opera song at the beginning in a gondola was a nice touch, there are some good, well timed gags and Tom and Jerry are fun to watch, same with the orange(?) cat who almost steals their thunder.

Overall, not brilliant, but an improvement on the Dietch cartoons or so in my opinion. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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