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Season 1

10 Sep. 1967
On Again, Off Again, Lohengrin
Feuding neighbors the Buells and Hubbards are forced to put their differences aside when their children announce their engagement.
17 Sep. 1967
Everybody Goes on a Honeymoon
While their children are honeymooning, the Buells and Hubbards each decide to vacation, at the same resort.
24 Sep. 1967
All Fall Down
A chain reaction is set in motion when Kaye breaks her leg. Meanwhile, Herb agrees to represent Kaye in a lawsuit.
1 Oct. 1967
A Night to Forget
When Eve and Kaye get locked in a department store, they spend their last dime on a misdialed call to a Spanish matador.
8 Oct. 1967
The Newlyweds Move In
When the kids move into the Ballards' garage apartment, Eve and Kaye find the temptation to snoop is too much to bear.
15 Oct. 1967
The Career Girls
With their children out of the house, Eve and Kaye decide to focus their energies on developing a nightclub act.
22 Oct. 1967
Who's Afraid of Elizabeth Taylor?
Casual conversations escalate into ridiculous quarrels when Herbert and Roger each admit they'd like to take out Elizabeth Taylor.
29 Oct. 1967
My Son, the Actor
When Jerry decides to pursue a career in acting, the entire family gets in on the act.
5 Nov. 1967
How Do You Moonlight a Meatball?
Kaye and Eve set up a catering business to help Susan and Jerry make ends meet, but complications arise when Susan loses her engagement ring.
12 Nov. 1967
I Thought He'd Never Leave
A bank robber forces his way in and takes the Hubbards and Buells hostage.
19 Nov. 1967
The Great Bicycle Race
A physical-fitness kick has the Hubbards and Buells joining a bicycling club, and they wind up lost in the desert.
26 Nov. 1967
Through the Lurking Glass
When Roger goes off alone to ponder on a problem in his script, Eve suggests Kaye follow him to find out where he goes and what he does.
3 Dec. 1967
Divorce: Mother-in-Law Style
A former boyfriend of Suzie's is in town to visit. It's bad enough that he is rich and single; it's even worse that Eve fails to mention her daughter is now married.
10 Dec. 1967
The Not-Cold-Enough War
The Hubbards sell their old refrigerator to the Buells. When it breaks down, the Buells retaliate by launching a raid to steal the Hubbards' new one.
17 Dec. 1967
You Challenge Me to What?
A heated argument leads to Roger challenging Herb to a duel at dawn. While they practice with fencing foils, their wives conspire to stop the showdown.
31 Dec. 1967
Everybody Wants to Be a Writer
Eve and Kaye team up to write a TV script, and wind up begging Roger for ideas, snapping at each other, and trying to retrieve their script, which they plagiarized, after Roger submits to it for them.
7 Jan. 1968
The Kids Move Out
Suzie and Jerry, desperate to get away from their meddling parents, lease an apartment sight unseen and soon regret their hasty move. While they consider their options the parents can't help but snoop, a decision that quickly backfires.
14 Jan. 1968
The Hombre Who Came to Dinner: Part 1
The Hubbards get an unexpected visit from a bullfighter Raphael Del Gado and his colorful entourage, whose late-night partying cause a spectacle in the suburbs. Desi sings his composition "I Love You."
21 Jan. 1968
The Hombre Who Came to Dinner: Part 2
The Hubbards and Buells work up acts to go to Mexico to be on a variety show hosted by their matador friend. Desi sings "The Straw Hat Song" with Desi, Jr. on drums; Eve and Kaye sing "Turn Around."
28 Jan. 1968
Don't Give Up the Sloop
While anxiously awaiting a game show phone call, Eve has to leave to help Suzie. Kaye stops by and, while waiting for Eve to return, wins a new boat when she answers the phone. Now if only they can figure out who should get the boat.
4 Feb. 1968
I'd Tell You I Love You, But We're Not Speaking
When Suzie and Jerry have their first big fight the in-laws take sides in completely unexpected ways. The animosity becomes so bad they seek the help of Jerry's professor who soon finds out what a dysfunctional family is really like.
11 Feb. 1968
Herb's Little Helper
Eve agrees to be a temp at Herb's office which naturally means Kaye has to help out also. Before long Roger, Jerry, Suzie have all stopped by and have turned the office into utter chaos, potentially ruining Herb's impending business deal.
25 Feb. 1968
Bye, Bye Blackmailer
After Herb lends Roger $100.00 to buy a new typewriter Roger is slow to pay him back. Eve gives the money to Kaye to give to Roger to then give to Herb. When Herb finds out the money came from Eve he assumes Kaye is blackmailing Eve.
3 Mar. 1968
The Wig Story
Kaye is at first delighted by how much Roger likes her in a blonde wig. But than she becomes miserable convincing herself he should have married someone else.
10 Mar. 1968
It's Only Money
Tired of Roger's skinflint ways, Herb plots to play golf and gin rummy for money, but Herb finds himself in the financial hole when Roger's luck turns for the better.
17 Mar. 1968
I Haven't Got a Secret
Roger thinks he may have sold a soap opera series to a network but forbids Kaye to tell anyone as it may jinx the deal. Kaye desperately wants to tell Eve but won't - unless she happens to guess it while playing charades.
24 Mar. 1968
Jerry's Night Out with the Boys
Suzie tells Eve and Kaye that Jerry wants to go play poker with his friends. They tell her this sets a bad precedent in a new marriage and that he should stay home. Roger and Herb naturally tell Jerry something completely different.
31 Mar. 1968
The Long, Long Weekend
The Hubbards, the Buells, Suzie and Jerry all wind up together at a cabin at Lake Arrowhead after fibbing that each couple couldn't go on a fishing trip they had all planned. To make things worse there is an unexpected snow storm which traps all six in the cabin with no food.
7 Apr. 1968
Jealousy Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Thanks to Kaye's overactive imagination, Eve suspects a rekindled romance between Herb and his old flame, who has come to visit.
28 Apr. 1968
How Not to Manage a Rock Group
Jerry convinces his folks to put up $500 for a hippie rock group to make a demo recording. They scare off the band with talk of crew cuts, tuxedos, and old songs. The parents wind up recording "Some Enchanted Evening" w/the help of a Salvation Army band. The Seeds play The Warts, and sing their hit song, "Pushing Too Hard."

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