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Season 1

9 Sep. 1967
Arena of Fear
Count Saknussemm lures Lindenbrook's party into a trap. Luckily the a man-beast inside the trap turns out to be friendly. While traveling a volcanic region, the entire party is captured by a giant who pits them against prehistoric beasts in his personal arena.
16 Sep. 1967
Cavemen Captives
Lars injures his arm fighting a pterodactyl. He and Cindy are separated from the Professor and Alec who are captured by a tribe of prehistoric cavemen.
23 Sep. 1967
The Creature World
Alec is captured by Wolf men who have aligned themselves with Count Saknussemm. While Lindenbrook attempts a rescue, Lars and Cindy team up with the Wolf men's enemies, descendants of the ancient druids.
30 Sep. 1967
Creatures of the Swamp
The professor builds a swamp buggy for Lars to drive. The moss creatures kidnap Lars and thanks to Saknussemm;s interference, he and Alec are grabbed as well. Luckily the professor and Cindy get help from the swamp people.
7 Oct. 1967
The Doomed Island
The travelers arrive on an island that is so close to the Earth's magnetic axis, it has become magnetic itself. The magnet people want Lindenbrook to build them a boat to escape their doomed island.
14 Oct. 1967
The Frozen Furies
Chief Hok of the Frozen Furies is chipping ice from the underground glaciers of Norway. Lindenbrook intends to stop the Furies drilling sound devices to save the surface world.
21 Oct. 1967
The Labyrinth Builders
Captured by bee people who live in an underground hive, Lindenbrook and friends must team up with Saknussemm and Torg to escape.
28 Oct. 1967
Land of the Dead
The Lindenbrook party travels an underground river to the land of the dead, very similar to the one described in Greek myths. An ancient Latin civilization captures Saknussemm, Torg and Alec.
4 Nov. 1967
The Living City
Crossing an underground desert in a makeshift sand boat, the travelers come upon a deserted city where some controlling presence pits all the insects, statues and even a group of mummies against them.
11 Nov. 1967
The Living Totems
When Arne Saknussemm first passed through the underground frozen wasteland of the Living Totems, their precious Aurora Borealis diamond was taken by the snow people. Now Livingstone and friends have to get it back.
18 Nov. 1967
Moths of Doom
While passing through a land filled with giant insects, Lindenbrook, Lars, Saknussemm and Torg find themselves put in a jail by 'The Controllers'.
25 Nov. 1967
Ocean of Destruction
Crossing a dry ocean bed, Lindenbrook and co find various lost ships including The Flying Dutchman manned by frog people who dress and act like pirates.
2 Dec. 1967
Perils of Volcano Island
Near volcanic Destruction Canyon, the Lindenbrook expedition finds a map by Arne Saknussemm. Alec and Cindy are hit by a strange petrifying gas and Count Saknussemm takes them hostage to trade for the map.
9 Dec. 1967
Return of Gulliver
The Land of the Giants is the setting of a war between the giants and the Lilliputian people from across the river.
16 Dec. 1967
Revenge of the Fossils
Lindenbrook inadvertently brings the fossils of the Earth's first civilization back to live with fire. Saknussemm attempts to enslave the fossil beings, but they intend to rule the world themselves.
23 Dec. 1967
Sleeping Slaves of Zeerah
Captured by the soldiers of Zeerah, the Lindenbrook party is taken before the sorceress Queen Mortia. Lindenbrook tries to convince her he has magic powers of his own.
30 Dec. 1967
Trail of Gold
Professor Lindenbrook and his friend have finally found the golden city of Atlantis and their way back to the surface world - or so it seems.

 Season 1 

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