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Season 2

14 Sep. 1968
The Origin of Spiderman
Peter Parker learns that with great power there must also always be great responsibility after his Uncle Ben, husband of Aunt May, is murdered by a thief.
21 Sep. 1968
King Pinned
Peter Parker overhears talk of a laboratory producing imitation pharmaceuticals, investigation as Spider-Man lead him to find out the whole plot has been engineered by a rotund mobster called the Kingpin.
28 Sep. 1968
Swing City
A new nuclear reactor has been built in the heart of Manhattan, and Peter Parker's science class is researching it. Peter is asked by his attractive classmate, Sonya, to help her that night with research about the reactor. As Spidey is making his way to Sonya's home, trouble is brewing. A demented radiation specialist breaks into the new reactor and threatens the city with ransom; unless he is paid $10 million, given amnesty from prosecution, and given permission to build his own reactor, he will use anti-gravity rays on Manhattan to lift it into the sky. When his ...
5 Oct. 1968
Criminals in the Clouds
At school, Peter finds himself in competition with the local football jock - Roy Robinson - for the attention of the most attractive girls. Roy is not only a talented football player, but his dad is a brilliant scientist who had created an invisibility chemical for the government, and is extremely wealthy. Peter attempts to get on the football team but is rebuffed, and reluctantly takes on a job as a water boy in hopes of making it as a replacement player. Unfortunately for him, other forces want the invisibility chemical - a psychopathic mastermind known as the ...
12 Oct. 1968
Menace from the Bottom of the World
When a city bank mysteriously vanishes into the street, J. Jonah Jameson sends a reporter named Hammond to investigate, while sending Peter to visit a scientist who has recorded voices supposedly from the center of the earth. Peter visits the scientist, and when a recording is played for him, he discovers it is the men - or beasts - who made the bank disappear, and they are plotting another one. Realizing it is only a few minutes until the plot is carried out, Peter becomes Spidey & heads for the bank. Sure enough, the bank disappears into the earth! Spidey follows it...
19 Oct. 1968
Diamond Dust
After years of being dismissed as a bookworm, Peter Parker is trying to win a spot as a relief pitcher on his college baseball team.
26 Oct. 1968
Spiderman Battles the Molemen
The Molemen from "Menace From the Bottom of the World" are stealing buildings again, taking back the sun, wealth and land that they feel should rightfully belong to them.
2 Nov. 1968
Phantom from the Depths of Time
One of the enslaved inhabitance from a small Island manages to send a distress call on the same frequency as spider-man's spidersense. He arrives to find the evil Dr Mantra using giant beetles to force the humans to work in the ore mines.
9 Nov. 1968
The Evil Sorcerer
Thousands of years before the dawn of civilization, evil magicians were fighting for supremacy - and Kotep, the Scarlet Sorcerer, was the most aggressive of these. When he loses a battle with an opponent, his own demons turn against him & place him in a time suspension. Years later, he is an exhibition at the museum where Peter is taking a course. The professor teaching it has found a spell that can supposedly revive the sorcerer, and when it is tested, Kotep does indeed come back to life - and turns on the professor! When Peter & his fellow students hear a loud crash...
16 Nov. 1968
Spider-Man comes back again against the new evil villain Vine.
23 Nov. 1968
Pardo Presents
In the dead of night, a menacing giant cat is stalking across Manhattan & stealing valuables - furs, jewelry, cash - and bringing it back to a tiny apartment. The cat is the product of a demented sorcerer named Pardo, who is planning a vile scheme - to rob Manhattan's wealthiest citizens and then sap the souls out of their bodies. At a movie theater the following night, Peter attends a premiere of a strange film called 'My...Pet' with his girlfriend, Polly. When the film starts, the giant cat appears, and begins gassing the audience with a noxious gas that puts them ...
30 Nov. 1968
Cloud City of Gold
Peter Parker is on assignment in South America with some wealthy businessmen. Their plane crashes in the jungle and their only salvation is a frail boat on the river. However, the river ends as a whirlpool and all are caught in an eerie cave full of bats and unusual creatures. The businessmen are captured by the henchmen of a Conquistador, who uses a fire pit to terrorize and rule over this strange world. It's up to Spider-Man to free the menaced innocents and neutralize this paranoid tyrant.
7 Dec. 1968
Neptune's Nose Cone
Peter and his friend Penny, trying to solve the mystery of a disappeared space ship, are lost on a flight in the middle of the Ocean and must land on uncharted Island. The Natives catch Penny and wants to sacrifice her in a volcano, along with the nose of a spaceship. Spider-Man must battle some creatures before getting to Penny and save her from a fall to the boiling lava...
14 Dec. 1968
Spider-Man stumbles upon a robbery perpetrated by a woman with the same spider powers he has. Spider-Man follows her and discovers that she is from a distant civilization that crash landed one Earth long ago.
21 Dec. 1968
A demented movie producer named Clive has created a device called the Spirit-Scope, which he uses to set his darkest creation, called Blotto - a black, blob-like creature - loose from the screen. Blotto is released into Manhattan's streets, extending a dark tentacle over anything and when the tentacle retracts, the object is gone. Nothing is too small, or big, for him to consume - cars, lamp posts, mailboxes, even buildings. Peter is out driving with a celebrity when his car runs out of gas, just as Blotto moves in. As Blotto eats his car, Peter sprays a web to a ...
28 Dec. 1968
Thunder Rumble
Volton, The Martian God of Thunder, teams up with two crooks and rampages through the city, Luckily Spider-man and his team of teenage car driving helpers is on hand to trap, tie up and defeat Volton and save the day.
4 Jan. 1969
Spiderman Meets Skyboy
At a banquet, a prominent scientist named Dr. Irivng Caldwell is to receive an award for his newest creation - the Astro-Helmet, which has the ability to levitate the user. But Caldwell vanishes, literally, in a bolt of lightning. A psychopath named Dr. Zap has kidnapped Caldwell to duplicate the Astro-Helmet for his own evil use. Caldwell's son, Jan, is drawn into a trap by Dr. Zap, who orders him to go to Lightning Mountain with the Astro-Helmet. When Peter spots Jan - dubbed 'Skyboy' by the Daily Bugle - he confronts him, and the two of them decide to team up to ...
11 Jan. 1969
Cold Storage
Two jewel thieves are caught in the act by Spidey after robbing a jewelry store at midnight. They are trying to mix the jewels with ice & then smuggle them out of the country. One of the thieves - known as Dr. Cool - manipulates his trick cane, rendering Spidey unconscious. The henchman ties Spidey up & places him in a deep freeze, then turns the temperature to absolute zero! Spidey is unable to free himself before the cold takes over, and he awakes to find the city in ruins & inhabited by cavemen, who attack him. Fleeing from them, he finds himself attacked by a ...
18 Jan. 1969
To Cage a Spider
Spider-man is in Jail. He agrees to help a group of inmates stage a prison breakout. While escaping things are not going to plan around them and the numbers start to dwindle.

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