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6 Jan. 1972
Unreasonable Facsimile
Ironside must determine whether a former bank robber he recommended for parole is back in the business or if there is a copycat out there trying to frame the parolee.
13 Jan. 1972
Find a Victim
A series of break-ins are reported without anything being stolen and the evidence seems to point to a halfway house being run by an ex-con.
20 Jan. 1972
And Then There Was One
Two Vietnam veterans are attacked using a fragmentation grenade, killing one, and an attempt is made on a third. Ironside decides to use Ed as bait to catch the assailant.
27 Jan. 1972
Death by the Numbers
One by one members of a parole board are being murdered. On the assumption that the remaining ones will be next, Ironside goes undercover and pretends to be an artist, whom he finds to be an eccentric and irascible man.
3 Feb. 1972
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder
A highly impressionable 9-year-old-girl (Jodie Foster) thinks she has cast a spell which caused a mean man to fall and suffer a fatal skull fracture. She is even more upset when a huge, bald, man with severe mental problems (Lee Paul) says he shoved the victim to the ground because 'he made me mad'. Ironside and his team work to prove that neither the girl or the bald man killed the victim - and he finds that someone came upon the victim after he fell and finished him off with a blow from a blunt instrument.
17 Feb. 1972
Achilles' Heel
The son of a prominent judge is framed in the murder of a young woman.
2 Mar. 1972
His Fiddlers Three
A music teacher is murdered and, suspecting that he might be a victim of foul play, left a clue to the killer's identity in a mysterious code contained in a piece of recorded music.
9 Mar. 1972
A Man Named Arno
Ironside is on the trail of mysterious, illusive high level heroin dealer while trying to discover the reasons for an apparent urgent, clandestine visit from an old friend and discovers that there might be a link between two investigations.
14 Sep. 1972
Five Days in the Death of Sgt. Brown: Part I
While in Los Angeles to testify for a trial against gangster Frank Harmon, Ed is shot and falls off the balcony of his hotel room. He is then taken to the Craig Institute where he undergoes emergency surgery. Although the bullet wounds were non-life threatening, Ed suffers a broken back in the fall and some damage to his spine. The scarring leaves him paralyzed and only an experimental surgical procedure is the only option to regaining his mobility. Also, even though all the evidence points to Harmon, Ironside has doubts that he was the person responsible for the ...
21 Sep. 1972
The Savage Sentry
A thief has managed to steal from the most secure locations, even those guarded by vicious guard dogs. Ironside has to figure out how he has managed to subdue the dogs.
28 Sep. 1972
Programmed for Panic
After the savage murder of a young woman, Ironside takes to the airwaves to openly discuss the shocking case, hoping it will drive the murderer out into the open.
12 Oct. 1972
Down Two Roads
Mark finally graduates from law school. He takes an interest in a janitor from the school who finds himself in jail accused of grand theft. Meanwhile Ironside struggles with the reality that Mark may eventually leave for his new career.
26 Oct. 1972
Camera... Action... Murder!
Ironside keeps receiving 8mm films in the mail. Someone is filming the murders of random women and then brazenly mailing them to Ironside.
2 Nov. 1972
Riddle Me Death
A young woman convinces Ironside that her father's d death was not just an accident. Someone was following him and very interested in the package he was carrying.
9 Nov. 1972
Nightmare Trip
While in Los Angeles for a prisoner exchange, Ed gets mugged by a couple of thugs and thrown down a hillside. With no I.D. the local cops throw him into jail.
16 Nov. 1972
Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?
Ironside seeks to exonerate a man wrongfully convicted of murder by slowly breaking apart a web of lies and possible misconduct by the District Attorney.
23 Nov. 1972
The Countdown
An anonymous man forces a government scientist to wear a belt rigged with explosives with a demand that three terrorists be released from prison in exchange for the key to remove the belt.
30 Nov. 1972
The Deadly Gamesmen
Two rich, bored ne'er-do-wells try to outdo each other in a series of escalating crimes. The pattern of the crimes make no sense until Ironside connects them to another game of strategy.
7 Dec. 1972
Who'll Cry for My Baby
After witnessing a distraught father's anguished plight, Ironside investigates the death of the man's daughter and finds himself becoming too emotionally involved in finding her killer.
14 Dec. 1972
Cold Hard Cash
Ed goes undercover as a kidnapper when Ironside learns of a scheme to kidnap the daughter of a movie star.
21 Dec. 1972
Shadow Soldiers
While in London for a conference, Ed witnesses the murder of the next Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard. Ed then becomes the assassin's next target.

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